#26 It’s a Trap! 8 Things you probably should not worry too much about until you make high 4 figures

What you will learn

  • Why most online marketing blogs will lead you to do things that don't help your cause
  • Why most tactics are just not worth it if your site is tiny
  • The main things we see our followers do they probably should not

In today’s episode, Mark and I sit down and talk about something that almost nobody talks about : time traps in online business.

With the growth of the industry, publishers are pressured to keep coming up with original tactics, tools and methods to grow your online business.

As a result, readers are FLOODED with new stuff and end up either doing nothing (paralysis by analysis) or doing things that don’t make sense yet for them.

In this episode, we will go through the 8 most common time traps we hear our readers fall in and explain why and where they make sense and when they don’t so you can claim some time back and get back on the path of growth.

The 8 points discussed are :

  1. Site speed
  2. Branding
  3. What people think of you
  4. Automating & outsourcing
  5. A/B testing
  6. Paying yourself
  7. Running multiple business models
  8. Running multiple sites

Instead, we recommend you focus on things like:

  • Growing targeted content and traffic
  • Make 4 figures from 1 business model
  • Engaging with your readers
  • Make sure your site adds value


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