10 Airline Affiliate Programs To Send Your Profits Flying Over The Horizon

It’s always a good idea to get an angle for how much money people are spending in a niche before you dip your toe into it.

In the case of the international travel and tourism industry, that amounts to almost $8 trillion dollars per year.

A significant portion of that money was spent on airline travel – about US$2.1 million per minute in the United States alone.

So let’s take a look at what profitable airline affiliate programs there are for you to promote.

And remember, our focus is on programs that can make you money – that’s what you’re here for, right?

Airline Affiliate Programs

  1. CheapOair Affiliate Program
  2. Qatar Airways
  3. Vayama International Flights
  4. Park’n’Fly Airport Parking
  5. OneTravel Airline Tickets
  6. Kiwi.com Airline Tickets Booking
  7. Points.com Affiliate Program
  8. Emirates US Airline
  9. Air France Airline
  10. Air Malta Flights

CheapOair Affiliate Program

Cheapoair Homepage

CheapOair is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Sam. S. Jain, the man behind Fareportal.

What this site does is take the same basic technology running Fareportal and uses it to help budget-conscious backpackers and international travelers get where they’re going for as little as possible.

CheapOair has been around since 2005 and has been busy winning awards ever since.

Part of this has to do with their focus on customer service – they actually encourage customers to call them if they have problems, which is almost unheard of in an industry where customer support pages are often buried from sight.

The first thing to point out is that CheapOair has a very high ‘Network Earnings’ score on Commission Junction.

This is a pretty safe indicator that you shouldn’t have too much hassle making money with this program as long as you promote it to an even somewhat relevant audience.

Affiliates are paid between $5 and $25 per sale.

This might seem like a peanuts payout when compared to the cost of some international flights, but remember that literally thousands of people have booked flights online in the time it took you to read this sentence.

URL: CheapoAir affiliate program

Commission rate: $5 – $25 per sale

EPC: $42.67

Cookie duration: 90 days

Qatar Airways Affiliate Marketing Program

Qatar Airways Homepage

Qatar Airlines is one of the youngest airlines in the world– their first flights took to the skies in 1997.

But that hasn’t stopped them from expanding to serve 160 international destinations, and doing so in style in a fleet of the latest jet aircraft.

If you’re not sure what we mean by “style”, then this is what a Qatar Airlines business class flight looks like.

Their efforts have paid off with Qatar Airways being named “Airline of the Year” almost every year since 2011.

So how much money can you make promoting them?

As you can see from the screenshot above their EPC of $16.36 might not make sense when we’re talking about high-performance programs.

But they only joined forces with ShareASale in 2019, so we’d need a full year of data before passing judgment on them.

It is worth pointing out though that their average sale is $1,008.21, and they do reward high-volume affiliates with a higher commission rate.

Being an early adopter for this program could be a very smart move on your part.

URL: Qatar Airways affiliate program

Commission rate: 2% per sale

EPC: $16.36

Cookie duration: 30 days

Vayama International Travel

Vayama International Travel Homepage

Vayama is an international travel agency that’s been in business since 2007.

Their goal is to provide everything you need for foreign travel in one place, including flights, hotels and car rental, all done through their global network of business partners.

What sets them apart from the competition is that they cater for flights to some of the most remote locations on the planet.

Vayama is also part of the BCD Group, which includes big brands like Travix and Park’n’Fly, making them part of a multi-billion dollar business.

Affiliates get paid 5% on every sale they refer, and their average EPC of almost $90 means customers are spending several hundred dollars in a single transaction.

This is an affiliate program that would fit nicely on a blog talking to the digital nomad audience. Or people who are looking to get away from the usual tourist-infested locations, but who don’t want to sell a kidney to get to or from there.

URL: Vayama affiliate program

Commission rate: 5% per sale

EPC: $86.88

Cookie duration: 30 days

Park’n’Fly Affiliate Program

Park'n'fly Homepage

Park’n’Fly is a sister company to Vayama mentioned just above, so they’re also part of the BCD Group.

We can skip the rest of the company history for the sake of brevity.

Park’n’Fly does what it says on the tin – helps you find safe and affordable parking at both US and international airports.

And it’s not just about safe parking because their shuttle bus service will collect you from your car and drop you right at your terminal.

So what you’re selling to your audience is convenience, and that’s always useful leverage in pre-selling.

The 3% commission rate isn’t exactly going to change your life (unless you’re already a super affiliate), but the Park’n’Fly program will probably only be used to complement other travel-related programs on your blog.

This program still generates an EPC of $32.51 though and has consistent performance on Commission Junction, with an average order size of $65.

URL: Park’n’Fly affiliate program

Commission rate: 3%

EPC: $32.51

Cookie duration: 7 days

OneTravel Affiliate Program

Onetravel Homepage

OneTravel had very humble beginnings – the business was literally set up in a barn on a Pennsylvania sheep farm back in 1995.

It was acquired by the Fareportal group in 2004, so it’s now part of the 3rd largest travel business in the world with revenues in excess of US$4.5 billion.

What makes OneTravel different from other travel sites is that they focus on a range of specialties for their visitors, including senior, gay and lesbian travel, as well as focusing on travel to exotic locations, such as India.

You’ve probably noticed by now that there’s a trend with airline affiliate programs in terms of relatively low commission rates.

That’s because this industry is pretty cut-throat due to low margins and fierce competition between both travel comparison sites and international airlines.

Affiliates can make between $5 and $25 per sale for customers referred to OneTravel, and you have a 90-day cookie to help make those sales stick.

