12 Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily in 2023 (Top Offers)

So, you want a variety of affiliate programs that pay daily?

Okay, we can do that.

These types of affiliate programs do exist.

Although finding programs that pay weekly is a lot easier.

But we get that not every affiliate can wait 90 days to get paid.

However, programs that pay daily tend not to exist in isolation.

Instead, you have specific affiliate marketing networks that offer this payout frequency.

So that’s what we’re going to focus on in this article.

Please understand, though, that we are only stating that these are affiliate programs that pay daily.

The fact that they’re listed here should not be considered an endorsement.

Does that sound like a weird thing to say?

It is, but the truth is that affiliate programs that pay this often attract a whole lot of fraud and less-than-ethical business people.

So tread carefully, and let’s get started.

Affiliate Programs That Pay Daily

  1. JV Zoo
  2. AdCrax Affiliates
  3. Rebll Network
  4. Leadstead
  5. Dr. Cash
  6. Warrior Plus
  7. Terra Leads
  8. ClickMagick
  9. PayKickstart
  10. LeadBit
  11. SEOClerks
  12. CPA Lead


Jvzoo Homepage Screenshot

Anyone who’s been on the affiliate marketing scene for more than a few weeks will know exactly who JVZoo is. That’s because they have tens of thousands of digital products in their marketplace, some of which you’ve already been spammed about.

Many of them pay high commission rates but the dollar amount earned means they’re not “high paying” affiliate programs.

JVZoo is doing its level best to replace ClickBank.

(Check out our JVZoo vs ClickBank comparison post.)

But the problem is that their most successful affiliate products focus on the “make money online” niche. Many of the products in the non-IM categories are just PLR packs. So they lack the variety of products you can find on ClickBank.

However, they make up for that by offering instant payments via PayPal once you hit your payment threshold.  There’s a catch, though – you have to prove yourself before you’re approved to receive instant payments.

How do you go about doing this? You make a lot of sales and process very few refunds. Make them a lot of cash, and their affiliate manager’ll reward you with daily payments via PayPal.

  • URL: JVZoo affiliate program
  • Commission: Up to 100% (some recurring commissions)
  • Campaign types: CPS
  • Payment methods: Direct deposit, Payoneer, PayPal 


Adcrax Homepage Screenshot

The AdCrax homepage makes you feel like you’re visiting a web development company instead of an affiliate network.

To be honest, their design is annoying, but we’re not here to discuss UX. We’re here to show you affiliate programs that pay you every day.

AdCrax has been around since 2014, and its entire focus is on the smartphone and mobile market. But you won’t be limited to offers to promote in your journey to creating passive income.

The problem is you don’t get to see the various affiliate programs that pay daily until after you sign up with them. So all we can share here is that AdCrax would appear to have some pretty big brands on their books. All of which you can get paid to promote.

Our research uncovered lots of very pleased affiliate marketers posting copies of their AdCrax payments on social media. And for some pretty substantial amounts of cash, too

  • URL: AdCrax affiliate program
  • Commission: Varies
  • Campaign types: CPA, CPL, CPI
  • Payment methods: Via PayPal, Payoneer, or wire transfer

Rebll Network

Rebll Network Homepage Screenshot

Rebll is an affiliate marketing network that you might not be instantly familiar with. But that hasn’t stopped them from developing a loyal following in a specific affiliate community – dating. So, their offers will only suit marketers working in that vertical.

For those of you who do, however, Rebll is quickly developing a reputation as one of the best affiliate marketing networks in this space.


Because they have well over 600 different affiliate programs/offers for you to make money with. But far more important is that existing affiliates claim to enjoy very high conversion rates with these offers. Plus, dating offers tend to have a very worthwhile commission structure. And when you hit your payout threshold, they’re more than happy to pay you daily.

But what happens if you face problems with your payout or anything else? Well, supporting customers is something else that Rebll allegedly handles very well in the form of helpful affiliate managers and a great support system.


Leadstead Homepage Screenshot

And now, we move from a network offering niche-specific affiliate programs to one that promises to be able to work with any affiliate publisher. In any niche. Even if you’re a complete newbie.

