14 Best Financial Affiliate Programs to Join in 2023 (Top Offers)

Financial affiliate programs can sound a little scary.

But trust us — you don’t need to be a certified public accountant or a financial adviser to make money in the personal finance niche.

You just need to find the best financial affiliate programs, direct your audience toward them, and let the big banks, credit card companies, and loan providers close the deal.

And it’s definitely a good time to start promoting finance affiliate programs. After all, credit cards are by far the most popular type of loan in the US, according to SuperMoney

Distribution Of Loan Types By Number Of Accounts

More than 191 million Americans have credit cards, with the average card holder having at least 2.7 cards, while the average household credit card debt stands at $5,315.

And that’s just a quick snapshot of the opportunity that exists around credit cards. Add in savings and checking accounts, loans, credit scores, and much more. It should be clear that the financial industry is a potential gold mine for affiliate marketers.

Financial Affiliate Programs

  1. BBVA Banks affiliate program
  2. Ally Invest affiliate program
  3. Acorns affiliate program
  4. Personal Capita affiliate program
  5. Credit Sesame affiliate program
  6. Credit Karma affiliate program
  7. Coinbase affiliate program
  8. Robinhood affiliate program
  9. Experian affiliate program
  10. Binance affiliate program
  11. eToro affiliate program
  12. Wise affiliate program
  13. Questrade affiliate program
  14. USAA Credit Cards affiliate program

1 BBVA Banks

Bbva Banks Homepage

You might not be instantly familiar with the BBVA brand, but they’ve been in business since 1964. They’ve also changed their name a few times over the years, from Central Bank, to Compass, then to Compass Bancshares before they became Compass BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) and then finally just BBVA.

As you’d expect from a bank, they provide their US customers with checking and savings accounts, personal and business loans, mortgages, credit cards, and a range of investment solutions. 

Now for the really interesting bit- they pay $85 for every qualified lead you send their way. And as you can see in the above screenshot they have an EPC of $436.13. Also, remember that if you send enough pre-qualified traffic to a program like this, nothing stops you from negotiating a separate commission rate later on.

And the nice thing about a program like this is you promote to almost any audience — from mom bloggers to home decor sites, or even just people learning about personal finances.

2 Ally Invest

Ally Invest Homepage

Ally offers a whole range of financial products, including online savings, investment programs, in addition to their home and auto loans. But their affiliate program focuses on the investment side of the business, specifically trading in stocks.

Investors can choose between self-directed trading if you’re already an experienced trader, or a managed portfolio for anyone who prefers a more hands-free approach to making money from trades. So if you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a Warren Buffet, you’ve found the perfect program for you.

Well, it’s probably also perfect for you because of the $900+ EPC and up to $50 commission per lead.  Promoting a program of this type usually requires access to a more niche audience, specifically those with disposable income and who are interested in day trading. But with that being said, Ally is making their affiliates an awful lot of money, so finding or creating that niche audience is well worth the effort.

3 Acorns

Acorns Homepage

Acorns is a micro-investing platform that makes it easy for members to automatically set aside their spare change or a small chunk of cash from each paycheck and use it to build a future nest egg.

Users get access to smart investment portfolios designed by experts that are automatically adjusted as their savings grow. Presumably, it works pretty well because more than eight million people have signed up so far.

The brand’s audience skews younger than most financial brands, with an average age of 24 – 35. So if your site targets a predominantly Millennial demographic, this is one of the best financial affiliate programs you can choose.

Acorns pays a $10 commission for every qualified lead you send its way— so again, you don’t need to drive sales to earn money through this affiliate program.

4 Personal Capital

Personal Capital Homepage

Personal Capital says its goal is to provide “a better, more logical and personal way to invest and manage your money”.

To achieve that, it offers users a bunch of personal finance-related tools, including a net worth calculator, a retirement planner, and a fee analyzer designed to unearth hidden fees in mutual fund, investing, and retirement accounts.

