12 Best‌ ‌Affiliate‌ ‌Programs‌ ‌for‌ ‌Pinterest‌ in 2024 (Top Offers)

You’re looking for the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

Not affiliate offers for the products and services used by Pinterest affiliate marketers.

That’s why pushing web hosting affiliate programs and online business tools makes no sense.

You’re smarter than just trying to appeal to the “Internet marketing” wannabes. 

So why is affiliate marketing on Pinterest such a hot topic right now? There are two reasons:

  • Around 70% of Pinterest users refer to it to make purchasing decisions.
  • 42.2% of affiliate marketers use the platform to drive traffic and promote products, according to our affiliate marketing statistics page.

That fact makes it potentially one of the best social media platforms to monetize, directly or indirectly. 

Because when you can find a ready audience with money to spend, you can generate income like this:

Affiliate Earnings

There’s also the tiny detail that you can get a ton of free traffic via this platform.

So as marketing tools go, Pinterest is potent. 

But Pinterest is so vast…how can you identify affiliate programs for Pinterest that will appeal to everyone on the platform?

I didn’t. I simply analyzed the largest audiences on Pinterest by followers and then found affiliate programs to match.

What really surprised me was the number of niches you can monetize with Pinterest traffic.

It’s not just for travel bloggers.

So let’s look at not only the best affiliate programs for Pinterest but also the best niches on the platform.

Best‌ ‌Affiliate‌ ‌Programs‌ ‌For‌ ‌Pinterest‌

  1. Wayfair (Home décor)
  2. Fine Art America (Art)
  3. Priceline (Travel)
  4. BH Photo Video (Photograph)
  5. Blick Art Materials (DIY & Crafts)
  6. Sonos (Tech)
  7. Home Chef (Food & Drink)
  8. Garden Tower Project (Gardening)
  9. Embark (Pets)
  10. Rosetta Stone (Education)
  11. Elizabeth Arden (Hair & Beauty)
  12. Amazon Associates (Everything Else)
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Wayfair (Home décor)

Wayfair Homepage Screenshot

Interior decorators are always looking for new ideas for their projects.

That includes both amateur/DIY types and professionals.

Sometimes you just need somebody else to help get your creative juices flowing.

So what typically happens is they head over to Pinterest for inspiration.

This is where they’ll find your Pins on home decorating ideas and similar topics.

And that just happens to tie in with Wayfair – Wayfair coincidentally being one of the biggest names in this space. 

The neat thing about this company is that they stock everything from rugs to refrigerators.

So there are multiple products you can make money from by promoting them on your blog or directly in your Pins.

Because it is entirely possible to “do” affiliate marketing on Pinterest without a blog.

There’s a ready audience for you to monetize with Wayfair offers as part of your Pinterest marketing efforts.

This makes this probably one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest just based on the sheer number of potential followers.

You can find information on additional home décor affiliate programs here

Fine Art America (Art)

Fineartamerica Homepage Screenshot

Well it’s kind of stating the obvious that art would be a popular topic on Pinterest, right?

It’s not rocket surgery, folks.

That was deliberate, by the way – mixed idioms are fun.

Anyways, the multiple Pinterest art Boards have audiences ranging from a few hundred people all the way up to hundreds of thousands.

And they “discuss” topics ranging from classic art all the way up to the works of modern indie artists.

A lot of aspiring artists use Pinterest as part of their digital portfolio.

Okay, so how can you monetize this audience?

A company like Fine Art America is a great place to start.

They have an active presence on Pinterest, so that’s all the niche validation you need.

You just need to pick a sub-niche within art, and you can get to work with your affiliate Pins.

Their affiliate program is one of the better ones in the art niche, paying 8% on any sale referred through an affiliate link on your website or in your Pins.

And their EPC shows us that affiliates do make money promoting their offers. 

There are 13 other art affiliate offers for you to make money from via your website or Pins.

Priceline (Travel)

Priceline Homepage Screenshot

Travel isn’t necessarily a niche anyone would associate with Pinterest.

Until you realize that everyone and their mother takes pictures while on vacation.

And the volume of photographs has increased exponentially since smartphone cameras became the easiest way to record your holiday memories.

And that’s without factoring in the number of digital nomads photographing everything they see.

So what better way to monetize people’s interest in travel than with an affiliate program like Priceline?

You can use your Pins of exotic locations to help people find the vacation of their dreams.

And you’ll make a 3% commission for helping them do that.

This is also one of the top-performing programs on Commission Junction

The good news is that we researched a dozen more travel affiliate programs for you to use in your Pinterest marketing.

BH Photo Video (Photography)

Bh Photo Homepage Screenshot

Pinners are interested in sharing images.

