11 Best Cooking affiliate programs in 2023 (Top Offers)

Cooking is not one of those high-ticket niches you’ll find most affiliates chasing after.

Because selling mixers or spices isn’t sexy enough for them.

But that’s actually good news because it leaves more space for you and other affiliates looking for under-the-radar niches.

Or maybe you‘re a food blogger and need a way to monetize your traffic.

Either way, you’re going to need a diverse list of affiliate programs that will appeal to your foodie audience.

So we put on our research hats and went looking for some of the best cooking affiliate programs we could find.

Let’s get started.

Cooking Affiliate Programs

  1. Home Chef
  2. Snake River Farms
  3. Outdoor Cooking
  4. Skinny Food Company
  5. Dinnerly
  6. Zwilling
  7. Laconiko
  8. Stonewall Kitchen
  9. Olsson’s Cheeses
  10. YesChef
  11. Piquant Post
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1 Home Chef

Home Chef Homepage

Pretty much everyone alive today accepts that eating a healthy balanced diet is the smart thing to do.

But it also means learning how to do that cooking thing.

And also finding the time to make sure you always have just the right ingredients to hand.

Which is where HomeChef enters the conversation.

You get meals for an entire week delivered to your front door.

Either oven-ready for those of you with less free time or prefer things that are “easy to use”.

Or meal kits if you have the 30 minutes it takes to prepare a healthy meal.

And the keyword here is healthy.

There’s no crap or filler used here – only high-quality ingredients.

And they even cater to low-carb and vegetarian eaters. 

That makes this a great way to learn how to cook, as well as save money by not dining out all the time.

When it comes to affiliate offers, the devil is in the details.

And that applies to cooking affiliate programs as much as anything else.

Like with Home Chef – affiliates might only get $10 for each sale you refer through your links.

But you could technically earn a lot more than that in your first month.

That’s because you will be credited for unlimited referrals for all customers for their first 30 days with Home Chef.

Plus, top-performing affiliates can qualify for bonuses.

2 Snake River Farms

Snake River Farms Homepage

It pays to be a specialist.

That’s because your customers will pay more for your products or services.

Like the meat products sold by Snake River Farms.

Especially their Wagyu beef.

They aren’t just another e-commerce store either – they’ve been in the meat game since 1988.

And you can buy their beef in any cut you can think of, from Tomahawk to filet mignon.

Every single ounce of that is grass-fed beef raised on pastures, minus any of the chemicals or hormones you’ll find in mass-produced meat.

They also produce and sell their own Kurobuta Pork products, all from pigs raised on small family farms.

So you know it’s high-quality meat.

Just like everything else they sell.

And consumers are willing to pay for it, even though a single Wagyu rib-eye steak costs $75.

That’s why the average order value for this offer is $224, resulting in an affiliate commission of $15 per referral.

3 Outdoor Cooking

Outdoor Cooking Homepage

For most, cooking is an indoor activity reserved for their kitchen.

It’s all very polite and restrained.

With maybe a summer BBQ added for good measure – to feel outdoorsy.

But Outdoor Cooking is for people who want to take cooking to the next level.

Who wants to know things like how to bake bread in a Dutch Oven.

For people who have a favorite skillet and can cook everything from breakfast to brunch on it.

Who can think of nothing better than cooking over a fire pit.

Because – and there’s no science to back this up – food cooked outdoors just tastes better.

Plus, recent history has kinda taught us that knowing how to cook in a “grid down” situation isn’t just for crazy preppers.

So, if your visitors need outdoor cooking expertise, choosing a company with 20 years of experience might be a good place to start.

The Outdoor Cooking affiliate marketing program is managed by the Rakuten Marketing affiliate network, so you’ll need an account there.

As a food blogger, you’ll earn 5% in affiliate commissions for everything you sell through text links or banner ads.

There is the implication that for earning more than 5% if you can drive enough traffic to this affiliate program.

4 Skinny Food Company

Skinny Food Company Homepage

And now something for our UK-based authority hackers.

Or authority hackers focusing on non-US markets.

The Skinny Food Co is a brand that only recently appeared on my radar.

