12 Best Cat Affiliate Programs in 2022

There are 95 million cats living in houses and apartments across the United States.

Which means one-third of all Americans own a cat.

Well, the cat owns them, but that’s a story for another day.

From an affiliate’s point of view, this is a massive market to get your claws into.

Okay, I’ll stop doing that now.

Cat owners will spend whatever it takes to keep their furry feline friend as healthy and happy as possible.

Which places them firmly in “raving fans” territory (like golfers, for example).

And, take it from us, being able to work in niches like this can be very profitable.

As you can see here:

Affiliate Earnings

The trick is finding the right cat affiliate programs to position in front of your audience.

Because once you do, they’ll be happy to spend their disposable income on whatever they find.

So let’s take a look at the programs we found for you.

Cat Affiliate Programs

  1. Eusoh Pet Insurance
  2. Red Roof Hotels
  3. Two Crazy Cat Ladies
  4. Live Pee Free
  5. Holista Pet
  6. Jackson Galaxy
  7. Lovimals
  8. Pretty Litter
  9. Cat Spraying No More
  10. Revival Animal Health
  11. Pet Winery
  12. Tuft + Paw

Eusoh Pet Insurance

Eusoh Homepage Screenshot

For those of you not familiar with pet insurance, it can cost an absolute fortune.

And then you have to deal with the crap that some insurance companies won’t insure cats with pre-existing health conditions.

Eusoh does things a little bit differently.

That’s because they’re a crowd-funded pet insurance provider.

So, all the premiums go into a central financial reserve, which is then used to pay for veterinarian bills.

The neat part of this is that you don’t have to pay anything extra – the “social pool” of money takes care of that for you.

You even get to choose which vet you bring your cat to, unlike most other providers.

Any affiliate marketer with experience in the insurance niche will know just how much these affiliate programs can be worth.

For those of you who are new to this, you’ll earn $80 for every single referral sent through your affiliate links.

Which is well above what you’d make selling various cat products on Amazon, for example.

Basically, there’s more than one way to make money in the cat niche.

URL: Eusoh affiliate program application

Commission:  $80 per sale

EPC:  $62.37

Cookie duration: 60 days

Red Roof Hotels

Red Roof Hotel Homepage Screenshot

A hotel chain is featured in a roundup of cat affiliate programs and products…why exactly?

That’s because some people like taking their cat on vacation with them.

It’s also an example of why lateral thinking is important for any affiliate marketer who wants to earn real money.

The majority of hotels have a “no pet” policy.

Even though a cat will never set off a hotel smoke alarm, trash the room, or leave without paying.

Red Roof Hotels understand this, so welcome pet owners to stay in their hotels, along with their cat.

And they don’t charge you anything extra for that.

So, your furry friend gets to enjoy a road trip or vacation with you, and you don’t have to worry about organizing a house sitter.

But do check in with each hotel as to whether or not they’re currently accepting cat guests.

Policies change all the time.

This program is available via the Commission Junction affiliate network, so you’ll need an account there.

As an affiliate, you’ll receive a 3% commission for everything you sell, and they also claim to have a high conversion rate.

Plus, these would also be incidental sales more than the only source of revenue for your cat affiliate website.

URL: RedRoof affiliate program application

Commission:  3%

EPC:  $53.42

Tracking cookie: 30 days

Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Two Crazy Cat Ladies Homepage Screenshot

Two Crazy Cat Ladies might sound like some kind of meme generator – it’s anything but.

Instead, the owners Jae and Adrienne set up the business after Jae lost her beloved kitty.

So she wanted to make sure that other cat owners didn’t have the same experience in terms of lack of available treatments and cat healthcare supplements. 

Their website even has a ‘Cat Symptom Checker’ covering dozens of different potential health issues – this is a first in the cat niche.

In terms of their products, they sell a range of 100% natural treats, and also health supplements that can be added to cat food. 

That includes everything from ‘Minnow Munchies’ to CBD oil and worming treatments.

Their affiliate program is brand new and doesn’t operate under any affiliate network.

So, details are scarce. 

But what we do know is they want actual advocates for their products and not just any affiliate with a pulse.

So there’s no guarantee that your application to promote Two Crazy Cat Ladies products will be approved.

We’ve contacted them for details on commission, conversion rate, etc., so we’ll update this post if and when they get back to us.

URL: Two Crazy Cat Ladies affiliate program

Commission:  TBC 


Tracking cookie: TBC

Live Pee Free

Live Pee Free Homepage Screenshot

There’s no mistaking when a cat has sprayed a corner of your home.

The odor from dog pee tends to fade with time, but cat urine is the gift that keeps on giving.

But if you’re like most pet owners, you don’t want to use any harmful chemicals to clean up any accidents because of the risk to your cat.

So you’ll probably love what Live Pee Free has on offer.

Their products use positively charged ions to literally eliminate the smells caused by the negatively charged ions found in cat urine.

