The Best 23 Fiverr Gigs For Online Marketers: How To Outsource Tedious Tasks On The Cheap

Unless you’ve been living in a hole the last five years, you’ve probably heard of Fiverr.

To the uninitiated, Fiverr is a platform where people will do stuff for you for $5.

This can be anything – a vintage-style logo design, ​fix site CSS issues, or convert music to 8-bit style.

Think of it as a freelancing platform where instead of selecting freelancers, you buy pre-made ‘gigs’ for $5.

The beauty of Fiverr is the low price and the huge variety of gigs. Whatever you can think of, there’s probably a gig for it on Fiverr.

For bootstrappers like us, the low price, easy buying process and variety of gigs makes Fiverr a particularly attractive platform. Instead of testing different freelancers, you can just buy gigs and get your work done for cheap.

Of course, not all kinds of gigs are worth buying (even for $5). So in this post, we’ll tell you how to select the right gig on Fiverr, and show you our list of recommended gigs.

What you will learn

  • The Fiverr upsell system
  • The secret to finding a great gig on Fiverr
  • The one kind of gig you should completely stay away from
  • 8 value-for-money gigs that will save you tons of time
  • Alternatives to Fiverr

What is Fiverr?

The idea behind Fiverr is simple: buy individual services from freelancers for $5 (or at least from $5).

Thus, instead of hiring a freelancer, you are buying a service the freelancer provides. This essentially turns freelancing from a service into a product.

For example, if you wanted to get an article written without Fiverr, you’d first go to a freelancing platform and put up an ad. Freelancers would submit their proposals and you’d choose the best among them.

On Fiverr, the process is reversed. Freelancers tell you ​what they’re going to offer – an article for example- and you buy the service directly without sifting through proposals or putting up ads.

It’s great if you don’t want to go through the trouble of putting up ads, trying out different freelancers, and finding the right one. We can’t recommend it enough for quick tasks that would normally take you hours through the DIY route.

There’s one more thing you should know about Fiverr, and that’s the upsell system and how they might get more than $5 out of you (Spoiler: I spent up to $200 on a single gig once).

The Fiverr Upsell System

When Fiverr was first introduced, it was a simple platform where people could sell their services for $5.

Over time, as Fiverr matured, freelancers and buyers started demanding more work and better pay.

To meet these demands while still maintaining the “$5 for anything” concept, Fiverr introduced an upsell system.

It works this way:​

  1. Freelancers offer a simple service for $5 (example: logo design)
  2. Freelancers then offer additional services for higher prices. For example, a logo designer might offer faster delivery for an extra $5, or sell a bundle of social media covers + logos for another $20.
  3. Buyers can buy just the simple $5 gig, or they can buy the $5 gig + gig extras.

It’s a great system for freelancers to make more money, and for buyers to get better work from trusted providers.

That’s also one of the best examples of tripwire deployment out there. You can hire anyone for just $5 but there are immediate up sales that​ drastically increase the transaction value.

​Alternatives to Fiverr

Back when Fiverr was first launched, a number of businesses copied the model and built similar platforms for different price points (‘Tennerr’ for $10 gigs, ‘Fifteenerr’ for $15 gigs, etc.). Most of these were unsuccessful and are now out of business.

However, a number of alternatives continue to thrive. Some of these are:​

How to Recognize a Great Gig on Fiverr?

As with every freelancing platform, there are plenty of scammers, spammers and low quality providers on Fiverr.

The key to finding good gigs is to take advantage of the tools Fiverr offers and to trust your instincts.​

Star Ratings and Reviews

Fiverr gives buyers a chance to review and rate sellers after delivery. Ratings are out of 5 and reviews are generally short, one-sentence long.

fiverr ratings

It’s important to remember that this isn’t Amazon. Standards on Fiverr aren’t exactly high and people will often give 5-star ratings to low quality providers. After all, you can’t be too demanding when you’re just paying $5.