It’s evidently good at what it does because more than three million people use its various features, with more than $20 billion worth of assets under management as of July 2021.

You can get your hands on some of that cash through the Personal Capital affiliate program. The affiliate program pays an impressive $100 for each qualified lead, and the company claims its top affiliates earn up to $50,000 monthly.

5 Credit Sesame

Credit Sesame Homepage

Credit Sesame is a membership site that gives its users free credit reports and provides advice on how to improve it. As well as this, it offers a fee-free debit account that pays members up to $100 every 30 days as their credit score improves. Get paid for building strong credit? Sounds too good to be true!

Not only that, but Credit Sesame also gives its members $1 million in free identity theft insurance, so if the worst happens and their identity gets stolen, they’ve got protection to fall back on.

Credit Sesame sounds like a pretty easy sell for affiliate marketers in the financial niche with all of those features available free of charge. Best of all, its affiliate program pays commissions of $9 per registered user, whether or not those users actually go on to spend any money with Credit Sesame.

6 Credit Karma

Credit Karma Homepage

Credit Karma is similar to Credit Sesame— firstly, because its name starts with the word “credit,” and secondly, it offers free credit scores.

That said, it’s arguably a bigger and better-known brand than Credit Sesame, with more than 100 million members using the app. In turn, that theoretically makes it easier for affiliates to promote.

However (sorry, there’s always a “however”), it’s not quite simple to earn a commission here as through many other financial affiliate programs. Why? Because Credit Karma only pays out online mortgage submissions. That’s a pretty major financial decision, which means a longer conversion funnel, and it also rules out any members of your audience who don’t own a home.

7 Coinbase

Coinbase Homepage

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for several years, you’ll know cryptocurrency has been attracting a whole lot of attention in the financial industry (and beyond). In fact, 21 million Americans— or about 14% of the population— own cryptocurrency right now, while around 13% plan to purchase crypto in the next year.

This brings us to Coinbase, which positions itself as the “​​easiest place to buy and sell cryptocurrency”. The platform offers all the major currencies, from Bitcoin and Etherium to Tether and Dogecoin.

It works in over 100 countries, has more than 56 million verified users, and has a quarterly traded volume of $335 billion. All of this means there’s plenty of money to be made here. Sign up for the Coinbase affiliate program, and you’ll earn 50% of your referrals’ trading fees for the first three months.

Check out our in-depth Coinbase affiliate program review.

8 Robinhood

Robinhood Homepage

Robinhood is a commission-free trading platform designed to make it easy for anyone to invest in stocks and shares. If its name sounds familiar, that’s likely because it was at the center of early 2021’s GameStop trading frenzy.

It’s hugely popular, with the number of funded accounts— that is, those with bank accounts linked to them— climbing to 18 million as of March this year, up from just over seven million a year earlier.

Unfortunately, while there’s definitely a ton of interest in platforms like Robinhood, its terms and conditions don’t stack up too well against the very best financial affiliate programs— $5 per lead is nothing to get too excited about. However, there’s more to be made from referring to funded accounts.

9 Experian

Experian Homepage

Experian is a massive player in the world of consumer financial services as one of the so-called “big three” credit score providers, along with Equifax and TransUnion. Consumers in dozens of countries turn to Experian to learn about their credit score and find out how to improve it. Given the importance that credit plays to our daily lives, there’s clearly a huge need for Experian’s services, making this potentially one of the best affiliate programs in the finance niche.

Still, need convincing about the scale of the opportunity? Try this for size: more than 3.1 million Experian members use its credit monitoring products, and the company has delivered more than 20 million online credit reports.

So does Experian offer one of the best financial affiliate programs? Well, it’s actually a bit of a mixed bag.

On the one hand, the program— run through CJ Affiliate— pays a $6 commission for referring customers to sign up for a free account. Commissions range from $7 – $30 for paid products. But on the downside, the 10-day cookie window is the worst of all the financial services affiliate programs we’ve looked at here.

