9 Best Forex Affiliate Programs of 2023 (Top Offers)

Before we dive into the meat of this blog post, it’s important to first cover off some basic terminology. 

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange and is a system of online investment where you effectively bet on the future exchange rates of a pair of currencies.

Is it a form of gambling?


Is it profitable?

Well, at last count this is an industry US$5.1 trillion per year, and growing.

Is it competitive?


But competitive markets are where you can earn this kind of money with an affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Earnings

So you can either compete for $5 and $10 commissions along with thousands of other affiliates.

Or you can check out the Forex affiliate programs we researched for you.

You’re not going to believe how much some of these companies pay.

Let’s get to it.

Forex Affiliate Programs

  1. In The Money Stocks Affiliate Program
  2. Admiral Markets Affiliate Program
  3. Forex Trendy Affiliate Program
  4. FPM Global Affiliate Program
  5. Infinite Profit System Affiliate Program
  6. BlackBull Markets Affiliate Program
  7. Forex Mentor Affiliate Program
  8. Orbex Affiliate Program
  9. AVA Trade Affiliate Program

In The Money Stocks

Inthemoneystocks Homepage Screenshots

In The Money Stocks is the brainchild of two professional traders – Gareth Soloway and Nicholas Santiago.

Thanks to their PPT Methodology, they’ve spent the last 13 years helping foreign exchange traders make consistent money from their trades.

What sets them apart from the competition?

Well they developed their own proprietary trade alert software so they’re not just putting a layer of makeup on Meta Trader 4, for example.

They also claim to have a 94% success rate with their predictions.

That’s what has made them a household name amongst trading professionals and newcomers alike. 

Visitors to the site can also get free trade ideas by email.

This is obviously lead gen for them, but it might also be useful when encouraging people to click on your affiliate links.

And speaking of affiliate links, how much does a Forex affiliate pocket if somebody signs up for one of the courses on offer?

Based on their average order value, you’ll earn $21 per transaction.

That’s not bad

But if you sell one of their high-end products that can increase to closer to $200 per transaction.

URL: In the Money Stocks affiliate program

Commission:  30%

EPC:  $114.34

Cookie duration: 90 days

Admiral Markets

Admiral Markets Homepage Screenshot

Admiral Markets is an award-winning Forex broker that’s been in operation for almost 20 years.

Signing up for their platform gives you access to an industry-leading trading service where you can trade across 3,000 of the most popular stocks, but also Forex and cryptos.

You can choose to trade either on MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5, safe in the knowledge that their servers are strategically placed to offer the lowest latency. 

You will need to make a minimum deposit of $100 to get started, but they are regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySEC), so your visitor’s cash is safe.

They also offer numerous withdrawal methods, including Skrill, MasterCard, and wire transfer.

Oh, and they also take 0% commission, which is something your visitors will love.

You don’t need us to tell you that trading in the financial markets can be very profitable.

That’s why Companies like Admiral Markets are more than happy to reward their affiliates handsomely for sending them good leads.

In this case, that can mean earning up to $600 for people who sign up through your affiliate link.

URL: Admiral Markets affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $600 per referral


Cookie duration: 

Forex Trendy

Forex Trendy Homepage Screenshot

When it comes to earning money from trading Forex pairs, some people want to learn the foreign exchange market inside out and upside down.

They want to immerse themselves in their new hobby or career.

Others simply want to buy something that will track multiple currency pairs, in real-time and tell them when is a good time to either buy or sell.

Forex Trendy scans more than 30 Forex pairs, showing you trends down to every 60 seconds.

Doing that manually would be an absolutely massive pain in the ass, so you’re selling the benefit of freeing up time here.

And it’s all cloud-based, so it won’t interfere/slow down your existing trading software setup.

So, how do affiliates get on when promoting this Forex affiliate program?

The baseline commission payout is around $24 per sale.

If, however, your referral decides to purchase some of the up-sells, then the average amount you’ll earn per sale is over $140.

This is a very niche software product, but also one with proven demand. 

URL: Forex Trendy affiliate program

Commission:  75%

Gravity: 28.93

Cookie duration: 60 days

FPM Global

Fpm Global Homepage Screenshot

Now for something a little bit different – FPM Global, a Forex affiliate marketing network.

So you can find multiple financial offers under one digital roof.

And yes, that obviously includes at least one Forex program – ForexClub.

This award-winning Forex broker has been around since 1997, with 100 offices dotted around the world.

So they’re not exactly a fly-by-night operation.

In addition to their online trading platform, they also sell training courses to help both new and experienced Forex traders take their knowledge and skills to the next level.

Your visitors can choose from a wide range of products and indices to trade in, get fast support, and enjoy instant fund withdrawals.

Being able to sign up with an affiliate network like FPM Global vs. a vanilla Forex affiliate program has a couple of perks.

The first of these is stability.

The other is the financial resources to entice affiliates to promote their offers.

Like being able to offer up to US$1,200 per sale.

There aren’t many programs out there rewarding affiliates to this level.

URL: FPM Global affiliate network

Commission:  Varies

EPC:  Varies

Cookie duration: Varies

Infinite Profit System

Ininite Profit System Homepage Screenshot

The Infinite Profit System is part of the Tradeology brand and builds on the success of their previous programs and systems.

What you basically get is a signals-based trading and training program – it’s not a Forex broker or a trading platform. 

The software monitors every currency pair and then provides signals for the optimum time to buy or sell.

It’s also important to mention that this isn’t just another bot or “automation” system – you have to do the trades manually.

This product is aimed more at beginners though, but the perk here is that your visitors don’t need any background in currency trading to get started.

