#106 – Lessons Learned From the Health Ambition Redesign

What you will learn

  • How we messed up the original build of Health Ambition
  • The challenges we wanted to address with the redesign
  • The new site build & site transition tips
  • The performances after redesign
  • Why there are no shortcuts to a sustainable business

Health Ambition was started in 2013.

It was started with the little experience we had building websites back then and has carried the weight of our mistakes ever since.

Hype around new wordpress tools with poor development, low quality keyword research, poor mobile experience, shaky infrastructure preventing us from running optimisation tests etc.

Overall, the site has been feeling like a drag to run for a while and it was time to start with a clean slate.

So during the summer last year, we decided to start the site over completely from a fresh WordPress Install.

This included:

  • New branding
  • New tech
  • New processes
  • Optimisation frameworks

We wanted to build the site in a way that makes it easy to publish 12 times per day without hassle, so the key concept carrying every decision was KEEP IT SIMPLE.

Here is a quick list of the major changes we made:

  • Change theme to Generatepress for speed and mobile friendliness.
  • No page builder usage
  • Simple minimalist content formatting
  • Built a trustable branding to sell sponsored content in the future
  • Used AAWP for amazon widgets

Overall the transition has been a success, no traffic loss has been noted, engagement is up and ad revenue is up.

Amazon revenue has been stable but we are working with the Convertica team to increase those numbers (case study coming soon).