How To Find Long Tail Keywords You Can Monetise in 5 Minutes (Video Tutorials)

When creating content online, understanding what keywords are and how to use them to your advantage is pretty darn important.

These little key phrases often make the difference between a piece that will get you a single spike of traffic at publication and pieces that will be constant traffic earners.​

​Now I know there are tons of keyword research tutorials you can find online so I will do things a little differently here. I will first explain my personal reasoning behind the whole process and then I will simply SHOW YOU how I actually do it.


No lengthy theory, no complicated excel macros. Just me and the tools I use to find golden keywords for my sites. Read on.

The Basics of Keyword Research for Authority Sites

​If you've done keyword research before, I recommend you watch this video anyway. I used to get paid hundreds of dollars an hour to search for keywords and still not grasp the concept of keywords that actually make money, not keywords that just generate traffic.

In the video bellow I describe what a great money making keyword looks like:​

Finding golden keywords

Alright, now that you have the basic principles, it's time to show you how to actually get these keywords and populate your site map.

As I explained in the video, these are not necessarily the highest search volume keywords, but they're keywords you can realistically snag and make money from.

Here is a reminder of the characteristic of a profitable keyword:

  1. ​The keyword has a reasonable search volume (500+ exact/month)
  2. The keyword has a stable or upwards search volume trend.
  3. The keyword is a body or long tail keyword (3 or more words usually)
  4. The intent is either to look for information about a commercial product or to try and solve a painful problem.
  5. The keyword has medium / low search competition

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1 - Finding body terms and long tails with SECockpit​

This is basically a 2 in 1 tactic. I use SECockpit to find the top level keywords that could potentially bring thousands of visits to my site if I ranked for them and then refine them into longer tail, less competitive and higher conversion rate variations.

Each piece of content I then create has the potential to rank for dozens of queries with some kind of search volume.

I then scan the top 10 results to make sure I do stand a chance to ever show up for these results. If I do, I expand my workflowy site map.​

Here's how I do it:​

Check it out : Side by side comparison of the best keyword research tools

2- Reverse engineer your competitor's most profitable keywords

This one is both sneaky and incredibly effective. I find a competitor that has lower authority than my site, then run him through SEMRush to find all the keywords he ranks for and then narrow it down to the most monetisable ones.

From this point all I have to do is create better content than he has and snag the keyword along with long tail variations using SECockpit to uncover them.​

Final words

This is it. These are the main methods I use to find highly monetisable keywords for my authority blogs and sites.

I understand these tools may cost some money but ​if you are able to produce (or outsource) content and promote your website fast, they should pay for themselves in no time. Plus, SEMRush has a free version giving you limited data to get started.

If you have any question or just a better way to do conversion oriented keyword research, feel free to share it in the comments.​

Resources in this post:

If you want to go deeper about keyword research, I highly recommend the ultimate guide to keyword research over on Backlinko.

Gael Breton

Hey I'm Gael, one of the guys behind Authority Hacker. I make a living working from my laptop in various places in the world and I will use this website to teach you how you could do the same.

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james - March 28, 2014

how do you find a competitor that has lower authority than your site

james - March 28, 2014

okay thanks a lot. I just started a brand new site and was looking for keyword ideas that i can rank for.

    Gael Breton - March 28, 2014

    Yeah I’d say these 2 methods really allow you to find low hanging fruits for new sites. If you don’t feel like paying yet SEMrush has a free account that will give you some of these keywords.

Louis - March 31, 2014

Hi Gael, nice blog..

Can you take a closer look at your YouTube video “Blog Long Tail Keyword Research With SECockpit”… I am not sure it is working correctly.

The video begins showing SECockpit dashboard and the screen never changes.. are you actually walking through how to use SECockpit in the video or is it just an audio instruction?

    Gael Breton - March 31, 2014

    Hey Louis, Wow that’s very weird, the video worked a few days ago. I’m rerendering it and reuploading it as I post this comment. Expect it to be up in 15 minutes or so.


John - May 13, 2014

Gael, great work.

I did all of the above steps and now I have about 50 keywords in the pipeline, here is my questions:
I find that there are some site on the first page (SERP) that have the same or less PA – DA and # of backlinks than my site, but the domains have been around MUCH longer than mine. Cand does websites be be outrank or should I move on to compete with domain of my same age.

I totally understand domain age is not the only factor to consider, but all else being equal, do I stand a chance?

    Gael Breton - May 13, 2014

    Hey John,

    Glad you liked it and found a bunch of golden keywords! As for older domains I’d say yes, this probably still is a factor but a lot less than you probably think. I wouldn’t worry too much about it as long as they don’t have a bunch of links pointing to them (check using ahrefs or opensiteexplorer).

John - May 13, 2014

Thank you so much for the quick response.

Gael, do you have any articles on how you do link building? Lets just say I build the content with the chosen keywords, Now I need to get some links pointing to the content any Ideas? my niche is PLASTIC SURGERY. I have a North and latin America directory.

    Gael Breton - May 13, 2014

    Hey John,

    You’re in luck, I’m actually putting together a free product for my subscribers about how I do SEO for my authority sites. There’s going to be a section about link building in it so your best bet is to subscribe to the list. I hope to have it up in the next 10 days.


John - May 14, 2014

That is great new Gael

I will sign up.
If you are ever in Colombia, please stop by.