10 Binance

Binance Homepage

Along with Coinbase, Binance is another of the big cryptocurrency trading platforms. It’s the driving force behind more than 1.4 million transactions every single second, and has an average daily volume of $2 billion.

It’s worth noting that the Binance affiliate program isn’t open to just anyone. As an affiliate marketer, you’ll need to: 

  • Have at least 5,000 subscribers on Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram
  • Run a crypto community with at least 500 members
  • Own a website with a user base of 2,000+ people

So you won’t be surprised there’s a ton of money to be made here. Paying a lifetime commission of up to 50% on every qualified trade, Binance offers one of the highest-paying financial affiliate programs we’ve seen.

11 eToro

Etoro Homepage

eToro is an all-in-one trading platform, allowing members to trade stocks and ETFs, cryptocurrencies, and CFDs from a single hub. Just don’t ask me to explain what an ETF or CFD is. I

t’s an extremely popular site, with more than 16 million users worldwide and almost 350 million trades opened on the platform at the time of writing. And it’s easy to see why, with its 50 most-copied traders enjoying an average yearly profit of 83.7% in 2020.

So what about eToro’s affiliate program? Well, it’s pretty damn impressive, paying a CPA of up to $250. And to help you along the way, you’ll get access to converting promo tools, intuitive tracking systems, and the ongoing support of eToro’s dedicated affiliate managers.

12 Wise

Wise Homepage

Wise is an international money transfer service that helps more than 10 million consumers and businesses save money on international currency transactions. It also does a bunch of other stuff, such as offering a debit card that allows people to spend money in 200 countries without encountering any hidden fees.

With a well-known brand and international reach, there’s plenty of scope for monetization through the Wise affiliate program. Sign up, and you can earn a £10 commission for every personal user you refer or £50 per business customer.

What’s more, while the majority of financial affiliate programs we’ve seen offer the classic 30-day cookie window, Wise offers a lifetime cookie, so you’ll be paid a commission whether your referral signs up in a week, a month, or a year (or even longer).

  • URL: Wise affiliate program
  • Commission rate: £10 for personal users, £50 for business customers
  • Cookie duration: Lifetime

13 Questrade

Questrade Homepage

Questrade is an online brokerage and wealth management company based in Canada. In fact, it’s the country’s fastest-growing online brokerage, with more than 200,000 accounts opened annually and $25 billion in assets under its administration. It specializes in charging customers low commissions, with wealth management fees starting at just 0.25% (or 0.2% for people investing more than $100,000).

Fortunately, those low commissions don’t apply to Questrade’s affiliate program— quite the opposite, in fact.

The company offers a choice of CPA or revenue share models, with the former paying $70 per acquisition and the latter paying a 7.5% cut. Not only that, but when you refer new affiliates, you’ll earn $10 or 1.5% of commissions generated for every new account your sub-affiliates refer, depending on your choice of plan. Think of all that passive income!

14 USAA Credit Cards

Usaa Credit Cards Homepage

The first thing about USAA Credit Cards is they cater to a very specific niche within a niche — financial products for active or retired military members. We also noticed that they offer a full range of financial products, from auto and home insurance to credit cards, checking accounts, and auto loans. They also offer mortgages, health insurance, and even retirement and investment plans.

Granted, some of their products are offered as part of a partnership with another provider, but it still means all the financial needs of a military family can be found under one roof.

Affiliates make $25 per lead, which is on the low side of things for financial services programs. But USAA generates a lot of revenue for their affiliates, and you have a potential market of 1.3 million active members, and about 21.8 million retired veterans.  So those numbers give you a lot of scopes to work with.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there’s a lot more to the finance niche than just payday loans and credit cards.

And let’s take the above example of military loans. Hundreds of low-competition keywords show up in Ahrefs for that niche.

Hundreds, we spent a few minutes investigating in more detail for just one program. 

But we get that evaluating niches isn’t easy until you know how.

This is why we think you might enjoy our free training session on the subject of authority sites.

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