#130 – 11 Tips to Succeed With Authority Sites in 2019

What You Will Learn

  • How the definition of Authority Sites evolved in 2018
  • Why mimicking content found in top Google results is surprisingly viable
  • Why doing white hat linkbuilding doesn’t automatically mean your links are good
  • Why you should start an Authority Site right now!

January 1st is the time for new year resolutions and many of you probably want to make it THE year when your business takes off.

To help you with this, we have 2 things for you today:

#1 – New Year, New Authority Site System

We are discounting our flagship course on starting new authority sites until January 8th midnight. Go to authorityhacker.com/system to learn more about the promo.

It’s a brand new course we recorded only a few weeks ago where you see us build a new site from scratch over the shoulder in over 120 videos.

#2 – New Year, New Tips to Grow and Succeed

For those who want to start new sites, we will talk about the tactics we will use for our new sites in 2019 and how things have changed in the last year. If you want the most up-to-date tips & tricks to picking niches, planning content and building links, stay tuned.


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  1. Gael mentions creating branded illustrations for Authority Hacker, but I’m looking through the blog posts and I don’t see the “Authority Hacker” name or logo on any of the recent posts.

    By “branded” are we only talking about site colors, or am I missing some graphics somewhere?

    1. Hi Brad,

      We did have custom made feature images made for the majority of our blog posts alongside the colors, fonts and style etc.
      However, we decided to remove featured images to improve rankings and site speed. You can still see the general style we did have on the home page though.

  2. Can you please provide a little more guidance on which specific on-page SEO optimization you have found most effective (e.g. keyword density optimization) and the programs that have been most valuable to identify and optimize these?

    1. Hi Tyler,

      We’ve made some pretty big breakthroughs with this in recent weeks so we’ll be sure to share our findings in more detail in the coming month or two in a blog post :)

  3. Good podcast as always. Any plan to have Gael’s girlfriend on? I hear info dropped about her site every once in a while and would love to know how she’s been so successful with Pinterest.

  4. Sorry, but in continuation to my previously submitted my comment:

    I am currently using Yoast SEO and ahrefs. Just in case you have specific suggestions on how to leverage those programs or whether that will impact your advice on what programs I should consider using in addition to what I already have.


    1. Hey Ben,

      We plan on doing a more content around on-page optimization this year so stay tuned for some blog posts on the subject, we’ll be revealing this type of info then!

  5. Hey Guys,

    Thanks again for another super informative podcast.

    Follow up question: In terms of your tip regarding on-page SEO, when considering effectiveness and efficiency what tools would you suggest using and what would you suggest focusing on? (e.g. Programs: Clearscope and/or Website Auditor, Focus on: keyword density and TFIDF)?

  6. Well TBH, even your approach of building links is also “black hat” or at-least against Google webmaster rules where they clearly include “large scale guest posting campaigns” as one of the things they suggest you shouldn’t do.

    1. Google contradicts itself all the time on such stances. That’s why you’ll rarely find them quantify anything they say. To take it to the extreme, Google have also said that doing anything which manipulates SERP rankings is black hat. Depending on your interpretation this can mean any SEO or link building.

      You do pick up on an interesting debate here though. Is there really black hat and white hat link building, or it is all just a million shades of grey

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