9 Best Herbal Affiliate Programs Of 2024 in (Top Offers)

Are you underestimating the potential of the herbal product niche? Are herbal affiliate programs worth promoting?

With concerns regarding drug-resistant viruses and unpredictable outbreaks of diseases worldwide, many people are turning to natural remedies for answers. Herbs have been used for many years to treat various health conditions, originating in China.

The herbal medicine industry generates an annual sales revenue of approximately US$71 billion. The industry is also predicted to grow further in the future.

Intrigued by these numbers, we delved deep into this niche, conducting extensive affiliate research. Our findings are worth sharing, as we have discovered some fantastic herbal affiliate programs for you to promote. Let’s get started!

Herbal Affiliate Programs

  1. Vitamin Shoppe
  2. Health Fitness & Longevity
  3. Homegrown Herbalist
  4. Lucky Vitamin Herbal
  5. Tea Drops
  6. Best Life Herbals
  7. Paw Healer
  8. Aero Garden
  9. Plant People
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1 Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppee Homepage Screenshot

Since 1977, Vitamin Shoppe has been committed to helping individuals achieve their best selves. With the current healthy living trend, they continue to support this goal.

They stock the most complete range of herbs, in capsule or liquid form, you’ll find anywhere online. I know a bit about herb lore, but these guys have it nailed down in the sheer breadth of products they offer.

But they also sell a full range of herbal products and remedies for everything from muscle and joint pain to insomnia. So, there’s plenty for your visitors to choose from.

All affiliates will receive a 4% commission for sales via affiliate links.  But Vitamin Shoppe will consider increasing this to 10% if you can prove that you can drive traffic and sales their way.

The fact that they are the highest-performing herbal affiliate program on Commission Junction is just a bonus.

2 Health Fitness & Longevity

Health Fitness & Longevity Homepage Screenshot

HFL (Health Fitness Longevity) is for those who want the benefits of herbal supplements but don’t have the time or patience to create their own compounds or infusions.

So, your visitors need to match their health issues with the appropriate HFL product and enjoy the benefits of an all-natural treatment based on 20 years of experience. Which you should only take after consulting with your doctor, okay?

We like that they also have at least one nootropic (smart drug) product in their range – they’re the future of the health industry, in my opinion.

Each herbal product uses only organic herbs and is vegan and Kosher-friendly.

This affiliate program offers a whopping 30% commission on anything you sell via your affiliate links, which averages to about $34 per online transaction.

Which is entirely respectable when selling herbal health supplements. Their EPC also indicates their affiliates are promoting their products stack-o-cash.

3 Homegrown Herbalist

Homegrown Herbalist Homepage Screenshot

The Homegrown Herbalist is run by a practicing veterinarian and clinical herbalist Dr. Patrick Jones. In other words, he’s a guy who can use herbs to treat health problems in both man and beast alike and has been doing just that for many years.

That’s also why he has an online store selling herbal tinctures and treatments and runs an online herb school.

I instantly think of promoting a training product like that to the prepper community – it’s perfect for them (and me).

And the rest of their products also have the same broad appeal for herbalists, naturopaths, alternative medicine practitioners, or SHTF believers.

The only downside is the website design – it’s as ugly as sin.

You’ll earn a 5% commission for every referral you send their way via your affiliate link. Your lead must convert to a sale within 30 days, whether through social media, your website, or any other approved traffic channel.

4 Lucky Vitamin

Lucky Vitamin Homepage Screenshot

The weird thing about Lucky Vitamin is that its branding reads like it opened last week, but it’s actually been around for almost 20 years.

Your visitors will find 35,000 products available in their online store, but the real bonus here is pricing – most items are available for 75% off retail. 

But let’s focus on herbs—there are 229 categories to choose from, including herbs I’m physically incapable of pronouncing. So, there is an herb to suit every purpose.

Now for the bad news – their commission rate is 2% on regular sales, and they only offer a 7-day cookie. But you get a 10% payout for any Lucky Vitamin (LV+) memberships you sell.

You shouldn’t rely on this program as your sole source of affiliate income, but it’s still worth promoting to the right audience.

