Buzzsumo Review & Tutorial – Tutorial Sunday

Have you ever been really excited about getting more content on your site then get to the point where you actually have to come up with good ideas and gone like “eh…”

Well, despite the fact that we have sites doing very well with content, it’s happened to us dozens of time. And to be honest, for 1 hit we had, we’ve had a dozen of pieces that just didn’t perform at all and we paid for anyway.

That was until we discovered Buzzsumo. This tool, allows us to find out what works for the competition, what works in the niche and who to promote our content to for maximised exposure.

In this week’s tutorial, I teach you all the ways we’ve found to use Buzzsumo to reduce the number of “failed pieces” and increase our content marketing ROI. Enjoy!

I’m sorry for the sound quality on this one, it’s not as good as I’d have hoped for. Hopefully by next week I’ll have my condenser microphone setup and start weekly podcasts on top of weekly tutorials.

Without further ado, the video:

Uses of Buzzsumo

  • Find viral pages on competitor sites
  • Find viral content around a topic
  • Find quality guest posting targets
  • Preparing a news jacking operation
  • Find target placements for your infographics
  • Find influencers in a niche
  • Promote your content on Twitter

As usual, if you have any question regarding this tutorial, let me know in the comment section bellow and I’ll do my best to help you out!

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