So take all ratings and reviews with a pinch of salt. If it’s anything below 4.5, you probably want to stay away from it.​

Also pay attention to the most critical reviews (sort by ‘Negative Reviews’) as these usually provide a more accurate picture of the worst-case scenario.

Work Samples

fiverr gig sample

Sellers can attach samples of their work with their gig ads. This gives you an idea of the provider’s skill-level and quality.

Once again, take these with a pinch of salt. Sellers will only include their best work in their samples, and it may not always be reflective of actual quality. ​

When you look at a sample, ask yourself: is this something that will look good on my site? Will it add value to my readers? Will it make my brand look better?

If the answer is ‘No’ (and it often is), you probably want to look elsewhere.

And as always, trust your guts​. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A seller offering top-quality work for $5 is probably exaggerating.

Keep these points in mind and you won’t burn yourself with poor quality gigs.​

What NOT to Buy on Fiverr?

You’re probably itching to start buying gigs on Fiverr and save tons of time.

But before you can do that, there’s something you need to know: not all kinds of gigs are worth buying on Fiverr.

Generally speaking, anything that represents your business’ primary value is not worth outsourcing to Fiverr. This includes your site’s main content and marketing.

what NOT to Buy on Fiverr

​We recommend staying away from the following gigs on Fiverr:

Marketing Services

​It’s an open secret in the marketing community that Fiverr’s marketing services aren’t just worthless, but can even harm your site.

Here’s what you should stay away from (and why):​

  • Backlinks: Buying backlinks breaks Google TOS – not a very good idea. Plus, for $5, you’ll get backlinks from low quality PBNs which are worthless. Not good for your site’s long-term health.
  • Guest Posts: These will be just low-quality articles put up on slightly better PBNs.
  • Press Releases: For $5, your press releases are just going to end up on spammy news blogs. Plus, as Matt Cutts says, links from press release sites don’t exactly help your SEO.
  • Social Signals: Buying fake followers/fans doesn’t help your SEO. Twitter and Facebook are also getting more serious about combating spam and will likely remove your followers within weeks.In the case of Facebook actually, fake fans will hurt your reach because of the way edge rank works. If your fans don’t react to your updates (which fake fans don’t), Facebook will stop distributing your updates and your reach will be inferior.
  • Traffic: You aren’t going to get any decent traffic for $5. It’ll either be bot traffic, or very low quality, untargeted visitors that aren’t going to convert at all.

Content, Design & Programming

If the content is going to go up on your main site, Fiverr is not the best place to source it. For $5, you aren’t going to get content that will blow readers away. It will be low quality, short, and have poor grammar and formatting.

As for design, while it’s okay to get logos or ​social media covers, you should stay away from anything complex or time-intensive (such as a custom blog design).

The same goes for coding gigs. If you want to fix your CSS, Fiverr is a great platform. But if you want a custom web app, $5 isn’t going to get you much.​

In the end, be smart and pick gigs where $5 actually represents a meaningful return for the provider. No writer worth his time is going to invest 2 hours into writing a $5 article, nor will a good designer or coder spend a whole day just to make $5.

You get what you pay for.

What to Buy on Fiverr

If you skip the online marketing section, you’ll find that there’s tons of value on offer on Fiverr, especially for creative work such as logos, illustrations, etc. You won’t be blown away by the quality, but for $5, you can get good enough work to get started.

Here’s our own list of things you should be buying on Fiverr:​

#1 – Logo Design

Every business needs a logo. It won’t make or break your business, but it can definitely give it an air of professionalism if like me, your better alternative is Microsoft Paint.

Seriously, would you trust a business that had a logo like this?​

bad logo example
bad logo example

Hiring a good designer, however, is expensive. Good logos can run into 4, even 5 figures (or if you’re Pepsi, even $1M).

Obviously, you don’t have that kind of budget. ​Since you’re bootstrapping, you need something that is cheap but gets the job done. Once your business grows, you can always redesign the logo later.

Fiverr is perfect for this.​ Here’s a sample of what you can expect:

leadbound logo
traffic tao logo

Those were the alternative brands to Authority Hacker by the way, let’s just say I’m quite happy we went with the one we went with ;).

