9 Best Boutique Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

Nobody walks around naked.

That’s why the clothing/fashion niche will remain evergreen.

Literally forever. 

And despite some recent uncertainty the boutique industry is set to experience a lot of growth over the next five years.

Reaching a global value of US$2.25 trillion.

That means now would be a good time to position yourself as a fashion affiliate.

The best way to go about doing that is finding some really cool affiliate marketing offers to work with.

Like boutique affiliate programs, for example.

So we decided to research this niche for you and see what we could turn up.

Get ready to take notes.

Boutique Affiliate Programs

  1. Revolve
  2. Nordstrom
  3. Current Boutique
  4. Velvet Boutique
  5. Hampden Clothing
  6. Forward
  7. Avara
  8. Oxygen Boutique
  9. Tessabit
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Revolve Homepage

Revolve is the brainchild of two friends who started the business way back in 2003.

I’d say “before it was fashionable” but that’s just too much of a dad joke, even for me.

Revolve is where your visitors can go to find the very latest in fashion items from over 400 different brands.

That means there are literally thousands of new products available each month covering all current styles.

So your readers will always find something new to spend their disposable income on.

Oh, and they also run the “Revolve Social Club” – an invite only experience in their LA HQ for VIP customers.

Fashion affiliates will earn a 5% cut on all sales they make.

These guys take their affiliate marketing really seriously, so you’ll always have new creatives available to you.


Nordstorm Homepage

Okay, so Nordstroms might not be a truly “boutique” store.

But they are one of the biggest names in online fashion retail and associated products.

So that’s why they’re here, and have been for the last 100 years or so.

And they stock footwear and fashion accessories from the brands your audience already loves.

Your only job is helping eager shoppers to connect with Nordstrom’s online store.

As a fashion affiliate, you’ll earn a 1% referral rate, which is on the low side but it’s also pretty typical of what big names in this niche pay.

Just watch out for their cookie length – it’s perilously short.

Current Boutique

Current Boutique Homepage

Current Boutique takes a clever approach to the online fashion market.

Sustainable fashion wear.

Which basically means pre-owned designer clothes.

So your visitors can get their hands on products in the latest styles…but for a fraction of what they’d normally pay.

And if you have fashion items you no longer want, Current Boutique might be willing to buy them from you.

It’s kinda like TKMaxx on steroids – ideal for style addicts.

So how does this offer measure up to the other boutique affiliate programs in our roundup?

Well, their average order value is almost $500.

Which means you’ll earn around $50 for a typical transaction referred through a link on your blog.

Velvet Boutique

Velvet Boutique Homepage

Velvet Boutique has only been in business since 2018.

But they already appear to have made an impact in the market with their on-trend fashion and designer wear and accessory products.

Thanks in no small part to the fact that the founder, Kaleen, is young, eager and has a degree in marketing.

That’s why you’ll find them selling “vintage” tees and tops from the same store that stocks the latest in fashion trends.

Because she knows there’s a demand for them.

First things first – this is a brand new fashion affiliate program so you could score some quick wins by becoming an early adopter.

Their tiered payout structure is also very attractive because it encourages top performers to drive more traffic.

Hampden Clothing

Hampden Homepage

And now we swing in the opposite direction to Hampden Clothing.

This is a true boutique store located on Charleston’s historic King Street.

What they have to offer fashionistas is an eclectic range of designer fashion wear.

Each item is handpicked and represents fashion designers from all corners of the globe, spanning dresses, tops, skirts, handbags, gifts and accessories

They’ve also been featured in a number of prestigious fashion magazines including Marie Claire and Vogue.

So now let’s look at the details of this particular affiliate marketing offer.

A fashion affiliate will get a 6% cut of all successful sales referrals sent through an affiliate link on your blog or site.

And they even allow you to use the stock imagery on your fashion blog.


Forward Homepage

 “Curated” is obviously the current buzzword in the boutique fashion industry.

And I say that because Forward is another business that describes itself as a curator of the finest and most diverse in designer fashion products.

Which is really just a fancy way of saying that they feature clothes, shoes and accessories.

From both existing designers and maisons de couture, all the way through to brand new names in the industry.

Basically, it’s the type of online store where your visitors can expect to pay $300 for a sweater or $1,500 for a crossbody bag.

What about their affiliate marketing program?

Is this a worthwhile offer for a typical fashion affiliate?

High ticket products can mean earning substantial commissions thanks to their 6% commission rate.

So that $1,500 bag would earn you $90 all because somebody clicked on the affiliate links on your fashion blog and purchased it. 


Avara Boutique Homepage

Avara is the net result of a woman pursuing her dream of opening her own company – a boutique.

After spending 20 years in the trenches of corporate America.

This is a legit mom-and-daughter boutique too – they own literally a single store in Dallas, Texas.

But unlike so many boutiques, the goal was to make fashion affordable.

That’s why the majority of Avara products usually cost no more than $75.

And that includes tops, bottoms, dresses, jackets, lounge sets, etc.

So can a fashion affiliate marry “affordable products”  with “profitable” through the content on their fashion blog?

In the case of this program you can because it pays a 10% referral rate, one of the highest commission rates in the industry. 

Oxygen Boutique

Oxygen Boutique Homepage

And now we have something for our UK-based affiliate marketers – Oxygen Boutique

Situated in London’s trendy Noho art district, Oxygen’s boutique store sells desirable designer fashion products.

But in a way that makes them accessible to regular women.

Which is a nice way of saying that these are wearable designer clothes – something that’s quite rare in the fashion industry.

As of right now they stock products from 100+ brands.

That includes products from Never Fully Dressed, Olivi Rubin, Ganni, Veja, and Arizona Love, for example.

This boutique also stocks a range of boutique baby clothes as well as health and wellness products.

Now let’s take a look at their affiliate program.

This boutique has been in business since 2009, but they’re also still pretty exclusive because they only have one store.

Plus, because they offer international shipping, American affiliates can leverage the “cool London chic” angle.

Meanwhile, UK affiliates can capitalize on dealing with a lot less competition.


Tessabit Homepage

And now fashion affiliates it’s time to take a look at the last of the boutique affiliate programs in our roundup.

Tessabit is a company that’s been around longer than most boutiques, opening their first store in 1953.

But even now – almost 70 years later – they remain a family-run boutique but with 14 stores instead of one.

What can your visitors expect to find here?

The latest in designer and fashion trends for both men and women.

The key difference is that these designer products are designed to be actually worn in real life.

And not just displayed on the catwalk.

This affiliate program pays 10% commission on everything you sell.

And considering that a hoodie costs over $200, there’s the potential here to earn a lot of cash.

As long as you’re promoting this stuff to the audience with the spending power to buy it.

Over to You

And there you have the best boutique affiliate programs.

Remember this is an evergreen affiliate marketing niche, although commission rates do vary quite a bit.

People like to wear nice clothes even in the middle of a recession.

So there’s no reason why your fashion affiliate site shouldn’t be able to make money on a year-round basis.

Just make sure you build it on solid foundations.

Which is basically what we show you how to do in our free training.

You’ll learn things like how to choose a niche, do keyword research, and the basics of getting a profitable affiliate blog online.

Without paying us a single cent.

With time and effort, you could a pretty lofty income level. In fact, our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average affiliate marketer earns more than $8,000 per month.

Remember, the training is 100% free.

So what have you got to lose?

Cya there!

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