10 Best Christian Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

It’s always worth looking at the numbers in a niche before you get into it.

The first of these is your potential audience size.

In this case, that’s people who might purchase products sold through Christian affiliate programs.

There are 2.4 billion Christians on planet Earth, and 246 million of those live in America.

Yes, that means 75% of polled Americans have identified themselves as Christians.

Now let’s look at their spending power and propensity to spend on their faith.

Did you know it’s normal practice for up to 25% of a congregation to tithe 2.5% of their annual income to their local church or congregation?

Tithing is a voluntary contribution or donation made by churchgoers, and it amounts to hundreds of billions of dollars each year.

Some people estimate the total value as being closer to US$1 trillion.

The point I’m trying to make here is that Christians can and do spend money on supporting their faith in a number of ways.

Your act of service is to introduce them to wholesome Christian products and services they might not know even exist.

That way, everyone wins, and you can make money ethically from these Christian affiliate programs.

Christian Affiliate Programs

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1 Christian Source

Christian Source Homepage

ChurchSource has been in business for over 20 years, each of those dedicated to helping pastors and church leaders find the books, Bibles and DVDs they need for the congregation or service.

They stock products suitable for clergy, academics and the average follower of Christ, including books from popular Christian authors.

So although some of these products might be available locally, Church Source acts as a central source for Christian shoppers.

Their website is modern, but the interface is a little cluttered, due in no small part to the sheer volume of products in stock.

Your visitors also get to shop with the peace of mind of knowing they’re covered by a 90-day returns policy.

Church Source also places a lot of focus on providing exemplary customer service.

It might surprise the uninitiated to see that Church Source has an average order value of over $100.

There’s far more money in certain niches than some would assume.

Based on their 10% commission rate, you’ll make roughly $10 from most of your referrals, and you have a generous 60-day cookie to work with.

2 DaySpring

Dayspring Homepage

Greeting cards are big business, and DaySpring is pretty much the biggest supplier of Christian greeting cards in North America.

The company started with a single Christmas card printed in a small commercial workshop, way back in 1971.

The feedback they received from the recipients of that initial card convinced Dean, Don, Russ, and Roy that they were on to something.

Since then the company has grown to supply a full range of Christian greeting cards, occasion cards, journaling bibles, and much more besides.

Their range of Christian gifts spans home decor, clothing, jewelry, and even tableware.

So you have 7,500 products to work with – at least 2,000 of which are available online.

It’s always nice to know that the companies you’re promoting will be around for the foreseeable future.

DaySpring is actually a subsidiary of Hallmark, so they’re not going anywhere any time soon.

The 13% commission rate seems a little odd considering the superstitions around that number, but that’s what you get paid per sale.

Besides that this program has a healthy EPC of $31 and a 30-day cookie.

3 eHarmony

Eharmony Homepage

You’re probably wondering how the eHarmony affiliate program found its way into a roundup of Christian affiliate programs, right?

There’s an easy answer– they offer faith-specific dating on their site.

Yes, there are lots of smaller Christian dating sites, but very few of them have the reach of the eHarmony brand.

It’s also much, much easier to convince people to part with their personal information if they’ve already heard of the dating site.

From a Christian customer’s perspective, they know there are thousands of other people of faith already using the site, so they’re not wasting their time or money.

What you also tend not to find on smaller dating sites are large EPCs and payouts.

With eHarmony you get between 20% and 50% of whatever your referral pays for a monthly or multi-month plan.

Even if you already feature other Christian dating sites, this affiliate program is definitely an additional string to add to your bow.

4 Mozaico

Mozaico Homepage

Niche research can be a funny old game, especially when you discover companies like Mozaico.

Who would have thought that you’d find a company selling mosaics that you can install yourself?

And even better, one that includes a full range of religious mosaics.

Each of their range of hand-crafted products is made from marble and glass tesserae for the most authentic finish possible.

What’s nice is that your visitors can choose to spend $120 on a mosaic, or $1,200 – Mozaico has something to suit every budget.

They’re also happy to design a custom mosaic for your wall, floor or even your swimming pool.

Let me guess, you’re thinking where you might put a mosaic in your home right now?

Yup, same here.

Mozaico products come with a lifetime warranty and full installation instructions.

Their affiliate program pays 15% per sale, on products ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.

While mosaics might seem really niche, most people would be happy to have one in their home, regardless of their religious beliefs. 

5 PureFlix

Pureflix Homepage

Wouldn’t it be cool if there was a Christian equivalent of Netflix that only showed content for people of faith?

Well, as luck would have it, PureFlix is exactly that – a video streaming service featuring family-friendly and Christian-focused content. 

You get everything you’d expect from other streaming services like movies, cartoons, documentaries, hobby channels, and sports and fitness shows.

The only difference is that the content is always wholesome, which probably isn’t a bad idea considering what children can be accidentally exposed to these days.

PureFlix can be streamed to your desktop computer or laptop, but also to Android, iOS and Roku devices.

This affiliate program pays out in a few different ways.

The first of these is you get paid $2 for anyone who signs up for a free plan.

If they then convert (no pun intended) to a monthly plan you get paid an additional $8.

