10 best CBD Affiliate Programs To Take Your Online Income To New Heights in 2021

The CBD market and CBD affiliate programs have come a long way in the last few years and to fuel its growth, it has largely used the world of affiliate marketing due to ads restrictions.

So in this post, we will give you a hand-curated list of CBD oil affiliate programs and share with you the CBD brands that can be the most lucrative for your affiliate marketing business.

We’ve seen cannabis legalized in several states of the union, and CBD (Cannabidiol) products are now being used by people of all ages.

This is where we need to mention that it’s chemically impossible for CBD products to get you high.

So for those of you worried that you’re helping create the next generation of stoners, well don’t be.

In fact, CBD has been shown to have a ton of health benefits based on how it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system.

CBD has also been proven to work in treating people suffering from epileptic seizures. 

It’s so benign you will see CBD brands and CBD vape all over social media these days.

This niche has been booming since 2014, and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down – we’re looking at an industry with a predicted value of US$20 billion by 2024.

And in even better news, we’ve put together a list of CBD affiliate programs that you can use to make real money promoting.

CBD Affiliate Programs

  1. Green Roads CBD Affiliate Program
  2. Just CBD Affiliate Program
  3. Namaste Vapes CBD Affiliate Program
  4. CBD Medic Affiliate Program
  5. AirVape CBD Affiliate Program
  6. Lifted CBD Affiliate Program
  7. Savage CBD Affiliate Program
  8. Green Wellness Life CBD Affiliate Program
  9. CBD FX Affiliate Program
  10. King Kanine CBD Affiliate Program

Green Roads CBD Affiliate Program

Green Roads is an accidental business of sorts.

What we mean by that is the company got its start formulating CBD products for family members and friends, and it snowballed from there.

They sell natural hemp products so you can be a healthier you because organics simply make more sense.

Green Roads hemp is grown on American farms, so you know that the products haven’t been treated with harsh pesticides, heavy metals, solvents, or anything else that might contaminate them.

But they also have their products tested by an external lab to ensure the highest standards of purity.

From an affiliate perspective, smaller businesses tend to offer better customer support.

Green Roads Cbd Affiliate Program Stats

Green Roads are at the lower end of the payout scale with a 10% cut of everything you sell, paying average commissions of $12.46.

But what makes them a real contender – and worth your attention – is their ‘Power Rank’ score of 42.

This means that out of the tens of thousands of affiliate programs on the network, Green Roads is in the top 50.

They’re also happy to generate custom discount codes for affiliates who need them, although due to abuse you’ll need to discuss this with them and strike a deal that works for both of you.

URL: Green Roads affiliate program

Commission rate: 12%+ per sale

EPC: $231.52

Cookie duration: 30 days

Just CBD Affiliate Program

Justcbd Homepage

Just CBD is a real indicator of how far the CBD industry and affiliate marketing has come in just a few short years.

We’ve moved from the moral panic around legalizing products containing cannabidiol, to having CBD gummies available online. 

So what makes Just CBD different from every other company manufacturing products using this seemingly wondrous compound?

They use labs to test the quality and efficacy of their quality CBD products, so you know you’re ingesting only the very best organics on offer.

Part of the problem with something as beneficial as CBD is that it will attract the vultures who smell easy money, and who have no qualms about selling you bottles of tincture with zero CBD in them.

Justcbd Affiliate Program Stats

You’ll notice that commission rates in this niche are above average, so this program pays 18% on everything you sell.

Above-average network earnings and a thoroughly respectable EPC means affiliates are making good commissions promoting their products.

This is one of the best CBD affiliate programs on Commission Junction and they have been said to offer great customer service as well which is always great for your reputation as an affiliate.

URL: Just CBD affiliate program

Commission rate: 18% per sale

EPC: $88.73

Cookie duration: 30 days

Namaste Vapes Affiliate Program

Namaste Vapes Homepage

For good or bad, vaping has become increasingly popular as a way for people to ditch their nicotine habit but without giving up the physical crutch.

It was only a matter of time before CBD vape products became a thing, and Namaste Vapes has tapped into that market.

These guys sell portable and desktop vaporizers, grinders, Rosin presses, bongs and accessories from leading manufacturers like DaVinci and Ghost.

Their customers benefit because Namaste Vapes leverages their buying power to get discounts on these products, passing some of those savings on to the end-user.

You might wonder if vapes are worth selling online?

To answer this, ask yourself how many people you see vaping in public each day.