Plus, there are training videos to show how to use MetaTrader 4, so there really isn’t any prior knowledge required.

You also get Monday to Saturday support, and weekly webinars to keep you informed of what’s going on in the Forex markets.

As of the time of writing you’d earn an average of $31 per sale for promoting this Forex affiliate marketing offer. 

But they were updating their product right in the middle of me writing this.

So, when their new product launches (by the time you’re reading this) their commission structure will have changed to pay 50% per referral.

Which means an average payout of $249 per sale for you.

URL: Infinite Profit System affiliate program

Commission:  43%

Gravity: 35.75

Cookie duration: 60 days

BlackBull Markets

Blackbull Markets Homepage Screenshot

BlackBull Markets is basically the retail side of an institutional Forex business.

So you’re dealing with an award-winning Forex broker that has over a decade of trading in Forex markets at an international level.

This also means they’re regulated, so your deposits are safe with them.

In terms of what you need to get started, their ‘Standard’ account requires a minimum deposit of US$200, but they don’t charge any commission fees at that level.

They do also offer Islamic trading accounts, so that gives you even more depth in terms of your potential audience.

Basically, you get a set of premium financial instruments and services designed by Forex industry pros, and 24/6 support to go along with that.

This Forex affiliate program has all the usual stuff like lots of creatives, support for multiple languages, a dedicated affiliate manager, etc.

But what they also have is a CPA of around $600 for sending them a new client.

This amount is obviously only paid for VIP level clients, but it still gives you an idea of what kind of income is possible as a Forex affiliate. 

URL: BlackBull Markets affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $600 per sale


Cookie duration: TBC

Forex Mentor

Forex Mentor Homepage Screenshot

Having a mentor can dramatically improve your skills in both professional and personal settings.

Like learning how to trade in currency pairs.

Forex Mentor was set up all the way back in 2003 because of the tidal wave of misinformation around this investment model.

Long story short, people were being lied to.

And when it comes to Forex trading, that resulted in investors and traders losing large sums of cash.

Something had to change, so Peter Bain created a training program for Forex newbies. 

With Forex Mentor you’re not just getting coaching by some random dudes, but a team of Forex pros.

So that means the information and guidance you get is based on decades of cumulative experience in this industry.

As of right now, over 25,000 traders have been trained by this coaching team, so they’re obviously doing something right.

So how does this program look for a prospective Forex affiliate?

You’ll earn a 30% cut of all referred sales, or an average of around $10 per transaction.

This isn’t a huge amount of money, so you’ll need to promote other programs alongside this one.

URL: Forex Mentor affiliate program

Commission:  30% per sale

EPC:  $6.40

Cookie duration: 60 days


Orbex Homepage Screenshot

Orbex is a licensed and regulated Forex broker that’s been in operation for almost a decade.

So the first thing your visitors get here is the peace of mind of knowing that their deposited funds are safe.

This is then backed up by a liquidity guarantee from leading (tier 1) banks around the world, and it’s also regulated by the Cyprus Securities Exchange (CySec).

In terms of what you get, it’s a Forex trading platform that uses MetaTrader 4, but also allows you to trade on your smartphone or tablet.

You can choose to test the waters with a demo account or deposit US$200 to get started with your ‘Standard’ account.

They also offer Islamic trading accounts and almost-instant online withdrawals to your payment destination of choice.

Support is available 24/5 but is multilingual, so this affiliate offer has international potential.

Context matters with most things in life.

And it really matters when it comes to Forex affiliate marketing and commission rates.

Earning $1,500 per sale would be amazing.

Just bear in mind that to earn that you’ll most likely have to refer a new customer who has around $25k to deposit.

URL: Orbex forex affiliate program

Commission:  Up to $1,500 per sale


Cookie duration: TBC

AVA Trade

Ava Trade Homepage Screenshot

There are two branches of Forex trading – retail and institutional.

The latter is what happens behind the closed doors of massive Forex brokers.

The former is what your audience is looking for – a broker that deals with the general public.

Ava Trade has offered exactly this service since 2009.

Since then they’ve grown to serve over 200,000 customers, and process 2 million trades per month.

In terms of technology, you get Meta Trader 4, Sharp Trader, and the popular DupliTrade.

What caught my eye about them is how much information they offer prospective clients – their site is a literal tutorial in Forex trading.

But they also have a dedicated education site with tons of instructional videos to show how trading in currency pairs works in real life.

It’s a good idea to be somewhat cynical as an affiliate.

Forex affiliate programs can use suitably vague language to sound good but not actually offer anything.

Ava Trade, however, doesn’t pull any punches in that regard.

They start out by telling you they’ve paid affiliates and partners over US$250 million in commission since 2009.

Because the only thing that really matters to your average Forex affiliate is how much they can make.

URL: AvaPartner affiliate program

Commission:  Varies


Cookie duration: TBC

Over to You

And that brings us to the conclusion of our roundup of Forex affiliate programs.

Some of the programs we came across were hilariously bad.

Others were obviously downright scams.

So what we’re sharing with you is the best of what’s available today.

As you can see, there is the potential to earn a lot of money with these affiliate programs – especially promoting Forex brokers.

Yes, this is a competitive niche, but they’re usually the best ones to make money in.

Eager to get started?

All you need now is a solid foundation in affiliate marketing i.e. how to make money from it.

As luck would have it, we’re offering free training on this very subject.

Worried that you can’t afford it?

Don’t – attending this training will cost you exactly $0.

In fact, the only thing we need to know is the best email address to send your invite to.

All you have to do is show up and take notes. 

If you enjoyed this blog post, don’t forget to share it on social media.

You just might help somebody else take that first step towards financial freedom with an affiliate marketing business.