đź’Ť 18 Best Jewelry Affiliate Programs in 2024 (Top Offers)

You won’t be astonished to learn there’s a lot of money in jewelry, and jewelry affiliate programs are your opportunity to get in on the action.

In 2020, the global jewelry industry was worth $323 billion. By 2025, that amount is expected to surpass $480 billion.

But that’s only one part of the equation. The accessories industry as a whole — which includes jewelry, as well as things like luggage, bags, and watches — is forecast to hit almost $495 billion in revenue this year and hit $618 billion by 2025.

Like the sound of the jewelry affiliate market? Then let’s dive into our pick of the very best jewelry affiliate programs…

Jewelry Affiliate Programs 

  1. James Allen
  2. Blue Nile Jewelry
  3. Etsy
  4. Clean Origin
  5. Leibish
  6. WhiteFlash
  7. Brian Gavin
  8. Zales
  9. Jared
  10. Kay
  11. Brilliant Earth
  12. Rockford Collection
  13. Stella & Dot
  14. Kobelli
  15. Yadav Jewelry
  16. LilyFair
  17. Angara
  18. Littman Jewelers
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1 James Allen

James Allen Affiliate

In 2006, four enterprising individuals — Oded Edelman, James Schultz, Michele Sigler, and Dean Lederman — joined forces to found James Allen.

They did a pretty good job, because the company has since grown to become the largest privately held online diamond and bridal jewelry retailer in the world.

Today, the website sells more than 200,000 conflict-free certified diamonds, all of which can be viewed in highly magnified 360-degree HD quality. That way, customers know exactly what they’re getting.

As well as diamonds, the brand stocks personalized necklaces, rings, and other fine jewelry. All products include a 100% money-back guarantee.

With an average order value of $6,500, there’s plenty of money to be earned through James Allen’s jewelry affiliate program. By my math, with a 5% commission rate, that translates to an average commission of $325.

2 Blue Nile Jewelry

Blue Nile Affiliate

Founded in 1999, Blue Nile was one of the first jewelry companies to bet big on online sales, allowing customers to buy the finest cut diamonds at a fair price.

Today, it sells more than 150,000 loose high-quality diamonds, as well as diamond engagement rings, wedding rings, and gifts (think earrings, necklaces, bracelets and the like).

Because its products carry high price points, Blue Nile offers free shipping and a 30-day return policy on each individual order, which takes some of the stress away from buying online.

Blue Nile’s jewelry affiliate program pays 5% on all jewelry orders, although commissions are calculated on the first $7,500 of any individual order. That means the most you can possibly earn from a single sale is $375.

Pleasingly, jewelry affiliates are also rewarded for phone sales thanks to the brand’s cookie tracking system, which includes a unique reference number to be quoted by customers when they call to place an order.

3 Etsy

Etsy Homepage

Etsy is the go-to marketplace for handmade jewelry. It sells literally millions of related products, from low-cost fashion jewelry to high-end luxury jewelry with five-figure price tags.

With more than four million active sellers using the platform, you certainly won’t be short of options when it comes to recommending products.

As with any marketplace, be sure to check the seller’s rating before steering your audience in their direction.

Etsy’s affiliate program pays a standard 4% on all sales. Sure, that’s not spectacular, but at least the 30-day cookie window is a lot more generous than Amazon’s.

The marketplace supports jewelry affiliates in English, French, and German.

4 Clean Origin

Clean Origin Affiliate

As its name suggests, Clean Origin specializes in 100% lab-created diamonds. 

Using cutting-edge technology, those diamonds are “grown” in a laboratory setting, allowing them to be created in a matter of weeks rather than over millions of years.

Chemically, physically, and visually, they’re identical to naturally formed diamonds. The wonders of science, eh!

As well as selling loose lab-grown diamonds of exceptional quality, the site offers an extensive range of fine jewelry, wedding, and engagement rings. All purchases carry a 100-day money back guarantee.

Clean Origin’s jewelry affiliate program pays a 5% commission rate. That’s pretty par for the course, but the 90-day window is the longest of all the jewelry affiliate programs we’ve seen.

5 Leibish

Leibish Affiliate

Leibish is a family-run business that sells high-quality diamonds and diamond jewelry, with a particular focus on natural fancy-colored diamonds and gemstones.