5 Tea Drops

Tea Drops Homepage Screenshot

Tea Drops… how is this related to herbs or herbal products?

Firstly, they do sell herbal teas, so that counts. But more importantly, I didn’t want you to miss out on the chance to promote this program.

Tea Drops are basically like a bath bomb, except for making tea. Each of their powdered teas is compressed into a unique shape, and you then drop it into a cup of hot water, where it dissolves.

But you lose none of the potency or purity of the herbs in the process. It makes you think, “Why did nobody ever do this before?” Genius.

This affiliate program pays a 20% commission per sale, with an average payout of $8 per transaction.

However, they are very active on the ShareASale affiliate network and have a 14% conversion rate. You should sign up and generate an affiliate link as quickly as possible – this is a no-brainer.

6 Best Life Herbals

Best Life Herbals Homepage Screenshot

Best Life Herbals supplies a comprehensive range of herbal health supplements, all formulated under the supervision of Dr. Jeffrey Greiff. The twist is that their product range is slanted towards maintaining people’s health in their later years.

This is why you’ll find multiple products that help with bladder and prostate problems, enhance virility, and control cholesterol. However, they also sell herbal products suitable for people of all ages, including remedies to help you sleep better and even slow the aging process.

This is a niche market, but a profitable one, simply because more people are living longer than ever before.

Affiliates get a 25% commission on all sales received through their affiliate link, but with a 90-day cookie to make that happen.

So that puts less pressure on your pre-selling. This offer is currently converting at about 8%, so sending a quantity of traffic their way is worth sending.

7 Paw Healer

Paw Healer Homepage Screenshot

Paw Healer is unique in this roundup because it creates herbal remedies solely for dogs and cats. Even more interesting is that its formulas are based on Chinese herbal medicine.

That makes for a very interesting angle to promote because everyone loves using “herbal wisdom handed down over the centuries.” Plus, people with companion animals want to give them the best life possible in return for their loyalty and unconditional love. 

Your visitors can choose from various pre-made treatments that help with specific health issues or even order a custom blend specifically for their dog or cat.

This affiliate program is brand new to ShareASale (at the time of writing), so you have a golden opportunity to make an impact. Their average affiliate commission is $17, and the high EPC indicates a consistent sales volume. So there’s money to be made here, folks.

8 Aero Garden

Aero Garden Homepage Screenshot

And now we come to our specialty – including those lateral affiliate programs nobody else thought of.  Yes, you can buy your herbs directly from online sources. Or you can be truly organic and grow your own instead. 

Aero Garden hydroponic systems are a clever way to grow plants indoors without the space required for a traditional garden.

We already featured these products in our blog post on marijuana affiliate programs because that’s a herb you can now grow at home…in certain states.

Aero Grow supplies everything you need, from the electronically controlled garden to the herb seed kits.

Creating an affiliate link for their products can earn you a 7.5% commission on an average order value of $100.

So, every 100 people you send to their website puts $7.50 in your pocket. And that’s expecting the bare minimum of a $100 transaction each time – some Aero Gardens cost almost $500, for example. 

9 Plant People

Plant People Homepage Screenshot

What’s better than CBD oil for treating everything from anxiety to chronic pain? CBD oil combined with the power of herbs.

And that’s exactly what Plant People has done. The company was founded by two men who had suffered spinal injuries and then had to deal with the issues that opioid painkillers can cause.

So they decided there had to be a better way to treat pain and other health problems.

That’s why they developed a range of vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO products that are also rooted in regenerative agriculture.

This program converts 14% of all traffic into sales, so basically, 1-in-6 of your visitors are likely to make a purchase, with an average order value of $85.42

And their 15% commission rate means those “average” sales will be worth $12 to you. Which isn’t bad for a CBD/herb crossover health product. 

Over to You

If you’ve been doing some research, you might have noticed that the herbal affiliate programs listed above are completely different from those on other sites.

And that’s because we actually do research.

Each of the programs listed here has a track record of making money for affiliates, and you have a diverse enough range of them to work with most audiences. After all, who doesn’t want to feel healthier and happier?

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