That’s what Leadstead offers. And if you’re already working with a given affiliate program on another network – earning a minimum of $100 per day from it – they’ll try to convince that advertiser to migrate to Leadstead.

They already work with 5,000 publishers, have 800+ affiliate offers on their books, and handle roughly 400,000 sales conversions each month. So they’re not a bunch of amateurs.

International publishers are also welcome.

But do bear in mind that while Leadstead is happy to work with new affiliates, all applications are thoroughly vetted to check for sites publishing questionable or illegal material. 

  • URL: Leadstead affiliate program
  • Commission: Varies
  • Campaign types: CPS, CPL, CPI, CPA
  • Payment methods: Wire transfer, Payoneer, PayPal 

Dr. Cash

Dr Cash Homepage Screenshot

Next up, we have a network that’s been in business since 2016. With a name like Dr. Cash you’d be forgiven for assuming that this network only deals with finance affiliate programs or offers.

But their entire portfolio is made up of nutraceutical products. For those unfamiliar with this term, a nutraceutical is a health supplement designed to be an alternative to traditional medication.

These are some of the highest-paying affiliate programs right now. So if you operate in this vertical, you’ll love what Dr. Cash has to offer – over 2,500 affiliate products available in over 240 different geos. They’re also happy for you to monetize pretty much any traffic source you have – from Facebook organic to adult.

When it comes to affiliate leverage, they also offer trials of many of their products, so you don’t have to pre-sell quite as much. Oh, and they don’t just offer daily payment – you can get paid twice daily via PayPal. Their support team also gets a lot of praise from their existing affiliate customers. 

Warrior Plus

Warrior Plus Homepage Screenshot

I have fond memories of Warrior Plus, even though I haven’t created a product for sale there in over a decade. Warrior Plus was a spin-off from the Warrior Forum – once the most popular Internet and affiliate marketing forum on the planet.

The idea is very straightforward – product creators list their stuff there, and affiliates sign up to promote them. All very typical affiliate marketing method stuff. And while their marketplace is mostly filled with “How to make money online” products, there are also products like coloring books for Kindle and t-shirt designs.

They are, however, the exception rather than the rule. So, this network is only suitable for affiliate marketers operating in the IM niche. This means you need to watch out for low-quality affiliate marketing programs and their vendors. 

But money is to be made here if you can learn how to filter through the crappy offers and find the real gold. And when you do find a product that converts like crazy, your affiliate commissions get paid straight into your PayPal account…once the vendor is set up to do that.

Terra Leads

Terra Leads Homepage Screenshot

If nothing else, the affiliate marketing industry has seen a lot of innovation over the last two decades. What started as a way for companies to find thousands of people to sell their products on a commission basis has changed quite a bit.

We have affiliate networks specializing in specific niches like nutraceuticals, with matching programs. And now we have TerraLeads, an affiliate network that produces its own range of nutraceutical products.  This is why this company refers to itself as a “CPA Hub.”

Affiliates can choose to get paid to promote 750+ different offers available in 28 countries. The neat part is that each geo has its own “call center,” meaning orders are processed locally, so there are no issues with language barriers.

And in addition to earning money from your affiliate sales, this program pays you a bonus of “T-Coins”. These can then be used to then “buy” everything from a smartphone to a new BMW.

Their affiliate offers are very niche, which also means they have high-profit potential.


ClicMagic Homepage Screenshot

ClickMagick is an actual product with its affiliate program and not just an affiliate network. It’s a specialized SAAS product that allows you to accurately track every single link click that comes from either organic or paid traffic/CPA ads.

So, instead of having to make the best guess at what your ROI on each campaign is, ClickMagick gives you a detailed breakdown of where you stand in terms of keyword performance.

As well as being able to filter out bot traffic, just in case a competitor is trying to “click bomb” your campaign. And even if you don’t use paid traffic, its split-testing features can still be invaluable for fine-tuning your sales funnels. It’s a very niche product, but marketers who want a solution like this only need to be pointed in the right direction.

This affiliate program does pay daily… but only after fees have accrued for 14 days. So that’s the kind of fine print you need to watch out for when chasing down affiliate programs that pay daily.