So it stands to reason that many of them also have at least a passing interest in photography.

There should be no surprises there.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t hook your followers up with the best in photography equipment.

Because if you look at the most successful Pinners many of them use original photographs.

Fashion bloggers are a perfect example of this.

But you’ll find just as many Pinterest users in other niches who will be happy to find Pins linking to camera equipment. 

And BH Photo Video is one of the best sources for that type of equipment anywhere in North America.

As an affiliate marketer, you’ll earn 8% of all sales made either directly through your affiliate Pins or from sales referred via an affiliate link on your website.

And BH Photo Video is one of those affiliate marketing programs that sells itself.

We also have a list of 9 other photography affiliate offers for you to profit from.

Blick Art Materials (DIY & Crafts)

Blick Homepage Screenshot

Pinterest attracts a lot of creatives.

Which makes sense, considering it’s basically a communal digital scrapbook.

That means it directly appeals to people who enjoy assembling collages and other crafts.

And not only that but crafters love sharing their creations online.

So this is an ideal symbiotic relationship.

It also explains why some of the bigger crafter Boards have almost 1 million followers.

The commercial aspect is that crafters are always looking for supplier recommendations.

So, if you want to tap into that audience with some Pinterest affiliate marketing, Blick’s is one of the most trusted names in arts and crafting supplies.

That includes all the usual stuff like paints, brushes, and canvas.

But it extends all the way through to sculpting, framing, and textile materials.

A simple way to make money on Pinterest with this program would be to review different craft kits.

A 3% commission rate isn’t anything to write home about.

But this is the kind of niche where your customers will order the same products several times per year.

So your Pinterest affiliate links will be pretty active.

Making money doesn’t need to be difficult.

Blick’s is just one of the 12 arts and crafts affiliate programs for Pinterest (and your website) that we’ve already researched for you.

Sonos (Tech)

Sonos Homepage Screenshot

Sonos is the tech future we were promised- music streamed wirelessly to every room in your home.

And you can even control the entire thing with your voice.

But how does this knit with affiliate marketing on Pinterest?

Because there’s a very active tech gadget community there.

Around 30 million people in total.

And that includes a lot of affiliates promoting everything from ClickBank tech products to products available on Amazon.

But also a number of big publishers in the tech niche and a number of manufacturers too.

Basically, Pinners love their tech.

Sonos pays affiliates an 8% commission on all sales referred through their website.

It also happens to be one of the best affiliate programs on CJ, period. 

Their affiliates do earn money on a regular basis.

The 1-day cookie length sucks, though.

And there are 11 other tech affiliate programs you can make money with either marketing online via Pinterest or through your own website. 

Home Chef (Food & Drink)

Home Chef Homepage Screenshot

People love taking pictures of their meals and sharing them online.

Instagram is usually their first port of call.

But Pinterest is a close second.

You’ll find there are tens of thousands of Pins covering meal prep, meal plans, and dieting.

So you have an audience interested in eating healthy, yet delicious, food just waiting for you to introduce them to a source.

Like Home Chef.

Healthy meals are delivered to your door.

Or rather the door of your visitor once they’ve clicked on your Pin.

This program only pays a $10 commission on all referrals sent through your website or Pin, regardless of order value.

But they do pay for every purchase made by a new customer for the first 30 days.

This is also one of the best programs on CJ by ‘Network Earnings’, so making money with it shouldn’t be an issue for you.

Here are another 13 of the best food affiliate programs you can promote via Pin or your blog, just in case you need more variety. 

Garden Tower Project (Gardening)

Green Tower Project Home Screenshot

Gardening isn’t just for hippies.

There’s a growing number of urban and suburban garden farmers out there.

But there are just as many people interested in growing plants and flowers in their gardens.

Because even the tiniest gesture makes the world a greener place.

Vertical gardening is part of that – growing some of your own food in a limited space.

This is why the Garden Tower Project will appeal to Pinterest users and followers. 

There are Group Boards on this topic with almost 3 million members.

And they cover every aspect of gardening, from plant care tips to gardening and urban farming accessories.

Selling one single Garden Tower will net you at least $40 in affiliate commissions.

So promoting this program could be very profitable for you if you can direct enough traffic to it.

But we have other gardening affiliate offers for you to check out if you want other ways to make money with your Pinterest traffic.  

Embark (Pets)

Embark Homepage Screenshot

Embark is basically like 23AndMe.com, except for dogs.

You can order a DNA test for your furry friend to check if they risk getting diseases specific to their breed.

Which means you can nip potential health problems in the bud.

Because the reality is that most dog owners will go to any lengths to ensure their companion has the best possible life.