They’re not the most innovative of logos, but at $5 you can’t complain.



You can obviously hit up any of the freelancing platforms (Freelancer, Upwork, etc.) to find a designer, but if you’re looking for a dedicated logo design service, here’s what we recommend:

99Designs is the original and the best known design contest website. It does way more than just logos – you can get everything from entire websites to pamphlets and posters. The quality of designers is usually top notch and some very well known businesses have patronized its services.

There’s just one downside – at a base price of $299, it’s expensive for small businesses. Choose it only for big projects or if you already have proof of concept. Otherwise, $300 are better spent elsewhere.

  • Lots of concepts - usually 40+ per con.test
  • Great brief design. It's easy to tell designers exactly what you want.
  • The price - $299. is the poor man’s 99 Designs. It is a platform where you can host a “design contest” specifically for logos. You upload a brief and freelance designers will pitch logo concepts as per your requirements. You can sometimes get 10 – 15 concepts per contest.

Once you like a concept, you simply select it and it’s yours – all for $29.

Pro Tip

If you want to attract more concept you can bid more than $29. I found bidding $31 attracted a lot more for just $2 more !

  • Prices start at $29
  • Multiple concepts per contest
  • You can cancel anytime if you don't like any concept
  • Limited concepts at starting price ($29)
  • List Item #Difficult to work 1-on-1 with designers for revisions or future projects

#2 – Illustrations & Graphics

As a marketer, you’ll need a lot of graphics for eBook covers, blog post headers, illustrations, social media, etc. As we’ve said before, these visuals can have a big impact on your traffic and engagement.

Unfortunately, most designers on freelance platforms charge an arm and a leg for such graphics.

This makes Fiverr a very good alternative, provided you find the right gigs. You won’t get anything world-class, but the quality will be good enough for a bootstrapped business.


Here’s are a couple of examples of what you can expect:​

Juicing Recipes ebook
30 Days to a Better Enterpreneur ebook

For $5, I’d say that’s not bad at all!

fiverr ebook designer
5 review stars

(2,393 Reviews)

fiverr ebook designer
5 review stars

(1,334 Reviews)

fiverr ebook designer
5 review stars

(15,351 Reviews)


While Fiverr gigs are perfectly good for a business starting out, you might want to eventually branch out and work with better designers.

In that case, you can check out Upwork:​

Upwork is the massive new freelancing platform built after the merger of Elance and oDesk. It has a huge number of designers of all skill levels. The trouble is that it’s not always easy to find the ones who are good and won’t cost you hundreds of dollars.

  • Lots and lots of designers
  • Can find designers to fit all budgets
  • Finding quality designers can be hard
  • Unreliable review system

Besides Upwork, you can also go to to get your graphics done. It’s not cheap – an eBook cover will cost you $299 – but the quality is great and the brief format helps you get your idea across easily. Worth the money if you have a mature business.

#3 – Voice Overs

Have you ever recorded a video and cringed when you heard your own voice or accent? Now imagine the effect this would have on your audience.

This is why it’s always a good idea to get a voice over from a professional, especially if you have an accent or a weak voice. You’ll find that it adds a layer of finesse missing from your self-recorded videos.​ We use this for some of our own videos since we’ve found that the French accent can be turn-off to colder audiences.

The good part is that voice over artists on Fiverr are not only cheap, but also comparable in quality to professionals that charge hundreds of dollars.​ Prices usually start at $5 for 50-100 words.

This is probably one of the services category where it will be complicated for you to tell the difference between a premium service and Fiverr.​


You can listen to a sample from some of our voice over work here:


Fiverr is great for a bootstrapping business that needs cheap voice overs quickly. However, if you’re launching a major product and need top-tier voice over artists, you have a couple of other options as well:


VoiceBunny is an open marketplace for voice acting talent. You can either choose a specific voice actor, or hold an audition with up to 3 applicants. You can select different languages and accents, and can even choose the age and gender of the actor.