Probably because they’ve only been in business since 2018.

But they’ve made a pretty big splash in the UK and European market thanks to their range of zero-sugar syrups and snacks.

Something else they’re also famous for is their “Fake Away” sauces.

You get the taste of a fast food meal…but without any of the superfluous fats or sugars. 

So staying healthy can actually taste good now, too.

It’s always a little bit of a bonus when you can promote an emerging brand in the cooking niche.

Or any niche, for that matter.

Because they’re very much front-of-mind with consumers.

But it’s even better if that brand offers a 10% commission rate and has a track record of making money for its affiliates.

5 Dinnerly

Dinnerly Homepage

And sticking with our theme of international affiliate offers, we found an offer aimed at Australian affiliate marketers.

Dinnerly is very similar to Home Chef.

You order your meals, and the ingredients turn up at your front door in a chilled box.

But the twist is that each meal can be prepared in just 5 easy steps.

The neat part is that the meals actually look really tasty.

Like the crunchy chicken Schnitzel or the Middle Eastern loaded fries.

And, yes…there are deserts for your visitors who need to satisfy their sweet tooth.

It’s affordable, too – an individual portion costs as little as $5.25 each.

You’re also supporting Australian businesses by ordering from them because each high-quality ingredient is sourced from Australian suppliers wherever possible.

So how much money can affiliates make promoting this program?

It’s actually more predictable than most because you get paid a flat $15 for each referral sent through your affiliate text links or maybe even banner ads.

The downside here is that you obviously only earn that amount, no matter how big the order is.

But this is a localized offer, so competition should be less fierce.

6 Zwilling

Zwilling Homepage

So far, we’ve looked at affiliate programs for meal kits, zero sugar foods, and others.

But what if your audience is actually interested in cookware as much as they are in any other aspect of cooking?

That’s when you introduce them to the Zwilling range of products – a world-class brand name. 

Your audience will find literally everything they need for their kitchen under one roof.

Knife sets and sharpeners?

They’ve got you covered.

Need a tall, large-capacity cocotte?

Just let them know what color you want it in.

And a whole range of kitchen storage solutions, kitchen tools, and accessories besides.

Now let’s take a look at some program details.

First things first, their affiliate program is managed by the team at CJ Affiliate — the fourth-most-popular affiliate network, according to our affiliate marketing statistics.

To be fair, this is one of those cooking affiliate programs you could promote to a number of audiences, but we’re going to focus on the cooking vertical.

Affiliates earn 6% commission on each successful referral.

A single Zwilling blender can cost up to $300, so that would put $18 in commission in your pocket.

7 Laconiko

Lacaniko Homepage

The lowly olive.

Pushed aside when found on a pizza.

But people are happy to spend quite a bit of money to get access to the oil from these same tiny vegetables.

The family behind the Laconiko brand has been harvesting olives and producing olive oil for many generations.

But it was only when Diamantis and Dino Pierrakos took over the business from their father that the Laconiko brand was born.

They now supply their customers with a range of artisan olive oils.

But also balsamic vinegar and even olive oil soap.

This type of product will only appeal to a very specific culinary audience.

But they’ll be more than happy to pay for the privilege and/or boasting rights of using artisanal olive oils.

The Laconiko affiliate marketing program pays its promoters an 8% commission.

So a food blogger can expect to earn around $10 per transaction for referring new customers. 

They do also offer bonuses for top performers, and you also get a 7% conversion rate to work with.

So their landing pages obviously do a decent job of converting traffic.

8 Stonewall Kitchen

Stonewall Kitchen Homepage

Stonewall Kitchen is one of those stories that might create an entire legion of new entrepreneurs.

It’s pure inspiration.

In 1991 Jim Stott and Jonathan King started out selling 12 jars of jam at a local farmers’ market.

But only because they needed some quick cash to pay some bills.

30 years later, their award-winning Stonewall Kitchen products are sold in more than 6,000 locations – nationally and internationally.

They even have 10 stores of their very own.

And they now sell more than just jams and jellies.

Their product line has expanded to include everything from cookies and pancake mixes to sauces and chutneys.

