#52 – How To Chose a Great Domain Name For Your Blog or Business

What you will learn

  • What makes a good and a bad domain name
  • Why you should avoid exact match domain names
  • How to brand your domain correctly
  • Why your domain should be easy to pronounce
  • Which TLDs matter
  • Which tools to use to find domain names that aren't already taken
  • How to deal with copyright issues

Ever get the feeling that every good domain name has already been taken? Today, we’ll show you how to find epic domain names for your authority sites.

Resources Mentioned In This Episode

This Week’s Listener Question:


Which plugins do you use for your membership site and which plugins work with thrive themes and which don’t? What do you recommend to use?
Mik Roy

We answered Mik’s question at the end of the podcast. The links relevant to the answer are:

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  1. Hi Mark

    Thank you for this great post. I want to set up a PBN for my site. Do you have any article regarding PBN? Which metrics should I check when selecting an expired domain?


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