Color diamond engagement rings are the website’s bestsellers, although it also sells a wide variety of jewelry pieces, ranging from rings and earrings to pendants and necklaces.

All of its stones are mined in Africa, Australia, India, and Russia, and come from conflict-free sources that comply with UN resolutions. They include completely free shipping and a 30-day money back guarantee as standard.

Leibish’s jewelry affiliate program offers a range of commissions based on the order value. Weirdly for an affiliate program, the higher the order, the lower the commission:

  • $0-$15,000: 7% 
  • $15,001-$25,000: 5%
  • $25,001-$50,000: 3%
  • $50,001-$100,000: 2% 
  • $100,000+: 1%

Still, the average order stands at $10,500, so you can expect average commissions of $735, which definitely isn’t to be sniffed at.

6 WhiteFlash

Whiteflash Affiliate

WhiteFlash claims to stock the world’s largest inventory of AGS ideal diamonds. I have no idea what that means, but there’s an explainer on the WhiteFlash website if you want to get educated.

The website sells high-quality diamonds, as well as designer jewelry from prestigious brands like Tacori, Verragio, and Vatche.

Powered by affiliate tracking software provider Post Affiliate Pro, the brand’s jewelry affiliate program pays up to 5% on all sales made within the 30-day cookie window.

Payments are made in US dollars and are paid once a month, always on the 15th.

7 Brian Gavin

Brian Gavin Affiliate

I’ve just mentioned WhiteFlash. Now, meet one of the company’s co-founders, Brian Gavin.

A fifth-generation diamond cutter, Gavin grew up working at his family’s diamond factory. I doubt it took much persuading for him to get involved in the family business.

Anyway, today, Brian Gavin has his own website selling a range of diamond jewelry, including earrings, pendants, and bracelets, plus diamond engagement and wedding rings.

The company’s jewelry affiliate program — again powered by Post Affiliate Pro — pays up to a 7% commission with a 30-day cookie window.

Commission payments are made via bank wire or PayPal, with a minimum value of $200. Payments occur once a month, 45 days after the end of the month in which the sale was made.

8 Zales

Zales Affiliate

Zales has built a reputation for stocking timeless, high-end diamond jewelry based on almost 100 years in the jewelry business.

The company started out back in 1924 operating a single shop in Wichita Falls that also sold cookware, appliances, and cameras.

Today, it very much focuses on the diamond niche (so don’t come here if you’re looking for a gas oven or a new saucepan) and boasts a network of more than 1,700 stores.

The company attributes its success to its exceptional customer service and a centralized buying policy that guaranteed quality and fair prices.

Join the Zales jewelry affiliate program and you’ll earn a solid 6% commission on all sales. There’s just one small downside: the cookie window only extends for a week, which is a little tight.

9 Jared

Jared Affiliate

Jared claims to offer fives times the selection of “ordinary jewelry stores”, whatever they are.

Part of Signet Jewelers, the world’s largest diamond retailer, it runs more than 200 stores across the US as well as its own website.

Speaking of that website, it’s home to more than 5,000 jewelry products, with a particular focus on gifts, diamond watches, and engagement and bridal jewelry.

Jared’s jewelry affiliate program, powered by the CJ Affiliate network, offers a somewhat stingy 2% commission rate and a seven-day cookie window.

Still, with an average order size of $475 and regular money-off voucher codes, there’s still decent money to be made here.

10 Kay

Kay Jewelers Affiliate

Kay has the shortest name of all the jewelry companies on this list, and might also be the oldest, having been founded back in 1916.

The business started out in 1916 from a storefront in Pennsylvania that sold jewelry, eyeglasses, music, boxes, silverware, razors, and appliances.

While its product range has shrunk a little since then, its business has very much expanded. With more than 1,000 stores across the US, it’s now one of the country’s biggest jewelry retailers.

The Kay website features more than 5,000 products. Join its jewelry affiliate program and you’ll earn a 2% commission on all of them (provided your referrals buy within seven days).

Kay offers a variety of marketing assets to support your efforts, including text links, display banners, and other content.

11 Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth Homepage

Established in 2005, Brilliant Earth claims to be the world leader in ethically sourced fine jewelry.

All of its diamonds are Beyond Conflict Free, which means they’ve been selected based on their environmentally responsible and sustainable origins.

