#108 – Why Selling Courses Became a Lot More Viable in 2018

What you will learn

  • Why courses are an AWESOME way to monetize
  • What makes them better than ever in 2018
  • The exact tech setup we recommend
  • A step by step plan to get started

Why Should You Bother With Selling Courses?

I know most of you just want to push amazon products to your traffic because it’s simple and hassle free. But give us 2 minutes to tell you why you should still consider getting into selling courses. If you are looking to 10x your current revenue, this may be an easier way.

Here is why love selling courses right now:

  1. Affiliate marketing is getting more competitive and popular lately making it more work to be successful.
  2. New tech in courses and funnels makes it easier than ever before to launch your course.
  3. Courses work in niches without many affiliate offers meaning these niches are easier to grow in.
  4. Courses are high profit. The selling price is high and there are no marginal cost to selling an extra copy.
  5. Selling your own products opens marketing channels that are unavailable to you as an affiliate (paid traffic, affiliates, JV etc).
  6. You can run affiliate offers to your prospect lists and make a lot of extra money as an affiliate.
  7. Owning products increases the value of your business dramatically if you ever resell it

Where is the better tech you talk about?

I know many will call the fact that I say it’s easier now cheesy hype for this episode (you’ve got to admit it’s a great angle). But really, many tools I will mention below did NOT exist 2 years ago or were in their infancy and make creating courses for people at our scale way more professional and easier to the point where now the small guys can compete with big education companies.

Here is the tech stack we mentioned in this episode

Email marketing: Active Campaign (read the review)

LMS / Course Delivery : Teachable / Thinkific

Shopping carts: Thrivecart / Paykickstart

Webinars : Webinar Jam / Demio

Scarcity : Deadline Funnel

Landing pages: Elementor (read the review) / Thrive Architect (read the review)

Alright, so how do I get started if I just have a basic blog?

Glad you asked!

It’s quite simple and surprisingly cheap these days. You won’t need most of the tools mentioned above, just an email marketing tool and a free account on Thinkific.

  1. Build a basic lead magnet and use something like Thrive leads to collect leads from your site.
  2. Once you have 500 subscribers, send them an email asking what their biggest struggles and goals are to deal with what you talk about on your site.
  3. Build a 10 videos/lessons course on Google drive answering most of these questions the best you can.
  4. Upload the course on a free Thinkific account.
  5. Use the free Elementor plugin to build a sales page for your course
  6. Prewrite 5-10 promo emails for your course each with a different angle
  7. Launch your course at a discount ($29 instead of $39 for example) and email the promo emails to your list
  8. Put the price up to its normal level and use the promo emails as an autoresponder for new subscribers
  9. Learn and optimize from there 🙂

What do you think about selling courses? Is that something you could see yourself doing or will you stick to more hands-off monetization methods?

Let us know in the comments!