12 Best Golf Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

Golf affiliate programs can be a fantastic money-spinner if you spend every waking moment dreaming of heroic bunker escapes, booming 300-yard drives, and sinking putts from the edge of the green.

The worldwide golf equipment market is estimated to be worth more than $9 billion by 2026, while another predicts that the global value of golf clubs, courses, and resorts will reach almost $4.5 billion by 2027.

As if that wasn’t enough, the golf tourism market will be worth close to $6 billion by 2026, according to Stratview Research.

Naturally, the success of the golf industry hinges on participation. If no one plays, golf brands don’t make money (and, by extension, nor do affiliate marketers).

So you’ll be pleased to learn that, as of 2019, there are more than 24 million golfers aged six years and older in the US alone. In America, the sport is most popular among 30 to 49-year-olds, with about one in eight of that age group saying they play golf.

Finally, our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average affiliate marketer in the sports & outdoors niche — of which golf is a part — earns nearly $5,000 per month.

Like what you’ve heard? Then, let’s tee off our round-up of the 12 best golf affiliate programs you can sign up for right now.

Golf Affiliate Programs

  1. Callaway Golf
  2. Global Golf
  3. TaylorMade Golf
  4. American Golf
  5. Trendy Golf
  6. The Golf Warehouse
  7. Golf Outlets
  8. Swing Man
  9. Austad’s Golf
  10. Rain or Shine Golf
  11. TeeOff
  12. Amazon Associates
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1 Callaway Golf

Callaway Homepage

Callaway is another major golf brand. It’s more like a network of brands, with several other names, including Odyssey, OGIO, TravisMathew, and Jack Wolfskin, falling beneath its broad umbrella.

Callaway sells golf clubs, golf balls, bags, accessories, active lifestyle clothing, footwear, travel bags, and other equipment (whatever that means).

Much like TaylorMade, its premium golf clubs and equipment are used by a host of star golfers, from Phil Mickelson and Jon Rahm to Henrik Stenson and Francesco Molinari.

Also, like TaylorMade, the Callaway golf affiliate program is surprisingly attractive. 

That’s rather damning with faint praise, so let me try again: it’s a great affiliate program. You’ll earn a solid 6% base commission per sale, rising to a decidedly generous 9% through performance-based incentives. Not only that, but it offers one of the longest cookie windows of all the big golf affiliate programs at 45 days.

In short, there’s really no reason not to sign up for this golf affiliate marketing program.

2 Global Golf

Global Golf Homepage

Global Golf says it’s not another stereotypical “big box” golf website. Instead, it compares itself to the PGA Professional-staffed store at your local golf course. 

If you want to iron out the flaws in your golf game, hit the ball further, or sink more putts, it has the expertise (and products) to help you do it.

Launched in 2006, Global Golf carries a vast range of products, from snazzy apparel and accessories to brand-new and pre-owned premium clubs. It also runs a helpful trade-in program that allows golf lovers to swap their used equipment for up to a 30% discount on shiny, new gear.

That all sounds great, but how about the Global Golf affiliate program?

Unsurprisingly, the commission rate is significantly higher than Amazon’s, up to 8% per sale. Plus, you’ll earn a cut as long as your referrals buy within 30 days.

3 TaylorMade Golf

Taylormade Homepage

TaylorMade is arguably the best-known brand in the world of golf. Its roster of sponsored players includes household names like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy.

The company’s beginnings were pretty humble, with founder Gary Adams borrowing $24,000 against his house to open his first store.

Since then, its growth has been impressive, to say the least, with TaylorMade becoming only the second golf manufacturer to achieve $1 billion in sales in a calendar year.

Headquartered in California, the company ships all over the world, making it a fantastic fit for any affiliate marketer with a global audience.

Unlike many market-leading brands, TaylorMade’s golf affiliate program performs pretty well against the competition. You’ll earn a flat 5% commission per sale, and you get a perfectly reasonable 30-day cookie window. It’s not amazing, but definitely not bad.

4 American Golf

Americangolf Homepage

Oddly enough, American Golf isn’t actually an American golf brand. Instead, it describes itself as Europe’s largest golf retailer, with 95 stores across the UK and Ireland at the time of writing.

Of course, it also has a well-stocked golf website that sells clubs, balls, shoes, clothing—pretty much everything you’d expect.

