#55 – Building Large Sites: Targeted Content Clusters Vs Big Content

What you will learn

  • How to deal with blog limitations as your site grows
  • The case for big content
  • The case for small (targeted) content

As we’ve grown our sites, we often encounter problems in keyword targeting. We know that big content works. We also know that laser targeted content works. So which option do we use?

​There is no correct answer, but in this podcast episode we’ll explain what we are currently doing and why we think its the best option.

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  1. I could not hear what the big authority site was, when you name resources it would be nice to slow down

    I understand you have a lot to cover

  2. I sent question on “reading long content” on a phone before listening to the 2017 predictions..

    After listening to the podcast… I just want to throw in that I disagree (but who knows) with Gael on google “rolling” back on long content and start favoring the short content.

    We don’t know but need to also consider what’s BEST for google in the way they process the content.

    Is it more efficient for them to process?

    – A 5000 word article – parse things out OR 10-500 word articles.

    – Can they better evaluate the “authority” of a long page with all the links pointing to other authorities easier and “trusting” long content and pull snippets out.

    More pages to index and keep up to date means more processing of pages on their end.

    Personally, I wonder if a long page “built” so the bot can consume (for example with a table of contents) at the top would better address the issue and then google can go directly to the point in the article that answers the question should at least be considered.

    Just some thoughts

    All The Best,


  3. Hey Guys,

    it would be great if you could answer the following question in your next podcast:

    Does it make sense to make one big “epic” guide with a lot of longtail keywords and then use these longtail keywords for smaller articles or does Google see this as duplicated content?

  4. Great podcast. I hate sites with fluff to get high word counts. I think Mark said why answer a question with 100 words if 10 will do. That is great advice and I prefer sites that do that.

    1. We’re adding transcripts to all the old podcasts first. Should be done soon. Then we’ll start releasing podcasts when we add each new podcast.

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