Health Affiliate Marketing: Is this the best market to make money?

The health market is enormous. Of that, there is no argument.

How big it is, however, depends on who you ask.

The reason?

Because the health industry is so big, it is difficult to decide what counts as health and what doesn’t.

Regardless of your definition, there is plenty of money spent each year on health and wellbeing. Whether it is on health insurance, gym membership, running shoes or herbal tea, money is spent in the billions.

As with any big industry, there is a large presence of affiliate marketers. In fact, it can often feel like health is the go-to niche for affiliate marketers.

But, can you still make money in the health niche? Is the market saturated? Is it possible to get traffic?

Let’s take a look.

What is the Health Industry?

What is the Health Industry

The health industry stretches far and wide.

The most obvious route to take the health niche is down dieting/ weight loss avenue, but there are many niches and sub-niches to explore. In fact, it is almost endless.

Think of the exercise niche. In, for example, a triathlon website you have the opportunity to review running shoes, wetsuits, bikes, goggles and so on. There are great opportunities to monetize, but you can also create great content on the topic (e.g. The Beginner’s Guide to Open Water Swimming).

This can be duplicated across hundreds of sports or hobbies (yoga, fencing, judo, soccer, tennis).

In the illness sub-niche, you can focus on living with illnesses. Think of someone who has regular seizures, or has a child who suffers from seizures.

They may need a specialist helmet to protect them. They may need to make modifications to their house (e.g. a sit-down shower, handrails, wheelchair access, wider doorways, etc.). They may need specialist health insurance that covers their condition. All of this is a path to monetization.

But, you can also create great content. You can create a community for people to come together and share their stories. A place where parents who have been through it all can comfort and support those who are going through everything for the first time. This is great content that people will want to share and link to. It also has the added benefit of making a difference to people.

This can be replicated for almost any illnesses (living with diabetes, epilepsy, depression, arthritis).

Basically, there is a lot of potential in the health niche.

You are also more likely to be successful if you scratch beneath the surface. Instead of going for the obvious, try finding a niche where there is slightly less competition.

The Health Industry By Numbers

How Much Money Can Be Made?

$207.5 million.


That’s how much WebMD made in 2016.

Over $170 million of this was advertising and sponsorship. Just remember, there is more than one way to monetize your content. Advertising is not the most efficient way but, with enough traffic, it can generate substantial revenue.

Dr. Axe

Dr. Axe makes more than $11 million per year.

This is reassuring because there is nothing extraordinary about Dr. Axe beyond the scale of the site. The execution is fairly standard.

It goes to show that if you can do all of the basics well (or excellently in this case) there is a lot of money to be made.

What are People Searching For?

Health keyword trend

Health Keywords

Keyword Difficulty Volume (desc)
planet fitness 22 1,080,000
fitness tracker 48 43,000
nike running shoes 13 37,000
best running shoes 26 32,000
nerd fitness 7 17,000
exercise ball 22 16,000
running pace calculator 24 7,500
fitness tracker reviews 56 6,200
best headphones for running 15 5,200
running socks 4 5,100

“Planet fitness” is searched for over 1 million times per month. Looking for branded keywords like this and writing reviews on the gyms is a great way to generate traffic. This is especially true if they have an affiliate program. This can be replicated for other gyms or products.

For example, in this list, we also have “nerd fitness”. This is a great opportunity to do a review that is monetizable. Nerd Fitness do have an affiliate program.

Although “fitness tracker” and “fitness tracker reviews” have a lot of competition, these are good examples of keywords as they show what direction you could take a website. A technology in sport website could, over time, rank for this keyword.

Like most niches, health is well suited to the “best x for y” content format. You can see this with “

best headphones for running”. This has a good search volume and not a great deal of competition.

A keyword like “running socks” just shows you how many products there are out there to promote. There is very little competition for a keyword with high search volume and some buying intent.

Who Is Doing it Well?

GoodHealth Academy

The Good Health Academy is an example of a small site that is doing the health niche well. Ahrefs overview

It doesn’t have thousands of referring domains but, by doing good keyword research, they have been able to identify areas they can rank for and generate good organic traffic.

Articles, such as Best Manuka Honey, rank on the first page of Google.

Best Manuka Honey

The monetization strategy is simple: Amazon Associates.

According to Ahrefs, this article alone generates around 2,000 visitors per month from organic search.

From that, we can estimate that this article generates between $50-100 per month. When you begin to replicate that across 10, 20, 100 articles, the revenue begins to stack up.

Pros of Health Affiliate Marketing

  • Content is Easy: There are a lot of writers in the health niche and you do not need any over the top content formats.
  • Massive Audience: The facts and figures speak for themselves. Health is a huge market.
  • 1000s of Offers: There are more products to promote than you could ever have time to.
  • Amazon: It is easy to monetize the health niche through Amazon
  • Lots of Sub-Niches: You can find a smaller niche where you can specialize and be seen as the expert in that field.

Cons of Health Affiliate Marketing

  • Spammy: There are a lot of people trying to make money in the health niche. People will often ask you to pay for backlinks and guest posting opportunities. Never pay for links!!!
  • Lots of Competition: For the most obvious keywords there is incredible competition from massive websites.
  • Disreputable Companies: Outside of Amazon there are a lot of companies where it is difficult to know if you can trust them to deliver a good product or experience to your audience.
  • List Item #1

Should I Start a Health Affiliate Marketing Site?


There is a reason it is a cliche to start a health site: It makes money.

There is a lot of competition but there are so many opportunities, across so many niches and sub-niches that it isn’t too great a problem.

There are hundreds of thousands of products to promote, and you can monetize through Amazon. The list just goes on.

The main piece of advice that I can offer is: don’t go straight down the middle.

Find a smaller niche. If you can become a specialist, and avoid the massive competitors, then there is the opportunity to generate a lot of money.

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