Paykickstart Homepage Screenshot

Following along with our trend in mentioning online business solutions, the next one of the affiliate programs that pay daily in our roundup is PayKickstart. And what exactly does their product do? It’s a shopping cart solution that focuses on businesses that need to process traditional sales transactions and subscription payments.

But it’s not just another boring shopping cart script – PayKickstart is designed with sales funnels and up-sells in mind. So you won’t need to modify PayKickstart to suit your affiliate business model because it was coded in mind. Like the number of integrations with existing marketing platforms, including everything from PayPal to Mailchimp.

But we want to focus on how much cash you get paid and how often for promoting PayKickstart. Which is 25% of the value of the lifetime value of each customer – so you get recurring commissions. Paid daily. 


Leadbit Homepage Screenshot

And now we come to the last of the affiliate programs that pay daily in this roundup. LeadBit is one of a growing number of affiliate networks that are based in Russia. And although they’re based there, they have offices in 50 different countries.

This is one of those programs that pay weekly…but “Trusted Partners” can get paid daily or weekly.

How do you become a “Trusted Partner”?

  • Make a lot of sales
  • Don’t send bot traffic to offers
  • Have very few refunds

Be the kind of affiliate marketer companies want to do business with. Not the guy they have to keep an eye on in case he’s cookie-stuffing or slipping invalid clicks into their paid or organic traffic.

LeadBit has 700+ offers spread across several very profitable verticals such as gambling, nutraceuticals, sweepstakes, and dating.

This is probably why they can afford to give away hundreds of smartphones, TVs, and even a Porsche Cayenne to top-performing affiliates each year. Which is a slight upgrade on the overall goal of passive income, right?


seo clerks

SEOClerks is a vast marketplace of vendors selling online marketing-related services. That means you earn money by recommending small online businesses selling various marketing tools and products, from art and design to content writing and link-building. 

The SEOClerks affiliate program pays daily commissions of at least 5% for every sale referred from your affiliate site. Okay, I know what you’re thinking: “A 5% commission rate doesn’t sound great.”

But it gets better.

For starters, some vendors offer higher commission rates; 5% is just the minimum you can earn. Even better than that, the SEOClerks affiliate program offers a lifetime cookie. That means you get paid for every purchase your visitors make, forever. Even if they don’t convert for five years.

As an added bonus, you can also earn money by selling your own digital products (although note that if you’re going to earn 100% of the fee, the order must be worth $5+, and the buyer can’t be linked to you in any way).

CPA Lead

cpa lead

CPA Lead is a CPI affiliate network that connects affiliate marketers with app developers. Launched in 2006, it’s committed to building relationships with advertisers to unlock the best in lead generation and app install commissions, with more than 400 new, direct advertising relationships unveiled weekly.

Every Android or iOS mobile install referred via your affiliate link will earn you a commission of up to $4. Again, that might not sound like a huge amount of passive income, but the company has reportedly paid out more than $100 million in commissions down the years, so it clearly adds up.

As far as we’re concerned, CPA Lead offers one of the most convenient affiliate programs that pay daily, thanks to its minimum payout of just $0.75. In other words, it’ll pay daily whether you generate $1 or thousands of dollars in commissions.

  • URL: CPA Lead affiliate program
  • Commission: Up to $4 per install
  • Campaign types: CPI
  • Payment methods: Bitcoin, PayPal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer, Check, and ACH

Over to You

And there you have our top 12 affiliate programs that pay daily.

Were there names you were expecting to see but didn’t? 

That’s because other blogs probably mentioned that certain affiliate programs pay daily, but on the investigation, were actually affiliate programs that pay weekly.

And others – like Peerfly – are no longer in business. 

There’s a lot of crappy information out there.

The idea of receiving instant commissions seems too good to be true, right?

And it is… to a certain extent.

You have to temper your expectations with this stuff because these programs’ verticals tend to be cutthroat.

And delayed payments can be pretty common, too – no one wants that, right?

Earning “quick profits” from affiliate programs that pay daily is tempting.

But why not invest that same energy in a business that will pay you for years?

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