And not just mask it with a fragrance.

Apparently, their solution is up to 10x more effective than store-bought products.

This is the type of product that cat owners everywhere will be eager to get their hands on and one of those affiliate programs you stand a great chance to make money with.

That’s because you earn a 30% cut of all sales made through your affiliate links, and this program also has a 10.5% conversion rate. 

URL: Live Pee Free affiliate program application

Commission:  30% 

EPC:   $148.78

Tracking cookie:   90 days

Holista Pet

Holista Pet Homepage Screenshot

We’re at the stage where finding a pet supply company that doesn’t sell CBD products is almost impossible.

To be fair, I’ve seen some pretty remarkable results from treating my dog (sorry, kitties…) with CBD oil for her arthritis.

But how can you tell the good from the bad when it comes to CBD products for cats?

Well, you start with a company like Holista which has a veterinary advisory board.

Which is obviously more valuable in terms of medical advice than your average Facebook Karen.

Each of their cat CBD products is made from organically grown source materials, so you know they’re grown from non-GMO seeds. 

So, what’s in it for you to promote this cat affiliate program via the Refersion affiliate network?

Well, these products don’t come cheap for starters – a bag of CBD cat treats costs $25.

The good news is that you’ll earn 25% of that price in affiliate commission and their EPC tells us they appear to have a healthy conversion rate. 

URL:  Holista Pet affiliate program application

Commission: 25% 

EPC:  $239.00

Tracking cookie:  30 days

Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy Homepage Screenshot

I did a double-take when I found this website – Jackson Galaxy sounds like some kind of motivational speaker.

Like what would happen if Tony Robbins was merged with Shatterstar from the planet Mojoworld.

Anyways, Jackson Galaxy is actually the cat expert from the TV show, “Animal Planet”. 

So he’s the perfect guy to go to with any kind of feline health or behavioral problems.

Plus, their holistic pet treatment products are formulated by a vet with over 20 years of experience.

And they also sell a full range of cat wearables and even cat jewelry, as well as cat toys, litter, grooming accessories, supplements to add to cat food, etc.

All in all, this is one of the more complete online stores for cat owners – they appear to cover all the bases. 

And having a celebrity fronting the brand/website obviously helps.

So, the big question is whether or not it’s going to be worth your while to promote this program versus the other affiliate programs listed here?

You have an 8% affiliate commission rate to work with, so based on their average order value of $50 you’ll earn around $5 per transaction.

So you’ll need to send a lot of qualified traffic to their website if you want to sell enough of their products to make serious cash. 

Oh, and you’ll need an account on the Pepperjam affiliate network to get started promoting this offer.

URL: Jackson Galaxy affiliate program application

Commission:  8%


Tracking cookie: 30 days


Lovimals Homepage Screenshot

Lovimals’ products are perfect for the pet owner who wants to take things to the next level.

And we don’t mean buying their cat a personalized dish or collar.

Oh no – Lovimals are basically like Red Bubble but for cat owners.

You can take a favorite picture of your kitty and have it printed onto socks, pillows, blankets, water bottles, mugs, slippers, air fresheners, etc.

But they’re also happy to supply customized products carrying your pet’s image, including hand-drawn portraits.

You can even order what’s called a pet “Mini-Me” which is basically a small stuffed doll with your pet’s face on it.

Which looks something like this.

So this is definitely one of the more unique cat affiliate programs in this roundup.

First things first, you’ll need an account with the Awin affiliate network, so take care of that detail before making any other plans.

Next, you have an average order value of $45 to work with, and you’ll receive a 15% cut of all sales made through your affiliate links.

This program also has a 7% conversion rate, so that means 1-in-14 of your referrals should earn you a commission. 

URL: Lovimals affiliate program application

Commission:  15%


Tracking cookie: 30 days

Pretty Litter

Pretty Litter Homepage Screenshot

Well, so far we’ve had smartphones, smart devices, and even smart homes.

So it was only a matter of time before we got smart cat litter.

Because that’s what Pretty Litter is.

That doesn’t mean it uses wireless technology to communicate with your kitty though.

Instead, it changes color to indicate if your cat has an existing or pending health issue. 

It can detect urinary tract infections, kidney acidosis, and even the presence of an inflamed bladder.

So you don’t have to play guess gaming around your cat’s health – their litter will tell you if something isn’t quite right.

Because – as every pet owner knows – they can’t tell you when they’re not feeling well.

And not only is this litter “smart”, but it even manages to trap cat odors instantly, so their private business doesn’t add its unique fragrance to your home.

They even offer a recurring delivery option, so your visitors never need to run out of kitty litter again.

We haven’t seen this cat affiliate program mentioned in any other roundup, probably because they’ve only been in business since 2018.

So you can get early adopter benefits based on that.

In terms of cash money, they offer a 13.5% commission rate and have a very healthy EPC to work with.

