12 Best Art Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

With so many art affiliate programs, knowing which ones are worth your time and money can be difficult.

As the art and craft supplies market is expected to reach $73.9 billion by 2028, affiliates in this niche are presented with a huge opportunity for growth.

Authority Hacker analyzed the 20 top blogs in the arts and crafts niche to determine the most popular affiliate programs. By researching the strategies successful sites in the niche use, you can get ideas to create your winning affiliate marketing plan.

This list covers many art-related products, such as art supplies, courses, DIY projects, print-on-demand services, and digital assets. Here are the top 12 art affiliate programs you should consider in 2024:

Art Affiliate Programs

  1. Blick Art Materials afiliate program
  2. Saatchi Art afiliate program
  3. Arteza afiliate program
  4. Society 6 affiliate program
  5. Creative Bug affiliate program
  6. Fine Art America affiliate program
  7. Paint By Numbers affiliate program
  8. A Cherry On Top affiliate program
  9. Art To Frames affiliate program
  10. Framed Art affiliate program
  11. Sotheby’s affiliate program
  12. Art Discount (UK) affiliate program
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1 Blick Art Materials

Blick Homepage Screenshot

There are many e-commerce stores selling art supplies online. However, few of them have a pedigree going back over a century, as does Blick’s. But it’s about more than just heritage because they also have over 90,000 products in stock, including their popular range of own-brand products.

They have all the paints, cases, paper, boards, brushes, and materials an artist will need for each journey stage. However, they also have a corner of their store dedicated to art and craft materials for kids.

So, how does this compare to the other arts and crafts affiliate programs?

An average order size of US$100 and a 3% commission rate means you’ll earn around $3 per sale. Affiliate programs like this will rely on a high volume of qualified traffic sent their way.

2 Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art Homepage Screenshot

Now, we look into high-end art sales with Saatchi Art. We’re no longer in framed print territory. Instead, we’re looking at artwork from established and new artists from all over the world.

But the prices set the tone here. Many pieces cost between $1,000 and $20,000 each.

So that tells you what type of audience you should promote this offer to.

This would be an ideal add-on for anyone in the “luxury” niche. Because a commission rate of 8% on a $1,000 sale means you get paid $80 in commission. 

3 Arteza

Arteza Homepage Screenshot

Humans have created drawings for as long as we’ve understood our mortality. From basic hand stencils to the stunning work at Lascaux, humans have left behind artistic records for at least 40,000 years.

Arteza understands this. They focus on providing your visitors with affordable arts and crafts supplies, from basic pencils to premium oil-based paints. 

With something to suit the budget of every creator. And for those who struggle, most can buy now and pay later with ‘Afterpay.’

Do you think it would be beneficial to promote their products?

Yes, the 15% commission rate is impressive. But what’s even better is their 8% conversion rate – one of the highest affiliate programs we researched.

4 Society 6

Society6 Homepage Screenshot

Society 6 is less of an online store and more of a platform for aspiring artists to gain exposure to an international audience.

Since 2009, their raison d’etre has been allowing artists to sell their wares without paying exorbitant exhibition fees. Your visitors will find the works of more than 300,000 different creators from more than 160 countries for sale.

In terms of wall art, they sell everything from framed canvas prints to metal prints and wood pieces.

This affiliate offer pays a 5% commission rate on all items purchased from the site. Except for gift cards, which pay 0% commission – it sucks when affiliate programs pull that stunt.

5 Creative Bug

Creativebug Homepage Screenshot

A small percentage of people are born with that innate artistic and creative spark. They are prodigies. But everyone else will need at least a little instruction, which is where Creative Bug enters the picture. 

They offer thousands of weekly online classes covering dozens of different subjects. So, if your visitors want to learn oil painting, sketching, engraving, watercolors, or even digital illustration, you know where to send them.

And they can get access to every single class for just $7.95 per month. Or they can sign up for the free trial using nothing more than their email address. 

This affiliate offer pays a flat $6 for all new customers you send their way. But you won’t receive any recurring commission if they stay subscribed.

