The 8 Best Financial Affiliate Programs With Bank Busting EPC’s 2021

The mere mention of the “financial services” niche might have some of you raising an eyebrow in concern.

After all, the recent recession is still fresh in the minds of most people…isn’t it?

Not really.

Credit cards are still the most popular payment method, both in the United States and worldwide.

The number of applications for personal loans has increased by almost 13% since 2017:

Personal Loans From 1947 To 2018

Nobody can predict the future of the global economy, but people are now taking on as much credit and loan debt as ever.

It just makes sense to get your slice of the commission pie, if you can.

And to that end, we’ve put together a list of financial affiliate programs that are making bank for sites promoting them.

Financial Affiliate Programs

  1. USAA Credit Cards Affiliate Program
  2. BBVA Banks Affiliate Program
  3. LifeLock Affiliate Program
  4. Lending Tree Affiliate Program
  5. Barclays US Online Savings Affiliate Program
  6. CIT Bank Affiliate Program
  7. Ally Invest Affiliate Program
  8. Peer Street Affiliate Program

USAA Credit Cards

Usaa Credit Cards Homepage

The first thing about USAA Credit Cards is they cater to a very specific niche within a niche – financial products for active or retired military members.

The other thing we noticed is that they offer a full range of financial products, from auto and home insurance, to credit cards, checking accounts and auto loans.

They also offer mortgages, health insurance, and even retirement and investment plans.

Granted, some of their products are offered as part of a partnership with another provider, but it still means all the financial needs of a military family can be found under one roof.

Usaa Credit Cards Affiliate Stats

Affiliates make $25 per lead, which is on the low side of things for financial services programs.

But USAA generates a lot of revenue for their affiliates, and you have a potential market of 1.3 million active members, and about 21.8 million retired veterans.

So those numbers give you a lot of scope to work with.

URL: USAA Credit Cards affiliate program

Commission rate: $25 per lead

EPC: $60.72

Cookie duration: 30 days

BBVA Banks

Bbva Banks Homepage

You might not be instantly familiar with the BBVA brand, but they’ve been in business since 1964.

They’ve also changed their name a few times over the years, from Central Bank, to Compass, then to Compass Bancshares before they became Compass BBVA (Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria) and then finally just BBVA.

As you’d expect from a bank, they provide their US customers with checking and savings accounts, personal and business loans, mortgages, credit cards, and a range of investment solutions.

Bbva Banks Affiliate Stats

Now for the really interesting bit- they pay $85 for every qualified lead you send their way. And as you can see in the above screenshot they have an EPC of $436.13.

Also bear in mind that if you send enough pre-qualified traffic to a program like this, there’s nothing stopping you from negotiating a separate commission rate later on.

And the nice thing about a program like this is you promote to almost any audience – from mom bloggers to home decor sites, or even just people learning about personal finances.

URL: BBVA USA affiliate program

Commission rate: $85 per lead

EPC: $436.13

Cookie duration: TBC


LifeLock exists because identity theft is way, way more common than people think.

The average victim winds up losing at least $1,343, which is bad enough.

But the overall financial cost of these crimes is in the region of $107 billion since 2011.
The best way to deal with identity theft is to prevent it, and that’s where LifeLock comes into the picture.

They monitor your accounts for unusual activity such as address changes, or changes in your credit file, and even if your personal data is being sold on the dark web.

Then again, a worrying number of businesses don’t report data breaches for up to 60 days after the incident occurs.

Lifelock Affiliate Stats

This means there’s a potentially limitless market for what LifeLock has to offer.

As you can see, protecting people against cybercrime can be very profitable too, to the tune of up to $110 commission per sale.

LifeLock has also been around since 2006, so their product obviously hits the mark with a wide audience.

They offer varying membership levels, with even their basic plan offering up to $25,000 reimbursement for stolen funds if you become a victim of identity theft.

Do you know what sound we hear?
Ka-ching, commissions.

URL: LifeLock affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $110 per sale

EPC: $310.08

Cookie duration: 30 days

Lending Tree

We already featured Lending Tree in our article on the best debt settlement affiliate programs, but it deserves a mention here too.

No, we’re not being lazy – we just want to make sure we’re exposing prospective affiliates to the best programs for their niche.

First things first, Lending Tree is a price comparison site featuring home loans, personal loans, credit cards, and insurance products.

People love using these sites even though they could go directly to the lender themselves.

Lending Tree Affiliate Stats

And based on their EPC we’re pretty certain that Lending Tree has tapped into that market in a meaningful way.

If you have a blog that could directly or tangentially promote their products, Lending Tree is worth adding to your affiliate program portfolio.

URL: Lending Tree affiliate program

Commission rate: Up to $70 per lead

EPC: $336.67

Cookie duration: 14 days

Barclays US Online Savings

Barclays and their Barclay Card have been a household name in personal and business finance in the UK for literally hundreds of years.

Since 1690 they’ve grown to a banking empire with 48 million customers around the globe, including the United States.