Or if they sign up for an annual plan instead, you pocket an extra $15 in commission.

6 Bein Harim Tours

Bein Harim Tours Homepage

Israel and its surrounding regions have been the focus of Christian devotion for millennia now.

It’s a part of the world all Christians feel drawn to because it’s the birthplace of their faith, and its founder, Jesus Christ.

So if you feel the need to visit Israel then the team at Bein Harim Tours is worth speaking to.

They can organize group or private tours to all of the most historically and theologically important sites in the country, including Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Garden of Gethsemane, and the Sea of Galilee.

You can also visit other important sites like Masada, Bethlehem, and even enjoy visiting Petra in Jordan.

Bein Harim Tours is a government licensed travel service, so you’re in safe hands from the moment you book with them to the moment you arrive in the country.

Almost any type of travel affiliate program will have a healthy commission structure.

In the case of Bein Harim Tours, this translates to an average order size of over $300, which will net you $45 in commission.

This program can just as easily be promoted to historians, and inquisitive backpackers,  as it can to Christian tourists. 

7 Ivy Robes

Ivy Robes Homepage

Ivy Robes has been supplying churches, choirs and Christians with religious apparel and accessories since 2003.

They also sell confirmation robes, baby christening outfits, baptismal robes, judge robes, and religious accessories.

What makes Ivy Robes different is that they don’t just resell other company’s products or outsource their orders to a drop shipper.

Instead, they manufacture every item of religious clothing in-house.

This benefits your customers in a number of ways, the first of these is that you can assure them of the quality of everything they buy.

They also offer your visitors great prices on each garment because they manufacture in bulk, which allows them to keep their costs down. 

Ivy Robes also ships internationally, so choirs, churches and Christian congregations around the world are potential customers.

The 7% commission rate is on the low side of things, but this program does have a high average order value of over $200.

That translates to being paid $14 for the average referral.

Ivy Robes is obviously a very niche program to promote among other Christian affiliate programs we listed, so it’s unlikely to be a primary revenue stream for you.

But with that said, they do ship internationally, so if you have a faith-based audience then there’s a good chance they’ll find something on the site they’d like to order. 

8 S&S Worldwide

S&s Worldwide Homepage

S&S Worldwide is a family-run business that has weathered two world wars, the Cold War, and several recessions.

But they’re still here supplying kids, families, and schools with learning products, arts and craft supplies, sports equipment, educational supplies, games and party, and novelty supplies.

It’s nice to see them feature products aimed at the STEM and makerspace audiences.

In their own words, they’ve been “…helping people play and learn” since 1906.

They also have a section dedicated to Christians, so your visitors will find all the arts and craft supplies, games, party and novelty supplies they could need.

The S&S Worldwide e-commerce store features almost 10,000 different products, so there’s something there for everyone.

Looking at the numbers we can see a 7% commission rate, and they also claim to have an average order value of $120.

That means each referral who spends money is worth approximately $8.54 to you.  But on average you’ll earn closer to $178 for every 100 qualified visitors you send to their site.

The 14-day cookie is icky, but their affiliate manager is willing to negotiate with top-performing affiliates. 

9 Judaica WebStore

Judaica Web Store Homepage

The Judaica WebStore is difficult to summarize in one sentence.

That’s because they stock, sell and represent the very best that Israel has to offer in terms of wines, food, home décor, and cosmetics.

But they also sell some of the very finest artwork by leading Israeli artists, as well as a full range of Judaica.

They carry 20,000 products in total – you can use affiliate links to either entire categories or individual products, depending on the type of traffic you’re sending their way.

Suggested target audiences for this store might include beauty salons, Jewish communities.

And, of course, Christians who are interested in the Holy Land.

Affiliates get paid 10% of every referred sale, so you stand to make around $13.

This is the point where most affiliate scroll past, but you should pay attention to their EPC and ‘Power Rank’ score.

Basically, you’re better off making $13 per sale, day in and day out, then $500 per sale every few weeks.

10 Fontanini Store

Fontanini Store Homepage

Hand-painted figurines and dioramas have a special place in my heart.

That’s why the Fontanini Store affiliate program caught my attention.

Many, many moons ago I used to cast, finish and paint metal figurines from a company called Prince August.

Back when you could trust a child to handle molten metal…and nobody died.

Anyways, these Christian themed figurines are ideal for all types of nativity scenes.

Fontanini Store figurines range in size from 3.5-inch scale (tiny) to 70-inch scale (massive).

They also sell hand-painted crucifixes, nativity ornaments, and glitter domes.

Your visitors will find something to suit every budget, with products costing anywhere from US$6 to over US$6,000.

Their affiliate program pays 10% per sale, and with an average order value of $150, that means you’ll make $15 from a typical sale.

But you’d only need to sell one of their 70-inch figures to get yourself $600 in commission.

And there’s almost always less competition at the upper end of the pricing scale in most niches, especially underserved ones.


There’s a common misperception that Christians are against making money.

That’s based on the regularly misquoted passage, “Money is the root of all evil”. 

The actual quote is from Timothy 6:10, “For the love of money is the root of all evil”.

Believe me, there are lots of Christian bloggers making very good money online with these Christian affiliate programs.

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