Something which an Embark test can go a long way towards providing.

And this ties in with Pinterest how exactly?

The absolutely massive audience of 20+ million users who Pin and Repin pictures of dogs and puppies.

But you’ll also find a good number of affiliates active in this Pinterest niche.

So that’s your validation taken care of. 

Embark pays you up to $19 per referral made through the affiliate links on your affiliate website.

And because most dog owners are fanatical, you should enjoy an enviable conversion rate with this offer.

This is also one of the best programs on ShareASale by performance metrics. 

Dogs aren’t the only pets that Pinners are interested in, so here’s information on 11 more pet affiliate programs to whet your affiliate marketing appetite. 

Rosetta Stone (Education)

Rosetta Stone Homepage Screenshot

Now, this is a Pinterest audience, and it took me a while to get my head around.

Why would people Pin educational topics?

But they do.

Because we’re not talking about academia – we mean resources for kids, teachers, and parents. 

One of the biggest education Boards I could find has over 80,000 Pins.

Long story short, Pinterest users are interested in multiple topics around education.

And one of the most popular sub-topics is languages.

So all that’s left is to find a really solid affiliate marketing offer for this audience.

And Rosetta Stone is one of the best language products on the market. 

They teach you to learn by visual association, which ties in nicely with the visual nature of Pinterest.

Affiliates will earn 7% of every sale they make through an affiliate link on their blog.

 So you’ll earn $20 if one of your followers purchases a lifetime subscription to Rosetta Stone.

  • URL: Rosetta Stone
  • Commission: 7%
  • EPC: $81.74
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

Here are additional education affiliate offers for you to feature in your Pins or on your blog.

Elizabeth Arden (Hair & Beauty)

Elizabeth Arden Homepage Screenshot

Somewhere in the region of 20 million Pinterest users are interested in hair and beauty.

Again, this makes perfect sense because people love to look their best.

And human vanity has been a thing since we first saw our reflection in a pool of water.

But is there really an audience for hair and beauty products on Pinterest?

Hell yeah – there are several Boards and Profiles with hundreds of thousands of followers.

Beauty companies have even set up shop on Pinterest because of it.

This is why the Elizabeth Arden program might be an excellent match for an audience of this type.

It’s a recognized brand with high-quality products.

So your followers will genuinely benefit from spending money on them.

And you’ll benefit to the tune of 8% commission per sale referred through your affiliate links.

With one of the best programs on CJ.

This is quite possibly one of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest, in this particular niche.

You have tons of additional programs to work with – there are 20 additional beauty programs or 12 other hair programs you can use in your Pinterest marketing strategies. Or simply feature these on your website instead.  

Amazon Associates (Everything Else)

Amazon Homepage

So far, we’ve featured 11 really hot Pinterest niches and affiliate programs to match them.

But there are dozens of Pinterest niches you could monetize. 

This is why it makes sense to feature a more generic affiliate offer in the form of Amazon.

Amazon program does allow their affiliate links on Pinterest (link to Pinterest affiliate marketing post), despite what you might have read elsewhere.

Amazon also does double duty here though when you’re promoting affiliate products via their platform.

Because you’re piggybacking off consumer trust in their brand.

Remember that 70% of Pinterest users visit this social media platform to make purchase decisions.

So sometimes, it just makes way more sense to present them with those offers from a brand name they know and trust.

Amazon is a perfect example of just such a brand.

If you’re not sure where to start with being an Amazon affiliate make sure to check out our ultimate guide on the Amazon Associates Program.

Amazon Commissions

Although the commission rates on products can vary, Amazon should be part of your overall Pinterest marketing strategy.

  • Commission rate:  Varies
  • RPM: $30+ 
  • Cookie duration: 24-hours

Over to You

And that brings us to the conclusion of our roundup of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest.

But you were also introduced to 10+ really hot niches for this social media platform at the same time.

With dozens of affiliate programs to match each one.

Pinterest marketing has value for the beginner blogger and the experienced affiliate alike.

Simply because it’s possible to drive so much traffic from the platform to your own site.

Or to make money on Pinterest by direct linking to affiliate offers in your Pins.

Yes, you can make money online with Pinterest without a blog.

There is the potential here for almost entirely passive income BUT we do recommend that anyone serious about affiliate marketing should start a blog.

You own the blog.

You don’t own Pinterest.

But if that all sounds a bit too much like mumbo-jumbo for you, we have a solution.

Our free training on how to get started with your first affiliate website.

In fact, by the end of this class, you’ll understand how to make money online with a niche site.

And yes, we cover niche and keyword research.

If that sounds like something you’d be interested in, all you have to do is tell us the best email address to send your invite to.

We’ll take care of everything else.