6 Fine Art America

Fineartamerica Homepage Screenshot

Fine Art America is a company that specializes in helping artists sell their images to a global audience through print-on-demand technology.

They do this across a wide range of products, including cups and mugs. However, their main focus is wall art, including canvas and metal prints, acrylic prints, and tapestries. Altogether, they represent the work of 100,000 living artists.

But your visitors won’t have to wait long for their order thanks to the 16 global distribution centers.

Their base commission rate is 8%, which is much higher than some of the other affiliate programs. However, they also claim to have a very high conversion rate. So, each sale paying $13.51 in commission could be a very lucrative promotional offer.

7 Paint By Numbers

Paint By Numbers Homepage Screenshot

There are actual artists, aspiring artists…and people like me.

I have all the talent of an inanimate carbon rod. So, being able to pretend by using kits from My Paint By Numbers suits me right down to the ground. 

Each painting is supplied as an outline with numbered segments for each individual color. You then paint that section with the paint color that matches the number.

You can choose from their existing collections or even have them create a custom design for you.

Affiliates will receive a 15% commission on everything they sell, which is very generous compared to other affiliate programs in this niche. Their affiliates seem to make consistent money.

8 A Cherry On Top

Acherryontop Homepage Screenshot

And here we have a scrappy success story – a Cherry On Top

What started as a work-from-home business selling stickers has become one of North America’s leading suppliers of scrapbooking stuff.

This company stocks a full range of art supplies, from brushes, paints, and inks to calligraphy pens, fancy paper, and more. They also sell subscription boxes – which might just make the perfect gift for the arty person in your life.

So, how much do you get paid to send them new customers?

You’ll receive a 4% commission on all referred sales of art supplies sent through your links.

9 Art To Frame

Arttoframes Homepage Screenshot

A picture might speak a thousand words. But a picture frame says a lot about your taste. So, if you want to help your audience avoid making an artistic faux pas, point them toward Art To Frame.

This is a family-run business—established in 1929—that sells handmade frames to help each picture or print tell its story. They also offer a print-on-demand service. So you upload your image, choose the format and frame you like, and then wait for the final product to be delivered.

This offer pays its affiliates an 8% commission on all referred sales. So, although you might not get rich just promoting picture frames, there is money to be made here.

10 Framed Art

Framedart Homepage Screenshot

How you decorate your home makes a big statement about you. And that goes double for the artwork you choose.

Investing in wall art can be expensive if you buy original pieces, but with Framed Art, you can simply get a high-quality print instead. 

Your visitors can choose from over 175,000 prints, shopping by room, style, subject, artist, or decor. They can also choose from 40 frames and tons of glass and mat options.

How does this offer compare to the other programs in this roundup?

Affiliates will earn an 8% commission on all sales and have a 30-day cookie to work with. To sign up for this offer, you’ll need a Pepperjam account.

11 Sotheby’s

Sothebys Homepage Screenshot

We saved the very best for last—Sotheby’s. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the name, Sotheby’s manages auctions for works of art valued in the tens of millions.

Many of the pieces they represent are so valuable you must inquire privately. So, the audience for this offer might be quite limited.

But the potential to earn stupid amounts of money is not.

And that’s because this offer pays a flat $250 commission on every sale referred through your affiliate links.

Granted, if the item were worth US$20 million, that would be a kick in the teeth, but it’s still a lot of cash to earn per referral.

12 Art Discount (UK)

Artdiscount Homepage Screenshot

Art Discount is for our UK-based Authority Hackers. For over 100 years, they’ve supplied amateur, professional, and commercial customers with discounted art supplies.

So, whatever type of ink, brush, easel, paint, pencil, pen, paper, or canvas your audience might want, you can be sure they have it. Their products are all from leading brands, such as Winsor & Newton, Daler Rowney, Faber-Castell, and Derwent.

So, what can affiliates earn with this art supplies affiliate program?

You get a 4% commission on all sales credited to your affiliate links. However, artists tend to buy in bulk, which is one of the fringe benefits of promoting affiliate programs like this.

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