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Important Information For Course Members

If you are a member of one of our paid courses, we strongly recommend you do not select the Course Updates option below. This will ensure you still receive important course-related news, including information on Updates and New Features!

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How are these options defined?

Podcast: These emails are used solely to promote our latest Podcast episodes. Occasionally, we may also promote the services of a special guest if featured on the Podcast only if they are relevant to our subscribers and present a high-quality service (although if they didn't, it's unlikely they'd be on our Podcast in the first place 😉)

Content: These emails are used to promote content across our network, including New Blog Posts, YouTube Videos, Industry Surveys, and things we think users would particularly like to hear about. This may also include things like discounts or related external product launches where the sole purpose isn't for us to make money but to help our list save money!

Launches: Not interested in our latest launch? This option will temporarily mute emails related to any ongoing launches we may have running. You will automatically be resubscribed during the next launch period, so you won't miss out if you want to participate!

Course Updates: If you are a member or are thinking about becoming a member of our course, we use these updates solely to communicate updates to our course. If you want to completely unsubscribe from all of our content, we recommend you check this option to ensure you still receive membership-related emails.

Why is it necessary to opt-in to Course Related updates?

For regulatory reasons mandated by our Email provider, we need explicit consent to send you any kind of update if you've previously signaled your intent not to be contacted.

This extends to course-related updates for our membership-based services. Please ensure that you Opt-In to receive this in order to receive the best experience as one of our members.

You will still receive core account management emails, such as password reset emails.

The content of Course Update emails includes:

Monthly Digest emails summarizing updates and changes to the course

Important course-related announcements

Updates and features added to the member's area

Relevant discounts and offers for course-related tools designed solely to help members save money

These emails will never include:

External promotions that are unrelated to the course

Sponsored or Monetarily motivated sales emails

Individual promotion emails for other Authority Hacker Content*

Individual promotion emails for other Authority Hacker Products*

*these may appear as small by-lines or portions of our digest emails but will not be the main focus of them