Golf Affiliate Marketing – What are the Best Golf Affiliate Programs and How Much Can You Make?

$12.55 billion.

That’s the value of the worldwide golf equipment and apparel market.

This is before green fees, travel, gambling, television subscriptions and golf lessons are even considered.

It’s safe to say that there is a lot of money in golf.

And no wonder, golf is the world’s 8th most popular sport.

Most popular sports

What’s more, a lot of people spend a lot of money playing golf.

On the surface, this suggests that golf should be a ripe market for affiliate marketing.

Let’s have a look and find out if it is and what’s are the best golf affiliate programs to promote in 2021.

Golf Affiliate Programs

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Global Golf Affiliate Program
  3. Trendy Golf Affiliate Program
  4. American Golf Affiliate Program
  5. The Golf Warehouse Affiliate Program
  6. Golf Outlets Affiliate Program
  7. Swing Man Affiliate Program
  8. Austad’s Golf Affiliate Program
  9. Rain or Shine Golf Affiliate Program
  10. TeeOff Affiliate Program
  11. TaylorMade Golf Affiliate Program
  12. Callaway Golf Affiliate Program

The Golf Industry

What Does The Golf Industry Look Like?

Golf Industry And Golf Subniches

The Golf Industry By Numbers

  • 25.3 million: The number of Americans who have played golf in the past 12 months.
  • $2,776: The amount the average golfer spends per year.
  • 34,000: The estimated number of golf courses around the world.
  • $20.8 million: The prize money won by Jordan Spieth in 2016.
  • $5.3 billion: The value of golf tourism to the European economy

What Are People Searching For?

Golf keyword search trend

Golf Keywords

KeywordDifficultyVolume (desc)
used golf clubs1027,000
golf cart3826,000
golf simulator499,400
golf course near me309,100
golfer’s elbow214,700
golf lessons114,600
troon golf224,100
under armour golf shoes13,400
golf movies33,400
golf jokes52,900
golf meme02,500
custom golf clubs102,200
st andrews golf course42,100
how to play golf202,100
cheap golf shoes61,900
golf towels41,900
best golf gps81,900
golf club covers51,800
golf sunglasses11,400
regripping golf clubs21,400
home golf simulator71,400
slow motion golf swing101,300
indoor golf simulator01,300
golf etiquette281,300
how to hold a golf club31,200

The keywords selected here show just how many categories or sub-niches are available to a golf website.

A golf website could review equipment (such as “golf cart” or “under armour golf shoes”), they can discuss world famous golf courses (“troon golf” or “st andrews golf course”) and tie this in with golf tourism.

Another option is to create educational content. Keywords such as “how to hold a golf club” or “regripping golf clubs”, lend themselves perfectly to this.

“Golf movies”, “golf jokes” and “golf memes” also lends itself perfectly to the lighter side of the sport. The bonus of this kind of material is that it ties into a successful social media strategy.

It is also important to remember that a lot of golf is local or location based. Golfers need to physically go to the golf course. That is why you will see keywords like “golf course near me” with such high search volume. Based on this information, it could make sense to segment the golf market based on location. This is especially true if you plan to monetize your site through “golf breaks”.

Interestingly, there are a lot of golf related keywords with high search volume and pretty low keyword difficulty. This suggests that it is not that difficult to generate a lot of traffic to your site if you can identify the right keywords or angle to your golf site.

Who Is Doing Golf Affiliate Marketing Well?

1. Golf WRX

Golf WRX Homepage

Golf WRX has an estimated annual revenue of around $10m.

They have positioned themselves as an online golf magazine. This allows them to report on the latest golf news, equipment, tips and more. If you think about it, this is an inspired strategy. Golf WRX manages to report the latest news, and other sites then link to them as the source for the story.

This ability to build links organically is an invaluable asset.

golfWRX Ahrefs overeview

According to Ahrefs, there are almost 3.4k referring domains to Golf WRX. A number of these links are from mainstream news websites, such as Forbes and CBS News.

To monetize, Golf WRX focus mainly on reviews of equipment.

Golf WRX review page

On the surface, this looks like a classic, simple review format. However, Golf WRX manages to elevate it by adding complex data..

Golf WRX review page data

The detail of the statistics is perfect for the experienced golfer, who is likely to buy the kind of clubs in this review.

Golf WRX then monetize by linking to various retailers who stock the clubs.

Golf WRX product list

It is a simple and effective table that allows users to go to each site and compare prices. 

Golf WRX are careful not to breach the terms and conditions of the guidelines of the Amazon affiliate program by listing a price that is not pulled into the site from a live feed.

2. Free Super Tips

Free Super Tips

Free Super Tips chooses to monetize through another option – gambling.

Now, gambling may not be legal in the USA, but there is a massive market in the UK and around the world.

For example, Paddy Power offers a 25% revenue share through their affiliate program – Paddy Partners.

Best Golf Affiliate Programs of 2021 And How To Apply

Affiliate ProgramCategoryAffiliate CommissionAffiliate Network
AmazonEquipment4.5% commission, 1-day cookieAmazon
Global GolfEquipment6% commission, 30-day cookieLink Connector
Trendy GolfApparel6% commission, 30-day cookieViglink
American GolfEquipment6% commission, 30-day cookieAmerican Golf
The Golf WarehouseEquipment6.5% commission, 30-day cookieCJ Affiliate
Golf Outlets USAEquipment5% commission, 30-day cookieCJ Affiliate
Swing Man GolfTraining10-50% commissions, 30-day cookieSwing Man Golf
Austad’s GolfEquipment7.5% commission, 60-day cookieAvantLink
Rain Or Shine GolfEquipment5% commission, 30-day cookieAffiliatly
TeeOffGolf Courses6% commissionCJ Affiliate
TaylorMadeEquipment6% commission, 30-day cookieViglink
Callaway GolfEquipment6-9% commissionCallaway

Pros Of Golf Affiliate Marketing

  • Low Competition – While there are big golf sites, the level of competition is nowhere near as fierce as in other niches.
  • Lots of Disposable Income – Golfers have lots of disposable income, and they like to spend it on everything to do with golf.
  • Interesting Keywords – The SERPs are not saturated. There are loads of keywords with a low keyword difficulty and reasonably high search volume.
  • Easy Link Building – Golf is 100% inoffensive. People are happy to link to golf sites if it is relevant. Golf is also in the news regularly, and people will link to golf sites as sources for their stories.

Cons Of Golf Affiliate Marketing?

  • Complex Niche – Golfers are nerds. They know what they are talking about and will quickly figure it out if you don’t.

Should I Start A Golf Website?


Golf is a great niche.

There is a good volume of search traffic, relatively low competition and lots of keywords. You can also find many great golf affiliate programs to promote.

There are lots of different ways to monetize your site.

It is not too complicated to build links to your site.

Social media is a lot easier than other markets (mortgages, insurance) because people are fans.

Basically, there is lots of upside and very little downside.

If you want to check out other niches, you can also check our list of best affiliate programs here.

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