Which is probably reflected in their conversion rate.

URL: Pretty Litter affiliate program application

Commission:  13.5%

EPC:  $17.94

Tracking cookie: 30 days

Cat Spraying No More

Cat Spraying No More Homepage Screenshot

It took me several attempts to get past the clickbait headline and image used for this website. 

But the goal of these roundups is to expose you to the widest possible variety of products for you to promote.

So I got over my feelings on it.

Cat Spraying No More is also the info-product of choice for our list of cat affiliate programs. 

That’s because it fills a need and addresses a pain point for cat owners – to stop their cat peeing all over the house. 

Cat owners hate when their feline friend does this, and cats equally hate being yelled at for doing an oopsie.

And it just so happens that this digital product was put together by a veterinary technician for the SPCA for over a decade now. 

So she brings relevant expertise to the conversation.

This cat affiliate program pays a 75% commission rate on a $37 product.

But there’s also a $97 upsell (because it’s ClickBank) for you to profit from.

In theory, you stand to make up to US$100 in commission on every sale made through your affiliate link.

Which makes it the highest payout of any of the cat affiliate programs in this roundup.

URL: Cat Spraying No More affiliate program

Commission:  75%

Gravity: 23.98 

Tracking cookie: 60 days

Revival Animal Health

Revival Animal Health Homepage Screenshot

A real shock to the system for first-time pet owners is how expensive it can be to care for a cat for their lifetime.

Those trips to the veterinarian for boosters, wormers, and everything else all add up.

So why not check out what Revival Animal Health can do to help you keep those costs down.

This family-run business has been, “…taking care of people who take care of pets since 1989”.

Which would indicate that they know a thing or two about keeping your pet cat healthy, using one or more of the 1,500 dog and cat products they have in stock at any one time.

Basically, they have everything you could need for caring for your kitty.

From bedding and flea and worming tablets to carriers, crates, and cleaning products.

The only thing they don’t seem to sell is cat food products.

So how does this affiliate offer compare to the other cat affiliate programs in our roundup?

They claim to have an average order value of US$110, which means affiliates should earn around $11 per transaction.

URL: Revival Animal Health affiliate program application

Commission:  10%

EPC:  $77.13

Tracking cookie: 45 days

Pet Winery

Pet Winery Homepage Screenshot

And now we enter the world of the somewhat bizarre for cat affiliate programs – Pet Winery.

Because you simply hadn’t factored wine for pets – affiliate program or not – into your list of potential cat products.

Why not beer for cats?

What do you take them for… dogs?

But on a more serious note, these are actually ingenious – they’re for pet owners who want the absolute best for their cat.

And don’t mind paying for the privilege…and social clout.

The wines are obviously non-alcoholic but are infused with catnip and wild salmon oil, so cats should really enjoy them.

They even come with purrfectly apt names, like Meowsling, Purrgundy, and Meow & Chandon.

Something we need to point out here before you get too excited is that they require potential affiliates to have a pretty large social following.

20,000 in total combined across your social media presence, to be exact.

That’s a pretty big ask for a brand new affiliate and it’s the only one of the affiliate programs listed with such a requirement. 

But besides that, you get paid 25% commission on all affiliate sales you generate for their website.

URL: Pet Winery affiliate program application

Commission: 25%


Tracking cookie: 30 days

Tuft + Paw

Tuft Paw Homepage Screenshot

You thought we’d gone too far with a website selling wine for cats?

Well, just wait until you get a load of Tuft & Paw.

You know how you just can’t stand it when your cat’s furniture doesn’t fit in with your own decor?

Well, then why not invest in cat furniture that does?

Tuft & Paw manufacture and sell a range of high-end cat trees, litter boxes, scratching posts, and cat beds.

These are the exact opposite of the tacky plastic items you’ll find in most pet stores.

And the same goes for their range of cat toys, blankets, carriers, collars, and bowls.

These items come with a distinct case of sticker shock attached – one of their climbing trees costs almost $949.

Sounds like their marketing manager used to work for Apple.

But high-priced items means lots of affiliate monies for you.

And in this case, that means earning around $32.65 on average from your referrals.

Plus, there’s not much pre-selling involved here – just make sure your visitors know they only sell premium-priced cat furniture and accessories. 

URL: Tuft & Paw affiliate program application

Commission:  12%

EPC:  $76.72

Tracking cookie: 60 days

Over to You

There’s a whole lot of variety when it comes to cat affiliate programs.

And pet affiliate programs in general – but we already covered that elsewhere, as well as dog affiliate programs

Truth be told, we’ve barely scratched the surface in terms of the affiliate programs out there.

I genuinely didn’t expect the cat niche to be this diverse. 

But it is and that’s great news for the average affiliate marketer.

Because it means you have dozens of cat affiliate programs you can promote to your audience via your affiliate website

And then simply stick with whichever ones make you the most money.

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