Joe - May 21, 2014

That SEMRush feature for sorting through competitors keywords is great. I had been using Google adwords which doesnt show their SERP rankings. Too bad you can only get it for 70$ a month though.

Gael Breton - May 21, 2014

Hey Joe,

Yeah, I’ve been looking for a free alternative that allows you to do that but I couldn’t. But if you take action on your finding quick, $70/month shouldn’t be the end of the world.


Steven Fabian - September 27, 2014

Hey Gael,

I just found this post, and I’m actually really “angry” with you. You just revealed the way I’ve been using SEMRush to find easy to rank for keywords by analyzing top ranking weaker sites. Now my “secret” is out…

Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing these tips, they’re really helpful. :)

    Gael Breton - September 27, 2014

    Argh, sorry Steven ! I’ll try and make it up by sharing stuff you hopefully don’t know!

      Steven Fabian - September 28, 2014

      It’s OK. I actually listened to your podcast the other day with NoHatDigital and it was super helpful, so you’ve already over-delivered. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Daniel - October 2, 2014

Hi Gael,

Dude,congratulations for your site and content, it is really awesome :-)

I have some doubts about Keyword Research and SEO:

How many SEO Tools and Keyword research do I need to get sucess with my authority website ?

ahrefs, SEMrush and SEcockpit it is enough to do a good work with SEO,competitors and Backlinks?

Do you know SEO Profiler tool? If Yes, what is your opinion about it?

About Keyword Research tool, SEcockpit is better than Long Tail Pro From Spencer Haws ?

Sorry for too many questions…

Best Regards,


    Gael Breton - October 4, 2014

    Hey Daniel,

    To be honest, you could start with just the Google keyword planner, the Moz bar and Google trends and do well. These tools are just here to speed things up by putting everything in one place quickly. If I was on a budget I’d go for Long Tail pro because it’s a one off and it’s cheap. I think SECockpit is better but it’s also $97/month with is not cheap at all.

    SEMrush is more of a competition reverse engineering tool and a complementary tool.

    So basically do like this:

    If you’re making no money: keyword planner + google trends + mozbar to evaluate competition ($0)
    If you make a little bit of money: replace the keyword planner with Long tail pro
    As you make a bit more money: Add SEMrush to the mix to reverse engineer competitors
    As you make good money: replace long tail pro with SECockpit because the volume of data and filtering options it offers is awesome.

    Hope that helps.


Oliver - September 8, 2015

Hello Gael !

First of all I really want to thank your priceless knowledge, sharing with all of us; your passion and honesty on these IM issues.

I am a newby on Internet Marketing, I´ve been reading your blog among others like Digital Marketer.

I want/need your opinion in the market(s) I must attend, because I have serious doubts on which could be more convenient for me to starup. I am based on Mexico and are a Spanish native speaker, so what would you recommend most, to start my blog web page in English for US and many other countries in that language or do it in Spanish mainly for Spain and Latin America?

Thank you very much Gael.

    Gael Breton - September 9, 2015

    Hey Oliver,

    Thanks for dropping by, if you’re a newbie I’d go for Spanish since it’s probably much less competitive.

Thomas - August 3, 2016

Wow. That video tutorial of SECockpit is super valuable! I used to think that if you choose a topic with passion, people will eventually come to you. Apparently that’s not exactly the case — unless you are Tim Ferriss of course. Maybe in the initial stage it’s better to plan strategically, and then do more posts that you like to write after having established yourself in the niche.


Lashay - August 7, 2016

Hey Gael,

Such an awesome and super in-depth post. I have found quite a bit of keywords. Only thing is a lot of my keywords are closely related to one another. If they are closely related do I put them in the same article and try to target 1 article for 2 or 3 different keywords, or for every long tail keyword I make a different article.

For example: If i have the keywords “anxiety pills” and “anxiety pills that work” would I target 1 article for those keywords since they are so closely related and google can pick up on that or would i create these 2 keywords into 2 separate posts?

If I do target 1 post for 2 different keywords, how many keywords should I be targeting per blog post?

I hope this makes sense.

Thanks Gael!

    Gael Breton - November 1, 2016

    Hey Lashay,

    To be frank it’s a question that’s hard to respond to via comments. The answer is it depends. If the info to respond to the query is the same group it on one page, if not make different pages.

Teresa walker - September 23, 2016

Your Article is Wonderful ! A lot of Great Tips and Very nicely written . I have learned a lot from your article Thank you for sharing with us.

Kindest regards


Suzanne Delzio - March 30, 2017

Wow Gael, You have given me the keys to the kingdom! I’ve been working so hard to find the highest opportunity keywords, but straight answers are hard to come by. I am a content writer and I want to deliver as much traffic as possible to my small business clients. I was considering LongTail Pro, but I think I will go with SECockpit. I had a free trial and was impressed, but still depending on SEOs to give me good keywords and so didn’t buy in the end. Now I will. Given the changes to Google’s keyword tool and the fact that SECockpit scrapes Google adwords, do you think SECockpit is still as powerful? Thank you so much for this great info. I will be an AuthorityHacker Enthusiast from now on. Suzanne

chamling - July 7, 2017

Hi Gael, this is thanks for you for your awesome tips and ideas on researching keywords for your niche.One of the important part of SEO is keyword research and you have nailed it. thanks for the info.


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