Join our Discord Server exclusively for Authority Hacker Pro Platinum Members. Each member is manually verified to ensure only platinum members are approved, so please carefully read the steps below for approval.

How to Join

If you haven’t already, join our Discord server by clicking the link above.

You will shortly after receive a DM (Direct Message) from our server bot containing your unique Discord Identifier

Please enter your Discord Identifier in the form below

Discord Verification

This must be the same email you registered to Platinum with.
Please enter a number from 100000000000000000 to 999999999999999999.
Please note that this is different from your Discord Display name. You will receive a DM after signing up containing this number.

*Please ensure the email you enter matches exactly that which you signed up to Platinum with

Providing your account is up to date, and you haven’t already signed up, you will shortly be accepted into the main server, where you can interact with the rest of the community.

If you need to update your account, please contact [email protected] Please be aware only 1 member per account may use the Discord Server.

Using the Discord Server

The server is split into multiple Channels for various different topics.


At the top, you’ll find a list of our latest events. These will generally be exclusive to Authority Hacker Pro Platinum members and contain our official Authority Hacker events such as mastermind calls and group events.

Check back on this channel regularly for the latest list of events!


You’ll find our latest announcements here, including any new events we schedule, as well as any updates to Discord. We’ve got lots of exclusive content in the pipeline for Platinum members, and you’ll hear about it here first!

Get Roles

We recommend heading here just after signing up to set your roles. These roles can be used to help identify our diverse community. Select your Location, Specialist Areas, and Industry from the lists in order to have them displayed on your profile.

You can also see other members’ specialist areas in their profiles, making it particularly useful for identifying other members who may be interested in discussing more!


You’ll find day-to-day chitchat in this channel. Try to keep it as focused on marketing as possible, but don’t feel too limited.

We’ll be moderating this chat but please remember to keep things clean and legal!

Introduce Yourself

Use this channel to introduce yourself to others. If you’re looking for particular help in an area or think you might be able to assist with someone else, this is a great place to break the ice!

Content Shares

Found an interesting piece of content on the web and want to share it? Here’s the place to do it! We’ll regularly be sharing different articles, videos and content which we think you guys will enjoy.

Share your wins

Desperate to share a big win but none of your friends or family understand why you’re so excited about it? Come nerd out with a bunch of likeminded marketers instead 😉


You may promote your services or sites in this space freely. Please remember to keep everything clean and do not spam. If we decide that you are overdoing it, we may warn you and temporarily mute you from this channel.

IRL Meetups

We’ll be promoting any official meetups here, but you’re welcome to arrange your own here too. Remember to look out for the Location User Roles to figure out the location of who you’re speaking to is!


All interactions are at your own discretion

While we will actively moderate the chat and remove any content not fit for the server, please be aware that are not online 24/7.

Any interactions in the server are made at your own discretion, and we will not be responsible for any content posted within the server.

Please exercise caution while participating in the chat and do not share private information publicly in the channels.

Do not Spam the chat

Please avoid spamming the chat. There’s no problem getting involved in active discussions and sending multiple messages and responses at in a short space of time when things get interesting, but do not excessively send messages in the server channels.

Examples of spamming might include:
– Sending multiple messages in the same channel while no one else is currently actively participating
– Repeating the same message multiple times in a short space of time (e.g 10 messages in 5 minutes)
– Sending repeated incoherent text

Please act respectfully

Do not harass or insult other members and respect that they may different thoughts and opinions to you.

If you don’t agree with someone, simply ignore their message. If you feel necessary, you can also use the Block feature on Discord to hide their messages.

We have a zero-tolerance approach to abuse. If we find obvious instances of harassment or abuse, we will immediately block you from the server. In more extreme cases, we may also block you from our membership and course platform.

Marketplace: 1 Post per month

You may post a maximum of 1 offer in the marketplace per month. If you abuse this, we may permanently mute you from this channel.

If you believe you have reason to post more than 1 offer, for example, have multiple websites or services, please contact us directly beforehand to discuss.

Marketplace: Relevant offers only

Please only promote relevant offers here. They should be related to the online marketing community in some way.

No piracy/group buys

Please do not promote group buys or any form of piracy in this Server. We will not tolerate this and may ban you from the server if you do this.