Prices start at $45 for 15 seconds of voice over work.

  • Can audition multiple actors
  • Vetted voice actors
  • Money back guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Platform isn't the easiest to use is one of the largest marketplaces for vocal talent. Artists from are frequently used by some of the top brands in the world for TV and radio commercials. It isn’t cheap – prices start at $100/minute for non-broadcast recordings – but if you need top-notch work, this is where you should come.

  • High quality voice over actors
  • Easy to find talent by voice over style (friendly, animated, etc.)
  • Very expensive
  • Site looks like it was designed in 2009

#4 – Persona Videos

We like to use persona videos to help align our site with our target audiences. This helps us reach demographics that are not us.

Say, you’re running a site for young mothers. A persona video with advice, ideas, or thoughts from someone in the same demographic (i.e. women in 20s and early 30s) would have a much bigger impact than one recorded by a 40 year old man.

There are tons of persona video gig offers on Fiverr and you can usually find someone who fits your audience demographic perfectly, are comfortable on camera and can help pass your message through in a more convincing way.

Tons of companies use that tactic hiring actors as their CEO’s and it works extremely well for them.​

#5 – Transcriptions

As great as video and audio content is for your site, it doesn’t really produce any SEO benefits. After all, Google can’t really tell what your video is all about.

The way around this is to create transcripts of your video/audio content. This has two benefits:​

  • It improves SEO. By indexing the transcript, Google can know exactly what the video contains. You can also use the transcript to improve SEO on YouTube.
  • It improves user experience. Some users might not want to watch video (slow connection, public place, etc.), but are still interested in what you have to say. Transcripts come in really handy for this audience.

There are countless transcription gigs on Fiverr with prices starting as low as $5 for 10 minutes of video content.

Be careful though, as you will see in our sample, these still need some formatting and fixing sometimes so don’t expect them to just be copy / paste and done.​


Here’s a transcript we had made of one of our videos:

transcript example


The transcription industry is already well established with a number of mature players. These services are patronized by big corporations, which means they have to adhere to high standards of accuracy and turnaround time at relatively low costs.

These alternatives might be slightly more expensive than Fiverr, but they’ll also be more reliable.​


Speechpad is one of the leading players in the transcription industry. It boasts high profile customers like Netflix, Microsoft and Amazon. The platform is easy to use, dependable and relatively affordable with prices starting at $1/min for 1 week turnaround.

  • Easy to use platform
  • High accuracy
  • $1/min rate includes 1 week turnaround time offers transcription, translation and subtitling services to businesses. It’s prices are low and it boasts a 99% accuracy rate. The platform is easy to use and even includes integrations with Dropbox, YouTube, etc. to automatically transcribe new uploads.

They also have a handy smartphone app that allows you to just record yourself and upload in their service for a quick transcription.​

  • Can record through mobile app
  • Prices start at $1/min
  • None that we can think of

#6 – Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading is something every blogger promises to do, but never actually comes around to doing.

I am the first one to be guilty of that. I am not a native speaker and well… I make mistakes when I write. But if you ask me to spend more time on a blog post to fix its mistake, you probably won’t like the look on my face.

Besides, it’s often difficult to spot spelling and grammar errors when you’re also the writer of piece.

The solution? Cheap proofreaders and editors on Fiverr.

These guys will go through your document and prune off all grammar and spelling errors. And they’ll do it for as cheap as $5/1500 words.

The only problem is that this will push your publication date by a few days, so you’ll have to plan your content calendar in advance.​

fiverr proofreading
5 review stars

(195 Reviews)

fiverr proofreading
5 review stars

(4,425 Reviews)


There are dozens of proofreading and editing services online, varying in quality, response time and target audience (college students, authors, bloggers, etc.). You can either use them, or hire a proofreader from UpWork/Freelancer if you have a lot of volume.

For our money, these are the two alternatives we recommend:​


Grammarly is a powerful grammar and spellcheck tool that claims to spot 10x as many mistakes as Word’s spellcheck. It certainly lives up to that promise in real life, often spotting errors even skilled writers miss.

