#149 – 9 Things We Learned Analyzing 1.1m SERPS

What You will Learn

  • Why ranking for long-tail keywords might become harder
  • An in-depth discussion on featured snippets
  • A surprising finding about pages on the 2nd results page
  • Why content quality is still the most important thing to focus on

Today I’m with Mark, author of The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint

This is our latest course, if you want advanced link building tactics this is it, but you will need to hurry up because the launch ends in less than 24 hours at the time at which we release this podcast.

If you want to learn more, just go on authorityhacker.com and click the big button on the home page. :-)

Recently we hired a new content creator called Michal who is quite good with numbers and data, and we asked him to scrape a bunch of Google results – 1.1million to be exact – and run a bunch of data science on them so we understand better how Google works.

Today, we talk about the results of this research.


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