Now imagine how many of them privately vape at home, especially those people using CBD e-liquids.

Namaste Vapes Affiliate Program Stats

Affiliates promoting this program can expect an average order size of $232, and you’ll earn an average of $32 commission for every new customer you send their way.

Commission rates vary between 10% and 15%, depending on what you sell for them.

Namaste Vapes is also one of the top-performing CBD affiliate programs on this network, so their active promoters are definitely making money.

URL: Namaste Vapes affiliate program

Commission rate: 10% – 15% per sale

EPC: $417.56

Cookie duration: 90 days

CBD Medic Affiliate Program

Cbd Medic Homepage

CBD Medic sells a range of topical products to provide temporary relief from pain, in addition to their range of skincare creams and ointments.

So what’s the big deal with CBD and pain relief?

Ask anyone who’s had codeine or similar opioid addiction problem – the addiction is almost always worse than the original health issue.

CBD products, on the other hand, are non-addictive, but still offer relief from a wide range of muscle and joint pain problems, as well as swelling of the joints. 

And selling people a 100% natural solution to their discomfort is one of the easiest things in the world to do.

Organics are easier to sell than a product with potential side-effects.

And this is why CBD Medic is one of the better CBD oil affiliate programs.

Cbd Medic Affiliate Program Stats

The CBD Medic affiliate program is run by Refersion, and you get 30% commission of every referral you send their way. 

Affiliates are set up with a 10% coupon code to grease the wheels of commerce, and their affiliate manager also sends out prizes to the top handful of performers each month.

URL: CBD Medic affiliate program

Commission rate: 30% per sale

EPC:  $41.44

Cookie duration: 90 days

AirVape Affiliate Program

Airvape Homepage

AirVape manufactures the type of vapes you’d expect Tony Stark (Iron Man, for you normies) to whip up in his lab.

But he doesn’t vape, so let’s be thankful that AirVape picked up the slack for where the genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist left off.

What we’re getting at is that most vapes are as ugly as hell, whereas AirVape products are slick, shiny and even have LCD displays on them.

But it’s more than just them selling shiny objects because they actually care about their customers.

Existing owners of AirVape products get big discounts when new products are released, and you can even send your current vape back to them to be recycled.

Airvape Affiliate Program Stats

AirVape kinda fills a sub-niche within the vaping market because they sell some of the best portable dry herb vaporizers out there, and they have reviews to back it up. 

They are the kind of product you can brag about on social media and will get all sorts of attention.

They also have strong network earning performance on Commission Junction, in addition to 7 and 30-day EPCs that show affiliates are making money.

Their affiliate program also provides a range of banner ads and other creatives for you to use to promote their products.

URL: AirVape affiliate program

Commission rate:  15% per sale

EPC:  $25.10

Cookie duration:  30 days

Lifted CBD Affiliate Program

Lifted Cbd Homepage

Lifted CDB is a supplier of a curated range of products containing hemp oil, or what you’ve come to know as CBD.

That’s a fancy way of saying they resell other companies’ products for them through their e-commerce platform.

But there is a market for sites like Lifted CBD because they save you having to shop on several different sites to get everything you need.

They stock all the usual stuff including creams, oils, and tinctures, plus a full range of edibles, and even Strava coffees. 

All the CBD brands are represented, such as NuLeaf, Shanti, and Mary’s Nutritionals.

They also sell CBD products designed specifically for pets.

Lifted Cbd Affiliate Program Stats

The Lifted CBD affiliate program pays 15% commission on all purchases made and has an average order size of $230.

Generalist CBD affiliate programs like this are a great way to start earning money from your niche site.

Later when you do some analysis of what you’re selling most of, you can approach the manufacturer or distributor directly and try to negotiate a private deal with them.

URL: Lifted CBD affiliate program

Commission rate: 15% per sale

EPC: $417.00

Cookie duration: 90 days

Savage CBD Affiliate Program

Savage Cbd Homepage

Chris Wheeler started Savage Enterprises in 2014 as a standalone vape shop, but the business quickly expanded into manufacturing and distribution.

The next step was to rebrand the company to Savage CBD and focus on the growing market for cannabidiol vapes, e-liquids and similar products.

Right now the site sells everything from disposable CBD vapes to lotions, creams, sprays, tinctures, and even clothing. 

One gripe about the site is that their dropdown menu system needs to be overhauled – it’s way too sensitive.