It’s also free to use and you can check as many documents as you want. Highly recommended if you don’t want a dedicated proofreader.​

  • Free to use
  • Unlimited document checks
  • Includes Chrome plugin and Word Add-on
  • Do-it-yourself approach
  • Algorithm based; is not 100% accurate


Most marketers know TextBroker as a platform to source content for their sites. However, TextBroker also offers a very competent proofreading service that works as well as dedicated proofreading platforms. The prices are low and the turnaround time is usually quick.

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Only native English speaking editors
  • None that we can think of

#7 – Video/Audio Intros

If you’re serious about video and audio content (and you should be), you will need an intro/outro. Not only do they look nice, but they can also go a long way in establishing you as a professional, serious brand.

One way is to create these intros yourself with iMovie or Windows Movie Maker, but unless you have a background in animation, your results will be just cheesy and unprofessional.

The other way is to use professionals, but they can cost a small fortune even for simple projects.

This is where Fiverr comes into the picture. There are number of audio/video FX artists on Fiverr who’ll be more than happy to create an intro for you. You can choose from a number of templates, which they’ll then customize with your logo or message. It won’t be as good as a made-from-scratch intro, but for a bootstrapping business, it’s still good enough to get started.


Here’s the AH intro, as you might have seen in our videos:

And here’s the audio show closer used in our podcasts:

fiverr Video/Audio Intros

(Audio Intro)

5 review stars

(154 Reviews)

fiverr Video/Audio Intros

(Video Intro)

5 review stars

(763 Reviews)

fiverr Video/Audio Intros

(Video Intro)

5 review stars

(529 Reviews)


There are no real alternatives to Fiverr where you can get a quick intro at low costs. You can try hiring people off freelancing sites or get a pre-made template from or, but that’s about it.

The other option is to take the DIY route. For this, you’ll have to buy (expensive) video editing software. I recommend either Sony Vegas Pro or Final Cut Pro if you’re going to take this route.​ Buy a video template from one of the sites mentioned above, then edit it in this software to get a intro quickly.

#8 – Video and Audio Editing

If you’ve ever made a video, you know how exhausting editing can be. Even if you have the technical know-how, it can take hours to put a video together. You also end up watching the video 2-3 times or more, which isn’t exactly exciting.

It’s even harder for a newbie since you have to first learn complicated software, then master editing tricks before you can publish your video or audio file.

An easy way out is to just outsource all editing work to Fiverr. There are a number of people on the platform who’ll be happy to edit your short videos for just $5. It won’t be Hollywood quality, but for small businesses, it’s ​good enough.

fiverr Video and Audio Editing

(Video editing)

5 review stars

(2,891 Reviews)

fiverr Video and Audio Editing

(Audio editing)

5 review stars

(13 Reviews)

fiverr Video and Audio Editing

(Podcast editing)

5 review stars

(565 Reviews)


The only real alternative to Fiverr is to hire people off freelancing sites. UpWork is great for this, especially if you have more complicated projects.

If you want to take the DIY route, you can use Final Cut Pro or Sony Vegas for serious, professional videos. For simpler videos, ​iMovie will do.

For audio editing, you’ll need a software like Avid Pro Tools or Ableton Live for professional work. For most people, however, a free tool like Audacity will suffice.​


That just about concludes our list of recommended Fiverr gigs.

It’s important to realize what Fiverr exactly is, and what it’s not. It’s wonderful for getting secondary tasks done – illustrations, logos, editing – things that aren’t central to your site or product.

For higher end tasks, however, you’ll be much better off hiring professionals from UpWork or other freelancing platforms.

If you keep this golden rule in mind, you’ll have no trouble with low quality Fiverr gigs. And you’ll save a bunch of time.

And lastly, don’t forget to have fun with the platform – it is $5 after all :)

To finish, I am quite curious, how do you guys use Fiverr and outsourcing to automate website management tasks and grow your properties?