But your visitors will also find all types of cookware and kitchen appliances available from their online and offline stores.

So how does their affiliate program compare to the other cooking affiliate programs in our roundup?

Well, affiliate partners get an 8% baseline commission to work with, but that hints at the fact that they’ll increase that for top performers.

I get the feeling that this one of those affiliate programs that gets overlooked by affiliates chasing whatever the latest high-paying niche is.

Jams as a niche is actually far more interesting than you might think.

Yes, readers, that’s a hint.

9 Olsson’s Cheeses

Olssons Cheeses Homepage

Cheesy is really just fermented milk.

But I challenge you to find anything that tastes as good with some fresh bread and pickles.

Your cheese-loving foodie audience probably agrees.

This is why it makes sense to point them toward the artisan cheeses produced and sold by Olsson’s Fine Foods.

You can even choose your cheese by milk type or texture.

But they don’t just sell cheeses by the ½ lb.

You can also get some really cool meats from them, like smoked goose gin and juice salami.

That’s not a typo, and they have brand-new products coming out all the time.

Olsson’s also sells fondue kits, gift baskets, cheese boards, and even jams.

Olsson’s Fine Foods rely on Link Connector to manage its affiliate program.

Affiliates earn 10% on all sales referred through the affiliate links on their blog.

That might not seem like a lot, but this program does have a pretty massive EPC.

10 YesChef

Yeschef Homepage

You now have affiliate programs that cover everything from many different ingredients to cookware.

So an obvious “up-sell” here is an offer that teaches your visitors the art of actually cooking.

Like YesChef – an online cooking school.

A surprising number of people view the ability to cook a meal from basic ingredients as nothing short of alchemy.

The reality is that it’s simply following a series of simple steps in the correct order and then applying the right amount of heat for a specified amount of time.

YesChef’s world-class chefs teach these principles in 5-hour long classes.

Each of these is divided into 12 lessons covering at least 30 different recipes.

It’s like being able to attend a private cooking school without ever leaving your sofa.

Note: Almost 60% of Millennials use their smartphone or tablet to help them decide what to cook and how to cook it.

Now, let’s take a look at their affiliate program.

YesChef is a subscription-based service where you have to sign up for at least an annual plan.

It costs $180 per year to get access to their most basic program.

And you get a 25% commission rate on that sale – or $40 in commission.

There’s definitely the potential to make money here.

11 Piquant Post

Piquant Post Homepage

Now we come to the last of the cooking affiliate programs in our roundup.

And it’s something a little bit different – Piquant Post.

This is a subscription box for spices, so you can add more flavor to whatever comes from your kitchen.

But each shipment of spices also comes with recipes for you to bring the aromas and tastes of faraway places right to your kitchen table.

You’re also guaranteed to never get the same selection of spices in your monthly box.

Your visitors can also shop by region so that they can load up their shopping cart with spices from Africa, the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

This could be an ideal bolt-on affiliate program for any cookery-related blog.

Or maybe even video content creators who could review the various species they receive.

So how well does this affiliate marketing offer pay compared to the other cooking affiliate programs in our roundup?

Well, you get a 10% commission rate to start.

But they claim that around 50% of their orders are for 6 – 12 month subscriptions.

And that means you can expect to earn between $6 and $12 per confirmed referral through your links.

Yes, you can make money selling spices online.

Who knew?

Over to You

And it looks like we’ve reached the end of our time together.


When most people think about the cookery or food niche they default to, “I’ll build a recipe blog.”

Yeah…don’t do that.

The web is full of failed “cooking” blogs.

Instead, why not use the above selection of cooking affiliate programs for inspiration?

This niche is far broader than you think – from kitchen tools to cookery classes.

And still has lots of relatively untapped affiliate marketing sub-niches with programs to match.

Choosing a profitable niche is just part of the equation involved in building successful affiliate websites though.

You can learn the rest of the steps in our free training where we show you exactly how we make money online.

The class doesn’t cost a dime.

And there are no sleazy sales pitches.

So it’s really just a case of deciding where you want to be 18 months from now.

Exactly where you are.

Or the owner of an affiliate blog with the potential to earn job-replacement income.

Your choice.

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