🏋️ 11 Best Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs In 2024 (Top Offers)

Wish your monthly income was as swole as your rippling pectorals? We’ve got the perfect solution: bodybuilding affiliate programs.

The bodybuilding niche is rife with opportunities to earn affiliate commissions. For instance, the global fitness equipment market is expected to grow from $11.6 billion in 2020 to $14.8 billion by 2028. Meanwhile, the sports nutrition market — including bodybuilding supplements — is set to reach an eye-watering $85.7 billion by 2030.

That’s why this niche is so damn profitable. According to our affiliate marketing statistics, the average website in the health & fitness space earns more than $7,000 per month.

If you’re ready to turn your knowledge of the health and fitness niche into cold, hard cash, read on for Authority Hacker’s verdict on the best bodybuilding affiliate programs…

Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs 

  1. Bodybuilding.com
  2. Brutal Force
  3. Testogen
  4. CrazyMass
  5. HugeSupplements
  6. Muscle & Strength
  7. Transparent Labs
  8. Swolverine
  9. Legion Athletics
  10. TestoPrime
  11. CrazyBulk
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1 Bodybuilding.com

bodybuilding homepage

Think of Bodybuilding.com as a one-stop shop for fitness tips, exercise plans, supplements, and bodybuilding gear. It offers many health advice and resources, including 19,000+ articles offering fitness tips, 1,700+ recipes, and over 10 million workouts. Free US shipping is available on orders of $99+.

(Do you want to share your own fitness tips? Read our Step-By-Step Guide on How to Start a Fitness Blog)

The Bodybuilding.com affiliate program is managed through ShareASale and is open to affiliate marketers worldwide. It offers two ways to earn money:

  • Driving sales on supplements, apparel, and accessories via the Bodybuilding.com online store.
  • Referring customers to BODYFIT, a subscription service offering exclusive content, including 60+ expert-designed fitness classes. BODYFIT costs $6.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

Whichever products or services you promote, you’ll earn a 5% commission on all sales that convert within the 45-day cookie window.

However, the tracking cookie is one-use-only, meaning only one commissionable transaction per referral. ShareASale’s 30-day figures show a $93.64 average order value, an EPC of $86.59, and a strong 6.97% conversion rate.

Transactions lock after 30 days and are paid 15 days later, with a minimum payout of $45.

Bodybuilding.com offers various affiliate marketing tools, including a data feed, a dedicated affiliate manager, and a monthly newsletter containing the latest promotions and product launches.

2 Brutal Force

brutal force homepage

Brutal Force is a supplement store selling 100% legal steroid alternatives designed for hardcore bodybuilders. The company ships worldwide and offers a money-back guarantee, allowing customers to claim a full refund — minus a $15 shipping and admin fee — if they don’t see results within 50 days.

The Brutal Force affiliate program is on the MoreNiche network and pays commissions of 40% per sale, which means affiliates can earn up to $200 from a single transaction. However, the average order value stands at $106.43, so expect to earn around $42 from a typical sale.

Brutal Force’s products aren’t cheap, starting at $59.99 for a pack of steroid alternatives. Despite this, the website has a solid 4.5% conversion rate, giving you a strong chance of turning clicks into sales.

Commissions are paid on the 1st and 15th of the month in USD, GBP, or EUR.

3 Testogen

testogen homepage

Testogen bills itself as a safe and natural testosterone booster made from 11 herbal ingredients. It supports muscle growth, increases stamina and strength, and even improves your sex life.

With all those benefits, it’s hardly surprising the brand is one of the fastest-growing companies in the bodybuilding niche, tripling its annual revenues in its first three years on the market. The company now ships to customers in 80+ countries.

Like Brutal Force, Testogen’s affiliate program is managed through MoreNiche and pays 40% per sale. With an average order value of $85.79, a typical transaction will net you around $34.

Testogen has a strong conversion rate of almost 7.5%, one of the best we’ve seen among bodybuilding affiliate programs.

In part, that’s because the brand offers superb promotional resources. Affiliates can access 70+ assets, including banner ads, product images, and before-and-after photos.

4 CrazyMass

crazymass homepage

CrazyMass is a supplement store that sells all-natural supplements formulated and manufactured in the US. Its production facility is cGMP-certified and inspected by the FDA every year, while its products are batched-tested to ensure high quality standards. The company offers free domestic shipping on all orders.

Like several bodybuilding-related affiliate programs, CrazyMass has chosen ShareASale as its affiliate network partner. All affiliate applications are personally vetted within one business day.

The CrazyMass bodybuilding affiliate program pays affiliates a starting commission of 15%, potentially increasing to 40% following a 90-day performance review. The only exception is coupon code websites, which start with a 10% commission rate.

CrazyMass affiliates can also boost their earnings through bonuses and special promotion incentives. The program has a 15-day cookie duration.

According to ShareASale’s 30-day figures, CrazyMass has a $109.77 average order value and an EPC of $22.87 EPC. However, the conversion rate is a little low at 1.39%.

To help you drive traffic and sales, CrazyMass offers various official banners and text links, plus support from its dedicated affiliate management team.

5 HugeSupplements

huge supplements homepage

HugeSupplements is an online store selling bodybuilding supplements. The retailer claims its products have larger serving sizes than most competitors, and it only sells potent, well-formulated supplements. It offers free US delivery on all US orders.

The company runs its own in-house bodybuilding affiliate program, offering a flat 20% commission on most sales and a 30-day cookie window. However, affiliates get a unique discount code; any sales referred through that code pay a 10% commission.

Unlike most bodybuilding affiliate programs, HugeSupplements offers weekly payouts. It also has various affiliate tools and resources, including free product samples, tips and advice to boost sales, and a personal affiliate manager.