Let me know in the comments!​

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  1. The video editing gig was good before, now the guy is slow and sloppy. I was really disappointed with the results and after my negative review disappeared somehow.

    I think Fiverr support has their favorites… Not really professional.

  2. Great info into the gig marketplace and the digital service market.. I now see why many podcasts have the same kind of voice. Because it’s coming from the same Fiverr celebrity!


  3. Just have to say, amazing blog guys. This article exceeded my expectations, you even gave additional site resources, some I didn’t even know about – and I like to think I am savvy at outsourcing and task delegation.
    The pros and cons were an awesome feature, pretty informative. I noticed you guys had upwork on there, one more con to add to the list, they raised their fees. 10% up to the first $500, which comprises 80% of the jobs out there I would guess. And a 3% payment processing fee. And I thought the merger of Odesk and Elance was bad..

  4. Hey Gael,

    First time reader. i love your blog!! Ive been using fiverr for years but I still get some duds when buying packages.

    These are definitely going to add to my arsenal.

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  6. I think there’s an additional argument here that wasn’t addressed. While you won’t find great marketing research, planning, deployment, or copywriting for $5, you do have the option to spend more if you want a quality result. I offer services as a marketing advisor, strategist, and copywriter on Fiverr and have had great feedback. I use the lower priced gigs ($5 for a 100 word email, for example) as a way to build rapport with a new client before upselling them into projects that make me more money and provide greater benefit to them. My $5 gigs are like most companies’ white papers or e-books in terms of gaining new clients.

    The only problem with this is that I have to be very clear about what I’m offering, and be willing to walk away from those buyers who are only looking for cheap work.

  7. Much appreciated Vickss, Yep Fiverr is best for those little/irritating errands, don’t hope to outsource your advertiser work on there however having a rundown of convenient gigs can speed a considerable measure of things up.

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    thx for some awesome posts.

    How much do you on average spend on this website a week?

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    1. Hey Michael, a post like this takes like 15h to put together maybe? I spend like 20-30h/week on this site and about the same on our other sites :)

  10. Hey Gael,
    Do you outsource each of your header image to Fiverr?
    If not, what do you use to create all your header images for each of your posts?

    1. Hey Stanley,

      I have templates I edit. I outsourced the templates to a designer. I think I’ll make a video about how I do these soon because I get this question all the time ;).

  11. Gael,

    Thanks for providing this information. I used some of your recommended services to add my logo and am very pleased with the result. It’s amazing what you can do if you have the right resources and how professional you can make a website look on the cheap.

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    Secondly, are you going to open your membership programme anytime soon, if not, is there a waiting list i can join to be considered for future entry.


    1. Hey Flaky,

      Thanks for dropping by, how are you doing these days?

      We switched theme as we switched branding because we are moving more towards selling our own products vs being a magazine and we feel Focus blog does a better job at that. Funnily enough, our traffic jumped up a lot as we switched themes, not sure if it’s doe to the theme itself but we’re very happy with that.

      As for the membership it is opened already, you can sign up here:

      I hope to see you in there :).


  13. Thank you Gael for writing such a detailed article on Fiverr gigs. To be honest, I tend to be creative with the types of gigs I buy from Fiverr. For example, when I am kick starting an organic campaign for a new site, I like to use the cheap links I can get for my web 2.0 properties, parasite sites, etc. Specifically, I go for SENUKE type gigs as they pose the least amount of risk to me. But I really love the idea of getting my logos done there as well. Impressive examples and recommendations. I love what you guys are doing here.

    1. Hey Miles,

      We don’t do grey hat so we don’t use that and in the end those things probably won’t work for very long, anyway, glad you liked the post!

  14. I am fortunate to stumble upon this post. I am planning for a while now at buying a fiverr gig. I saw this gig which I like, “Post my site link in 100 article directories”.
    I thing I have to put off that plan for now.

  15. Thank you for this post. You must have been reading my mind because I wanted to do a video intro for my brand but needed a great recommendation. I’m so glad you actually pointed out specific contractors.

