Authority Hacker Pro Launch

Key Dates

Our next launch will take place between the following dates

Cart Open:
Sunday 16th April – 7 pm CEST

Cart Close:
Tuesday 25th April – 9 am CEST

Key Details

The price will remain the same as last launch

Authority Hacker Pro

One-Time Payment

Payment Plan
$297 x 12 Months

Authority Hacker Pro includes:

  • 350+ video lessons shot in our typical actionable style
  • All videos now have captions
  • Full lesson notes
  • Copy-Paste Templates
  • Custom tools
  • Community exclusive discounts
  • Free Lifetime Updates
  • Free Access to The Authority Site System (our beginner’s course)
  • Lifetime access to our Facebook community
  • A 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Full member support with a dedicated support team Mon-Fri 9-5
  • Our ongoing commitment to updating and adding new blueprints

Authority Hacker Pro Platinum

Platinum will also be returning

One-Time Payment

Payment Plan
$597 x 12 Months

Authority Hacker Pro Platinum includes:

  • Everything included in the Authority Hacker Pro course
  • SOP library (over 100 done-for-you SOPs)
  • Live mastermind calls
  • Exclusive Hot-Seat events
  • Access to exclusive Discord group

Platinum is for site owners who have grown to a level where linear growth is no longer viable. They have or are implementing everything necessary to make a successful site already and want to be more “in the know” on becoming a whole business owner by communicating with like-minded people. 

Affiliate Links

To collect your Affiliate Link, sign into ThriveCart and select Authority Hacker Pro and Authority Hacker Pro Platinum from your products list.

On the next page, you can collect your affiliate links. We have provided a number of testimonials and additional promotional pages which will all contain clear CTAs leading to Pro as well.

Different Testimonials may be changed or added when you collect yours

Simply copy the link and use it wherever you like.

What’ll Be New Since The Last Launch?

New in the April launch will be:

New: The AI Blueprint

New: Sniper Link Building

You can view a full overview of these changes in the Pro Update Log.

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How To Do Well In This Launch

We have a first-touch cookie, so promote early. We run cookie-free re-targeting, so our ads will help your sales.

Email your list

This has always been the best approach. Don’t just send out our swipe, customize the messaging to your audience and make the most of our sales materials. If you have any specific questions or ideas, let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you to maximize your commissions.

Re-target your traffic

Click the Tracking Code tab in the Thrivecart product page to be able to add your FB pixel to our funnel (it only fires for the traffic you refer).

Offer a Bonus

Click the ‘Bonus Delivery’ tab on the Thrivecart product page to be able to deliver your own bespoke bonus whenever someone buys automatically.

Ask us questions

You know your audience, we know our product. Combine the two, and you have a match made in heaven. Drop us an email at [email protected] with anything you’d like to share, and we’ll work with you to maximize your sales.


Will there be a discount for existing TASS members?

Yes. We’ll offer a $500 discount on the one-time payment and a corresponding % discount on the monthly recurring payments in the payment plan option. If any of your audience asks about this, please refer them to our support team at [email protected]. We will ensure any referrals are correctly cookied if you send them to us.

Will there be a discount for existing Core Web Vitals Blueprint members?

Yes. We’ll offer a $200 discount on the one-time payment and a corresponding % discount on the monthly recurring payments in the payment plan option.

Why has the price gone up?

We haven’t raised the price of Pro in almost 2 years, despite continuously adding, refreshing, and updating the course content.

Alongside this, earlier this year, we spent over 6 months completely redesigning the member area and course content from scratch to provide the best experience possible to members.

Why is Platinum so expensive?

Platinum aims to create an exclusive, high-tier product for business owners who are already doing a great job at scaling and growing their business but are hungry for that little something extra. 

Platinum provides several top-level resources, including our mastermind calls, a massive 100+ library of SOPs, and exclusive in-person events. 

These are all geared towards people who have already “made it” with their site, so to speak, but want to engage with others in a like-minded environment.

What’s the difference between Pro/Platinum?

Authority Hacker Pro Platinum
In addition to everything in Pro, you’ll also get:

Access to our exclusive Discord
Our Discord channel is a close-knit community of high-level, like-minded marketers. Our members can discuss anything from Google updates to high-end strategies in this Discord.
There are very few places in the industry where you can get involved in such high-level discussions with people in the same boat as you. This is a one-of-a-kind community that simply doesn’t exist elsewhere on the internet. 

Access to regular mastermind calls
We hold multiple mastermind calls per month on different topics. These informal mastermind calls are a place to learn high-end tactics from real people with real results vs. the usual copy-and-paste advice available elsewhere on the web. 
The aim is to provide site owners who are already at their peak a chance to explore the latest and greatest ideas in the industry that rarely get discussed elsewhere. What’s more, these tactics and strategies are often backed up by other members’ real-life data and results.

Access to our library of over 100+ SOPs
Included in Platinum is our library of over 100 SOPs that can be used to outsource and systematize every aspect of your business, from content to creation to staff management. 
The aim here is to provide a comprehensive list of documents that can be shared with team members to supercharge the onboarding process. 
These SOPs would usually take months to build in normal circumstances. We did all the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Access to exclusive Hot-seat events
We’ll be holding exclusive events for Platinum members. This is a chance to meet both our team and other successful site builders live.
This is more than a simple meet and greets though. We’ll be moderating a chance for members to exchange ideas with others, network with an exclusive community of members, and have tons of cool events planned for next year and beyond.