Applications to the HugeSupplements affiliate program are reviewed and answered within 24 to 48 hours.

6 Muscle & Strength

muscle strength homepage

Muscle & Strength is an online retailer with a catalog of 8,000+ nutrition and fitness products, with over 100 new products added monthly. The company has close relationships with some of the biggest brands in the fitness niche, allowing it to offer better deals and lower prices than many competitors. 

Low-cost shipping and free samples are available on all domestic and international orders. Muscle & Strength offers various other perks, including a 60-day money-back guarantee, same-day order dispatching up to 18:00 EST, and a generous rewards program.

Find the retailer’s affiliate program on the CJ Affiliate network. It pays a 10% commission on all sales and has a 30-day cookie window. Given the average order cycle for Muscle & Strength customers is 28.5 days, affiliates have a strong chance of earning commissions from their referrals.

The company’s average order value stands at almost $100.

Muscle & Strength provides some of the best affiliate support in the bodybuilding niche thanks to its dedicated affiliate manager, who has 8+ years of experience as an affiliate and advertiser. The company also offers various banner ads and text links.

7 Transparent Labs

transparent labs homepage

Transparent Labs is an online supplement store selling health supplements for pre-workouts, muscle building, and recovery. All its supplements are made from natural, science-backed ingredients combined in clinically effective doses and are reviewed by independent scientific advisers. Its products contain no artificial colors or sweeteners.

The company also offers free US shipping on orders over $149.

To join the Transparent Labs affiliate program, you’ll need to create an account on Impact Radius, the retailer’s affiliate network. Once approved, you’ll earn a generous 30% commission on all sales that convert within the 60-day cookie window.

Transparent Labs offers various affiliate resources, including custom discount codes, exclusive offers, and access to product samples and launches.

8 Swolverine

swolverine homepage

Swolverine is yet another supplement store, although it also sells apparel and accessories. Besides having a terrible name, it has various USPs, including a commitment to manufacturing supplements in the US using clean, healthy ingredients. 

All products are manufactured in a certified GMP facility and are free from proprietary blends, giving customers full transparency over their purchases. Free domestic shipping is available on orders over $99.

Find Swolverine’s bodybuilding affiliate program on the Refersion network. It has a 60-day cookie window and pays a flat 20% commission on all sales, within commissions audited weekly and processed for payment via PayPal.

Be aware that you’ll need an Instagram handle to apply for the retailer’s affiliate program.

9 Legion Athletics

legion homepage

Legion Athletics is an online retailer selling… you guessed it… health and bodybuilding supplements. Its products contain only healthy, plant-based flavors and sweeteners. They are tested by third-party labs for allergens, heavy metals, microbes, and other contaminants. All supplements are made in the US at NSF-certified and FDA-inspected facilities.

As well as selling quality products, the company has a no-return-necessary money-back guarantee, offering prompt returns if customers don’t love their products.

Legion’s affiliate program is on the FlexOffers network. It pays a 4.8% commission rate for new customer orders that convert within 30 days. However, be aware that the commission drops to just 0.8% for returning customers.

10 TestoPrime

testo prime homepage

TestoPrime is an all-natural testosterone support manufactured in the US and UK at FDA-approved facilities. It’s made from natural ingredients, is available without a prescription, and comes with a 100% lifetime money-back guarantee.

All purchases offer free worldwide shipping and access to TestoPrime ebooks, which help customers achieve faster results by improving their diets and workout routines.

Find TestoPrime’s affiliate program on the FanFuel affiliate network. It pays an impressive 50% commission on all orders, with an average order value of $110.70.

The company boasts a 5.09% conversion rate and delivers an average EPC of $4.27, based on data from the top 10 affiliates in Q2 2021. Commissions are paid weekly via several payment methods, including bank transfer, Payoneer, and Skrill.

Affiliates can promote TestoPrime globally, with delivery available to most countries via the company’s US and UK warehouses.

To help boost sales, TestoPrime offers various affiliate tools, including before-and-after photos, product images, and high-quality banners.

11 CrazyBulk

crazybulk homepage

CrazyBulk sells 100% natural, safe, and legal steroid alternatives and bodybuilding supplements to support bulking, cutting, and strength. To date, the company has sold more than 500,000 bottles worldwide. It drives repeat purchases through a rewards program that allows customers to redeem free products and discounts with each order.

The retailer ships worldwide and has fully localized websites offering local payment and delivery options.

Sign up for CrazyBulk’s affiliate program via the FanFuel network. Like TestoPrime, it pays a 50% commission on all orders and offers access to banner ads, CTA images, amateur photos, and other marketing assets.

According to FanFuel data from Q2 2021, CrazyBulk has a decent conversion rate of 2.88% and an average order value of $108.47, equating to an average commission of $54.24.

Conclusion: Are Bodybuilding Affiliate Programs Right For You?

The bodybuilding niche isn’t just about tacking on mass. It offers myriad health benefits, from lowering cholesterol and blood pressure to improving blood flow and increasing bone density.

So whether you’re targeting muscle-building gym rats or your average Joe trying to achieve their fitness goals, you’ve got a broad target audience. And because health supplements and fitness gear don’t come cheap, there’s plenty of earning potential in the fitness industry.

However, there’s a problem: thousands of other affiliate marketers already target the same people. To cut through, you must build a well-optimized, high-converting affiliate site capable of driving traffic and sales.

That requires a bunch of time, effort, and money. But we can help.

Sign up for our free training, and we’ll teach you seven secrets to make new sites 83% more successful, including a fantastic tip for building sites that rank quickly.

Just think of the gains!