    My experience with Fiverr is with logo design. The more info you can feed to them the better. Don’t expect ground-up creativity like you’d get at 99 Designs but if you have even a good pencil sketch of what you want, scan and attach that to your job. This made the difference for the good gig I got.

    Also, don’t feel too bad about the gig extras I don’t look at it as much as how much I spent over $5 but more how much I spent under the $299 of 99 Designs. BTW, my logo at was from a fiverr gig.

    1. Hey Ron,

      I think you totally get it. Fiverr works if you understand that you get what you pay for and have a tight brief. Good luck with the video intro!

  16. Hi Gael,
    I am still looking for a way to use fiverr gigs as paypal is not available in my country.There is an option for bitcoin but i don’t know about that either.

    It’s very frustrating as i really want to purchase some gigs but can’t.

    That’s exactly the same reason i haven’t bought thrivethemes yet because the only way to pay is through paypal.

    And now the the “even worst” part: i can’t promote a lot of products because they all payout guessed it PAYPAL.

    1. Yeah I guess it’s a bit of a pain but there certainly are workarounds you could be using to get your hands on a Paypal account (like opening a bank account abroad).

  17. Hi Gael,

    Thanks for your great post. I was always skeptical about Fiverr marketing gigs because it seems too good to be true for doing backlinking for just $5. Your post gave me the confidence to use other Fiverr gigs than marketing gigs.

    Anyway, I would like to know where do you outsource your animated graphics like the banner on this post(How To Bootstrap Authority Sites)? The animated guy with suit is really catching my attention, it looks great & professional.


      1. Fiverr gigs start from 5 bucks, they can go much higher than that. Some people may charge 5 bucks for 100 words and then have the upsells for more words at a much higher rate.

        My point is there are still lots of great writers on Fiverr and they don’t definitely don’t charge 5 bucks for a full article.

        Great write up here though :)

        1. Hey Nader,

          I personally get writers in other places but your argument makes sense, feel free to share a gig you think is good for writing :).

  18. Nice post Gael. I actually just used Fiver to transcribe a client meeting that I recorded with Rev. Worked great and MUCH cheaper. I also used fiver to help clean up a webinar recording that I did. It’s amazing how much SEO crap is still on there though….”get 10,000 links for $5!”

  19. I personally think you should never outsource your marketing.

    That’s the number one way to communicate what you have to offer and it’s a fantastic way of learning about your audience.

    The graphic on my banner ad? Yeah, I’ll outsource that.

    I rather connect with my audience and start growing my business authentically than doodle on photoshop :)

    Great post.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it Daltsum, I agree, don’t expect to outsource strategic stuff for $5 but the small tasks on the side are totally fine!

  20. Epic post. Will be referring people to this on a regular basis. Out of curiosity, how much Fiver cash did you spend in the research process ;)

    1. Thanks Matt! We use Fiverr a lot for voice overs and usually they run in the $70-150 so probably $1,500 or so spent on Fiverr so far :). Glad you like the post!

  21. Hi Gael,

    Great List. I too use fiverr gigs for logo design, FB/Twitter covers. Yeah, the marketing gigs are not great as far now.

    1. Thanks Vickss, Yep Fiverr is best for those small / annoying tasks, don’t expect to outsource your marketer job on there but having a list of handy gigs can speed a lot of things up.

  22. I totally agree with you on this @Gael, never ever buy traffic on fiverr because Google is sure going to kick your ass.
    Talking from personal experience i bought backlinking gig on fiverr for one of my adsense site that was doing pretty well with my other traffic source but i just wanted more and boom, google kick me out of adsense. It was a painful experience for me and i just had to move on.

      1. Hello, Gael!
        Great review about the Fiverr.
        You saved me some bucks about Marketing gigs that are placed there.
        Please, do you know any good quality service about backlinks?

        1. Hey Francesko, thanks for dropping by and glad you liked the post. For backlinks most services are crap. Hire your own team and do it that way it’s better.

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