Apart from that Savage also offers private and white label CBD products.

So any affiliates who can move volume might be able to simply get their own brand CBD products to sell instead.

Savage Cbd Affiliate Program Stats

Savage CBD is the best of the CBD affiliate programs on the Refersion affiliate network. They have a ton more activity than other programs, plus their commission rate and EPC is higher.

Your default commission rate is 35%, and you have a 90-day cookie to work with.

And the main thing to remember here is that people are going to keep buying the same CBD products if and when they find a brand they like.

URL: Savage CBD affiliate program

Commission rate:  35% per sale

EPC:  $57.44

Cookie duration:  90 days

Green Wellness Life Affiliate Program

Green Wellness Life Homepage

Green Wellness Life is the second family-run business in our roundup.

Brandy and Jim Palmer never set out to sell CBD products, but that’s exactly what happened.

What started as a new job for Brandy quickly turned into starting their own business selling complementary health treatments.

The only potential problem here is that the site looks and feels like it was designed in-house, but as you’ll see shortly, fancy design doesn’t dictate commercial success. 

They stock and sell a very complete range of CBD products, including edibles, capsules, tinctures, vaporizers, and creams.

Green Wellness Affiliate Program Stats

Now we get to where the rubber meets the road – how much money can you make?

Well, Green Wellness Life is one of the highest-earning CBD affiliate programs on this network, and they have a conversion rate of 19.8%.

This is almost 10x what their competitors claim, so as we said earlier, a pretty design doesn’t guarantee improved conversion rates.

Sometimes keeping it simple works best.

URL: Green Wellness affiliate program

Commission rate: 10% per sale

EPC: $147.25

Cookie duration: 90 days

CBD FX Affiliate Program

Cbd Fx Homepage

Although CBDFX is a relatively small company, they’ve worked hard to establish a presence in the online retail and distribution worlds of CBD products.

Their hemp is sourced from 100% organic, GMO-free farms in Europe, and also from one main supplier in Kentucky.

That’s why they claim to offer a range of the purest CBD oil products available today – they know exactly where their primary ingredient comes from.

Something else that makes them unique is that they have a range of products that contain CBD terpenes. 

These are a naturally occurring antioxidant found in the glands of CBD plants that have additional health benefits.

Cbd Fx Affiliate Program Stats

So what about the commission rates, buddy?

As an affiliate, you’ll make 20% of every sale you send their way, and that usually comes to $22 commission per referral based on their average order size.

Payments are made via PayPal, check or bank transfer, but do be aware that bank transfers have a minimum payout threshold of US$1,000.

URL: CBD FX affiliate program

Commission rate: 20% per sale

EPC: $124.93

Cookie duration: 30 days

King Kanine Affiliate Program

King Kanine Homepage

Yes, the Dachshund in their header image is very cute, but then all Dachsies are.

King Kanine has taken the road less traveled by niching down into pet CBD products, which is a smart move as far as I’m concerned.

Pet owners are always looking for new ways to keep their furry buddies healthy and happy. 

And if they can do that without the risks associated with some traditional medications, so much the better.

On a personal note that describes me. 

A few months back I started using CBD oil to treat my dog’s arthritis. She went from being almost lame in two paws, to jumping up on the sofa again.

It’s not a cure, but she’s enjoying her walks a lot more these days. 

Anyways, back to King Kanine.

They sell CBD ingestible oils, topicals and edibles for cats, dogs, and even horses.

Their products aren’t cheap but pet owners care about their companions to the point that they’ll spend $80 on a bottle of CBD oil without blinking.

King Kanine Affiliate Program Stats

That’s the kind of affiliate marketing market you want to tap into – just show them what works and they’ll pay up.

As far as commission rates are concerned, King Kanine pays 15% on all purchases.

URL: King Kanine affiliate program

Commission rate: 15% per sale

EPC: $94.10

Cookie duration: 30 days


And there you have our list of the most profitable CBD affiliate programs we could find.

Is the CBD niche competitive in affiliate marketing?

Yes, but it’s also in a “Golden Age” of sorts – now is as good a time as any to establish yourself as an authority in the niche.

And speaking of becoming an authority…how do you go about that?

Why, you sign up for Gael and Mark’s wonderful webinar of wit and wisdom.

You get two hours of free affiliate marketing training from two guys who do this stuff for a living.

They’ll show you how to make the most of CBD affiliate programs.

Why are you still reading this?

Click the link, for the love of Pete!

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