How To Build a Profitable Authority Site in 2017

What you will learn

  • What an authority site is
  • Why authority sites are a fantastic business in 2017
  • The different types of authority sites
  • How to make money from authority sites
  • How to get traffic to your site

​What Is An Authority Site?

An authority site is like a typical niche site, but with more business models, traffic sources and monetization methods. As a result of this, authority sites tend to be bigger and have higher long term potential as an asset.

With a niche site, you built it and generally don’t do anything afterwards. With an authority site, you keep building it and this gives you the opportunity to generate exponentially increasing revenue.

An authority site’s readers will see it as trusted, up to date and reliable. There is huge value in return visitors, so building a real following is crucial with authority sites.

An authority site tends to be more like a real business. But, authority sites generally start out as smaller niche sites. The key is to keep working on them and grow them.

Authority Site Examples

Stage 1 SitesStage 2 SitesStage 3 Sites

Why Authority Sites Are A Good Bet For 2017

The ROI is off the chart. Perrin started with 2,000USD and now his site is worth over 200,000 USD in under 2 years (find out exactly how he achieved this in our FREE webinar). Plus he made lots of money in the mean time.

In terms of an investment, it blows everything else out of the water (if you do it properly).

With the authority site model, your income and asset value compounds. Authority sites are the non-techy startup opportunity. Most people can learn this as it is not a super complex thing like coding. You have a much higher chance of success with authority sites.

The ongoing revenue is fairly stable and you can quickly replace the income from your job.

It’s quite fulfilling to help people. Doing something you love day in, day out, it very rewarding.

It’s fun! There is always a problem so solve or a new challenge to undertake. It’s super fun to work on these every day. You’re reward is actual money.

How Do Authority Sites Make Money In 2017?

  1. Advertizing – create content which answers which answer questions people have. Put advertizing (e.g adsense) on there.
  2. Affiliate marketing – recommending products which have affiliate programs. Companies such as pay you for each sale you refer.
  3. Creating your own product – Infoproducts or FBA

How Do You Get Traffic To Your Site?

There are lots of ways. We focus on SEO because it is cheap to start with and has the highest long term return on investment.

Write blog posts that are targeted to keywords/topics that people search for. Publish those. Build links to your site. Your rank in google. People find you and go to your site.

This takes a long time. Usually 6-12 months.

SEO tends to be the cheapest form of traffic. Sustainable and passive to maintain.

Link building is much easier when you have a legit authority site which is actually solving people’s problems

What kind of investment does it take?

You can create one for just a few hundred bucks, if you do all the writing yourself. This cost goes towards the tools and tech that you need.

However, we recommend outsourcing some of the work (especially writing) and in that case you’d be looking to spend at least $1,000 ​