URL: One Travel affiliate program

Commission rate: $5- $25

EPC: $27.23

Cookie duration: 90 days

Kiwi.com Affiliate Program

Kiwi.com Homepage

Kiwi.com was founded in 2011 by Oliver Dlouhý who was tired of trying to find legitimately cheap flights online. He found – like many others – that most of the “price comparison” flights were more expensive than booking directly with the airline.

So over the next 12 months he and Jozef Képesi set about creating their own flight search engine, and in 2012 it launched to the wider world.

Do they actually offer cheaper flights than their competitors?

Yup, through a process known as flight hacking.

Basically, they automated hours of tedious manual searching, allowing travelers to save money by taking unconventional routes to their destination.

This company has made its presence felt in the flight price comparison market, despite the fact they’ve only been around for a few years.

You can expect to make 3% commission on each sale you refer to them, but they have an average order value of €370, so you should be making at least €11 per referral.

They also manage around 9,000 bookings per day, so there’s definitely money to be made here.

URL: Kiwi.com affiliate program

Commission rate: 3% per sale

EPC: $29.55

Cookie duration: 30 days

Points.com Affiliate Program

Points Homepage

Points.com is based on a very simple idea – it allows you to manage all your different loyalty programs from one interface.

Not only does it allow you to track your points, but you can even exchange your flight miles between loyalty programs, and also redeem them for shopping or dining gift cards.

As of right now, they allow you to track your points or miles across 110 different brands including hotels, airlines and even train lines.

They also offer their own PointsHound program where you can earn up to 10,000 points or miles for each night you stay in a qualifying hotel.

Unique ideas are great, but are affiliates making money promoting this program?

Yup, and although you’ll usually only earn a flat $3 or $5 per sale, it all adds up.

A solid 3-month EPC of $48.40 also indicates that affiliates are making money in the long term, and not just once-off commissions.

URL: Points affiliate program

Commission rate: 1.25% – 10% per sale

EPC: $48.40

Cookie duration: 15 days

Emirates US Affiliate Program

Emirates Homepage

Emirates is recognized as one of the premier airlines in the world right now, focused on providing their passengers with a level of comfort (and often luxury) that would have seemed impossible just a few short years ago.

The irony is that Emirates started out in 1985 with just two Boeing 737’s offering flights to Bombay, Karachi, and Delhi. 30 years on and they operate a fleet of 251 aircraft and posted profits of US$1.9 billion in 2015.

Something Emirates do for their affiliates which is highly unusual for airlines is to show you which routes are the most profitable for you to monetize.

This is a really nice touch, and show they’re committed to helping their affiliates make bank.

The commission rates on offer from Emirates are pretty typical of what you can expect from airline affiliate programs i.e. usually no more than 3%.

But we’d recommend that you focus on two things:

  • The prestige of the airline you’re promoting
  • That a typical business class ticket with them costs about two grand

YouTube is chock full of videos of vloggers singing the praises of business and first-class travel with Emirates, so you should use those to your advantage.

URL: Emirates affiliate program

Commission rate: 1.25% – 2.5%

EPC: $39.76

Cookie duration: 30 days

Air France Affiliate Program

Air France Homepage

Air France has been transporting passengers since 1933, created from the remnants of several other smaller airlines, including an air postal service and an airline that operated airships (yup, like Zeppelins).

Today they’re one of the largest carriers in the world, operating a flight of 220 aircraft, serving 600 destinations across 5 continents.

Even without any of that background, we’re still pretty sure you know who Air France is, for the Concorde if nothing else.

And a recognizable brand is always easier to promote than a relatively new or unproven brand.

Air France do offer affiliate programs tailored to specific countries (France, Italy, Brazil, Germany and the UK), but we’re focusing on their US program here.

A commission rate of 1.25% is one of the lowest in this roundup, but with an average order size of $1,500 that equates to $18.75 per sale for you.

Basically, a higher conversion rate based on brand recognition should balance out the lower commission rate offered.

URL: Air France affiliate program

Commission rate: 1.25% per sale

EPC: $32.59

Cookie duration: 30 days

Air Malta Affiliate Program

Air Malta Homepage

Air Malta started out as a small regional airline with 2 leased Boeing 720B’s, serving the UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Libya.

In the 45 years since then, they’ve expanded their fleet and their routes to include most locations in Europe and the Middle East, but they’ve kept their focus on regional rather than international flights.

The airline was restructured in 2017 and is now generating more profit than it has at any stage in its history.

Which means it’s ripe for promotion to holidaymakers and international travelers who want to flight hack their way around Europe and the Middle East.

The irony is that although Air Malta could be viewed as being small and insignificant, their performance on Commission Junction surpasses several large, international airlines – including some of the biggest names in the business.

So although Air Malta might not seem like your first choice for an airline to promote, their EPC and ‘Network Earnings’ means you should pay attention to them.

URL: Air Malta affiliate program

Commission rate: 2.5% per sale

EPC: $26.84

Cookie duration: 15 days


Yes, there are several huge airlines that didn’t make it into this roundup, but this decision was based purely on their metrics on given affiliate networks.

Basically, they didn’t make the grade, and how poorly some of them performed surprised even us.

We’d encourage people not to be put off by the lower commission rates…because most other affiliates will avoid these programs based solely on that single factor.

This means these programs are most likely not being promoted by a large number of affiliate marketers.

And if you’d like to learn more about how to get started with your first affiliate site, why not drop by our free training?

You don’t have to buy anything – you can just sit back and absorb over an hour of training from two guys who have built sites with 6-figure incomes in diverse niches.

Oh yeah, and none of this has anything to do with that fake guru crap you see on YouTube.