American Golf says it aims to provide “unbeatable value” to customers. It offers regular sales and exclusive deals, plus free UK deliveries on orders over £50. The company also offers interest-free credit on £250+.

As you’ve likely guessed by now, American Golf is predominantly a UK-focused golf affiliate marketing program, although the retailer ships to most EU countries, plus Australia and New Zealand.

Golf affiliates earn 6% per sale through the program and can access up-to-date product feeds, creative assets, banners, and regular deals.

5 Trendy Golf

Trendy Golf Homepage

Ask the average man or woman in the street what they think about golf, and I doubt you’ll hear the word “trendy” very often.

There’s no getting away from the fact that the game we know and love is most commonly associated with rich, old, white dudes. But golf sites like Trendy Golf are striving to change that.

The company started in 2004 when confessed golf obsessives Ian and Ben noticed golfers like Swedish icon Jesper Parnevik wearing increasingly stylish looks from brands like J. Lindeberg.

At the same time, they realized those brands were nearly impossible to find, which prompted them to launch a golf website dedicated to stocking the most fashionable golf shoes and apparel.

Do you consider yourself a golf fashionista? The Trendy Golf affiliate program could be for you. It pays a solid 6% commission for every sale you refer and has a 30-day window.

6 The Golf Warehouse

Tgw Homepage

The Golf Warehouse can proudly claim to be one of the world’s first online golf retailers. It took its first order in April 1998, a full five months before Google launch.

Since then, it’s grown into a genuine golf market leader, with more than 230,000 square feet of warehouse space dedicated to a wide range of golf products.

TGW’s inventory includes over 40,000 items from more than a dozen brands. In addition to the obvious stuff, you’ll find training aids like golf mats, swing trainers, and golf nets. It’s fair to describe TGW as a one-stop shop for all your golfing needs.

Unfortunately, the Golf Warehouse affiliate program is… not great. You’ll earn a measly 1% commission on the sales you refer — that’s three times less than Amazon! It only offers a session-based cookie, so if people don’t convert on the spot, you lose the sale.

7 Golf Outlets

Golf Outlet Homepage

Value is the order of the day at Golf Outlets USA, which positions itself as the world’s lowest-priced golf superstore.

The website sells single golf clubs, junior and adult sets, carts, bags, gloves, and other golf accessories from popular brands like Confidence, Palm Springs, and Woodworm. And, as you’d imagine, the prices are extremely competitive.

However, it’s not all about undercutting the competition. Golf Outlets USA also prides itself on high product quality, superb customer service, and effective post-order marketing. All of this means repeat orders are a distinct possibility.

The Golf Outlets USA affiliate program is run through CJ Affiliate, one of the big affiliate networks. It pays a flat 5% on all sales and has a generous 45-day cookie window.

8 Swing Man Golf

Swing Man Golf Homepage

Even the world’s biggest golf lovers will admit the sport can be pretty frustrating. You nail your first tee shot straight down the middle, convince yourself that you’ve finally nailed your golf game, and then spend the rest of the round hacking your ball out of the rough.

Honestly, it’s a wonder we keep coming back.

Swing Man Golf could be the ideal solution for all those eager golf players determined to iron out the flaws in their driving technique. It offers expert training from PGA pro Jaacob Bowden, who has achieved a competitive best drive measuring an eye-watering 421 yards.

Through his swing speed program and all-access swing training, Jaacob says it’s perfectly feasible to add 12 – 16 mph to your swing, which is worth an extra 30 – 40 yards. Impressive stuff!

Swing Man Golf is a predominantly subscription-based platform, with prices for the aforementioned all-access package starting at just $5 per month (although Jaacob’s Swing Speed Trainer certification is a one-off program priced at $588).

The Swing Man Golf affiliate program pays a superb 50% recurring commission on all those subscription packages and a straight 10% per sale on the swing certification program. Both offer a 30-day cookie window.

9 Austad’s Golf

Austads Golf Homepage

There’s a lot of history in the game of golf, and Austad’s Golf is very much part of that history, starting as a family-owned business in 1963.

An authorized retailer of all the biggest and best-known brands, Austad’s is committed to offering excellent customer service. Having been a part of the golf industry for close to 60 years, its service must be pretty spectacular.