This particular affiliate program revolves around their online-only US savings account service, aimed at people who already have another bank account but want to make the most of the interest rates offered by Barclays.

If you’ve paid attention so far you’re probably staring at their EPC of $906.78, which is staggeringly high.

Barclays Affiliate Stats

We’re going to pre-empt your question about their commission rate versus their absolutely massive EPC by saying we can only assume that the information we found on Commission Junction is incorrect. We’re looking for clarification on this as we speak.

Each affiliate would need to refer hundreds of loan applicants every single month to explain an EPC of almost $1,000.

But, as they say, numbers don’t lie, so affiliates for Barclays US Online Savings are definitely making a lot of money promoting their service.

URL: Barclays US Online Savings affiliate program

Commission rate: $2 per sale

EPC: $906.78

Cookie duration: 45 days

CIT Bank

Cit Bank Homepage

CIT Bank has been around since 1908, when it first opened its doors as a financier of local businesses in St. Louis, Missouri.

During the preceding decades, where this bank survived two global recessions and numerous global conflicts, it has gone from strength to strength.

They have also diversified the type of finance products on offer to include a range of personal savings and CD products, as well as mortgages.

Their savings products offer long-term, high-interest accounts, including no-penalty CDs.

CIT also offers affiliates $100 for every qualified lead they send their way, which is extremely generous when compared to most affiliate offers, including other banks.

Promoting financial offers like CIT will probably take more work on your part, but the payouts are more than worth it.

Even if it takes you twice the effort it does to earn a $10 commission, you’re still making 10x as much for 2x the effort.

You’ll never find an employer willing to pay at that scale.

URL: C.I.T Bank affiliate program

Commission rate: $100 per lead

EPC: $579.87

Cookie duration: 30 days

Ally Invest

Ally Invest Homepage

Ally offers a whole range of financial products, including online savings, investment programs, in addition to their home and auto loans.

But the focus of their affiliate program is on the investment side of the business, specifically trading in stocks.

Investors can choose between self-directed trading if you’re already an experienced trader, or a managed portfolio for anyone who prefers a more hands-free approach to making money from trades.

So if you’ve always fancied yourself as a bit of a Warren Buffet, you’ve found the perfect program for you.

Well, it’s probably also perfect for you because of the $900+ EPC and up to $50 commission per lead.

Promoting a program of this type usually requires access to a more niche audience, specifically those with disposable income and who are interested in day trading.

But with that being said, Ally is making their affiliates an awful lot of money, so finding or creating that niche audience is well worth the effort.

URL: Ally Invest affiliate program

Commission rate: $25 – $50 per lead

EPC: $931.09

Cookie duration: 45 days

Peer Street

Peer Street Homepage

Founded by ex-Googlers, Peer Street is a real estate investment company with a difference.

That difference is that you can start your investment portfolio with as little as $1,000.

Think of Peer Street as a crowd-funded real estate investment platform, linking old-school methodologies with the latest advances in machine learning.

The reality is that money left in savings accounts will earn maybe 3% per year. You can make maybe 10% per year from a managed stock portfolio.

But Peer Street routinely achieves double-digit returns on the type of investment that never goes out of style – real estate.

Peer Street Affiliate Stats

We like this program because it’s different, and different stands out when it comes to promoting affiliate offers.

$30 per lead is also pretty generous considering their entry-level investment is just $1,000, and their EPC is equally healthy.

Peer Street is one of those companies that are either going to corner the market or vanish without a trace, but we predict they’ll make a bigger dent than people expect.

URL: Peer Street affiliate program

Commission rate: $30 per lead

EPC: $67.87

Cookie duration: 45 days

Promoting Financial Affiliate Programs

The financial services niche is a pretty competitive one to just dive into.

Does that mean you shouldn’t bother?

Not at all.

Your desire to make money in a niche is usually only limited by a mixture of creativity, scalability, and pigheaded ambition.

You can compete in any niche, but you’re going to need to do some lateral thinking.

If we take the USAA credit card program as an example, most affiliates will lean towards a “veterans” type blog to monetize this offer.

You could do that with a fake persona…but stolen valor isn’t cool.

Instead, think about what hobbies serving military members and vets have?

They tend to be interested in militaria, movies, military figures, and history (sorry vets, not trying to generalize here) amongst others.

So your blog on military movies could be an ideal way to pre-sell this offer to active and former military members, without any active selling on your part.

We hate even mentioning the cliché of, “think outside the box”, but that’s what the truly successful affiliates actually do.


As you can see, there’s a lot more to the finance niche than just payday loans and credit cards.

And if we take the above example of military loans, there are literally hundreds of low competition keywords showing up in Ahrefs for that niche.

Hundreds, for just one program we spent a few minutes investigating in more detail.

But we get that evaluating niches isn’t easy until you know-how.

Which is why we think you might enjoy our free training session on the subject of authority sites.

We give away information that other “experts” charge for – check it out here.

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