#199 – The Seedy Underbelly of Being A successful online marketer With Miles Beckler

What you will learn

  • Why bringing things in-house is always the best option
  • No matter how experienced you are, you’ll still make mistakes
  • What to do about copycats

When it comes to online marketing, Miles Beckler knows his stuff. It’s safe to say he’s also learned a few lessons along the way too.

Today, he lays his cards bare on how he got started, how he builds and grows his sites, and what happens when you reach the end game of site-building. We’ve all heard things like “average content won’t get you rankings” but Mile’s dives into exactly why that’s the case and what makes a difference.

We also learn the story of how his $25k+ case-study site was almost destroyed by copycats and rip-offs and the extreme lengths he went to protect his investment.