As well as operating a popular golf website, Austad’s runs nine brick-and-mortar stores across the Midwest, plus a concession at the Great Shots golf facility in Sioux Falls. That means it’s got plenty of brand awareness (at least within the Midwest).

The Austad’s Golf affiliate program offers a competitive baseline commission of 7% per sale, rising to 9% for golf affiliates who refer more than $5,000 in monthly sales.

There is huge earning potential here, with an average order value of $145 and a wealth of marketing assets available (think banners, text links, and exclusive promotions).

10 Rain or Shine Golf

Rain Or Shine Golf Homepage

As a (very bad) golfer who lives in the UK, I sometimes feel envious of all those golfers located in somewhat more exotic locations.

They wake up every day to bright sun and blue skies while I’m battling hail storms on my way to the first tee. Sometimes, it makes me wish I could play golf indoors…

Perhaps Rain or Shine Golf is the solution I’ve been looking for. It sells golf simulators, indoor putting greens, and accessories that allow players to tee the ball up or practice their short game at any time and in any weather. And it stocks those fancy golf launch monitors you see at the driving range — the ones that tell you where your ball went and how far you hit it.

While Rain or Shine Golf claims to offer a golf simulator to suit everyone, “no matter your budget,” it’s worth noting that these products aren’t cheap, with top-of-the-range models costing up to five figures.

Inevitably, that means golf simulators are very much a niche product, only suited to hardcore golfers with deep pockets. 

If that sounds like an audience you can reach via your golf blog, the Rain or Shine Golf affiliate program is an absolute no-brainer. You’ll earn a juicy 5%+ on each of those big-money sales.

11 TeeOff

Tee Off Homepage

This one’s a little different. Rather than selling a physical product (like golf clubs) or a one-on-one service like coaching, TeeOff is a platform that allows you to book tee times at courses worldwide.

More than 9,000 golf courses and over 500,000 daily tee times are available via TeeOff, which allows reservations to be made 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether you want to sneak in a round on your lunch break or secure a prime weekend slot, you can do it at TeeOff, so it’s no wonder the platform is used and trusted by millions of golfers worldwide.

And let me tell you, we’re not talking about your local pitch-and-putt here. TeeOff works with some pretty prestigious courses, where prices for a single round can run to dozens — or even hundreds — of dollars.

All of this means there’s good money to be made through the TeeOff golf affiliate program, with a 6% commission available for every booking you refer.

12 Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

You won’t be shocked to learn that Amazon sells golf products (after all, it sells pretty much everything).

A search for “golf” on the Amazon website returns more than 100,000 results across multiple categories, including golf equipment, accessories, and shoes.

Beyond its extensive inventory, there are a couple of other big benefits to directing your customers to Amazon.

First off, it’s a well-known and respected brand. Morning Consult Brand Intelligence rates it as the fifth most trusted brand on the planet.

And secondly, it has a sky-high conversion rate, which means there’s a strong chance that the prospective customers you refer will actually buy.

However, it’s not all good news.

If you’ve looked into Amazon’s affiliate program before, you’ve likely heard the commissions can be pretty low. You’ll only earn 3% per sale on golf products, one of the lowest rates of all the golf affiliate programs we’ve reviewed.

Not only that, but the cookie duration lasts just 24 hours, so you’d better send highly qualified traffic Amazon’s way if you’re going to earn a commission.

👉 Check our step-by-step guide on How to Become an Amazon Affiliate.

Conclusion: Are Golf Affiliate Programs Right For You?

There’s a whole lot to like about golf affiliate marketing.

The target audience is huge, dedicated, and happy to spend lots of money pursuing its passion. 

There are many avenues for monetization, from golf tourism to equipment, apparel, and training.

And there’s definitely no shortage of golf affiliate programs to promote. We didn’t mention big names like Nike Golf or Fairway Golf USA here.

But things are never as simple as they seem on the surface. You can’t just expect to waltz in, start a golf blog, sign up for the best golf affiliate programs, and immediately start earning money.

First, you’ve got to do the “hard yards” of affiliate marketing, such as building a website that converts, tracking down intent-driven keywords, and writing high-quality, well-researched content.

Fortunately, we can help with all that difficult stuff.

Sign up for our free training, and we’ll teach you the seven simple steps you need to build an authority site in 2024.

Think of us as your caddies!