It also sells lab-created and recycled diamonds that require no new mining — which is better for the planet (probably).

Brilliant Earth’s jewelry affiliate program pays 5% commissions on all new customer sales and 3% for returning customers, all with a 30-day cookie window. However, it’s worth noting there’s a £445 commission cap on each order. Commissions are paid monthly.

The company provides all the tools you need to drive sales, including affiliate program newsletters featuring upcoming promotions and brand initiatives, and a detailed dashboard run through the Impact affiliate network.

12 Rockford Collection

Rockford Collection Affiliate

Rockford Collection is the only retailer on this list to specialize in wedding bands for men.

The men’s jewelry brand designs and develops all its products at its studio in New York and ships to customers in the US, Canada, Europe, Dubai, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Each ring in Rockford’s 80-piece collection is crafted using 100% natural diamonds, gold, and platinum. Fancy!

As standard, all purchases include free US shipping, a lifetime warranty, complimentary gift packaging, and a 14-day money back return policy.

Rockford’s affiliate program features a 30-day cookie window and a generous 10% commission rate, which stacks up pretty well against other jewelry affiliate programs.

13 Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot Homepage

Stella & Dot is (essentially) the LuLaRoe of the jewelry industry, with a business model based on recruiting independent ambassadors to sell its range of products.

As well as boutique-style jewelry and accessories, its range includes skincare and beauty products from Ever Skincare. All are exclusively available through the Stella & Dot website and via its aforementioned ambassadors.

The Stella & Dot affiliate program is a little different to your average jewelry affiliate program.

As well as offering a generous 12% commission on sales to new customers (plus 5% to returning customers), it pays a flat $100 bounty payment for recruiting new independent ambassadors. That gives you lots of monetization opportunities.

Whichever angle you’re pushing, Stella & Dot offers plenty of marketing collateral to help you out, including a monthly newsletter with updates on sales opportunities, contests, and promotions.

  • URL: Stella & Dot affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 5% – 12% on sales; $100 for referring new Independent Ambassadors
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

14 Kobelli

Kobelli Homepage

Another family-owned business, Kobelli has been importing diamonds and manufacturing fine jewelry since 1980 from its base in downtown LA.

The company started out making products for brick-and-mortar retailers, before branching out into the world of e-commerce a couple decades ago.

Today, it’s fully embraced the direct-to-consumer business model, selling a wide range of jewelry products at competitive prices by cutting out the middleman. Free shipping and a 30-day hassle-free returns policy are available to all customers.

Promote Kobelli products properly and there’s real earning potential here, with 8% – 10% commissions per sale.

With an average order value of $1,000+, that’s a pretty attractive prospect. Sales are tracked via the Impact Radius affiliate platform.

15 Yadav Jewelry

Yadav Homepage

Yadav Jewelry has been a jeweler and diamond wholesaler for the best part of four decades, specializing in conflict-free natural and laboratory-grown diamonds.

The company sells GIA and IGI-certified diamonds and also offers a bespoke engagement ring design service — because sometimes, off-the-shelf just won’t cut it.

Yadav’s jewelry affiliate program boasts a 5% commission rate, which, as we’ve seen, is around the average for the jewelry industry.

Slightly above average is the cookie window, which extends for 45 days, giving you more opportunities to monetize your traffic.

Commission payments are made on a monthly basis, minus any customer returns, shipping and handling fees, and taxes and duties.

16 LilyFair

Lilyfair Jewelry Homepage

LilyFair has been working with China’s finest designers for the best part of 20 years to create luxury jewelry inspired by high-fashion principles.

The award-winning brand has apparently picked up no fewer than 146 industry accolades (according to its website, at least) and served over 5,000 customers.

As well as selling direct to consumers, the company acts as a buyer for several renowned — but unnamed — clients, including celebrities, boutiques, and fashion brands.

LilyFair pays a generous 15% commission on all sales, making it potentially one of the best jewelry affiliate programs we’ve seen. 

It launches new products every day, which must be a lot of work. That means there’s always an opportunity to refer your audience to the LilyFair website.

17 Angara

Angara Homepage

Angara stocks more than 7,000 jewelry products, including engagement rings, earrings, and necklaces. Its specialty lies in precious gemstones such as sapphires, rubies, emeralds, tanzanites, and the obligatory diamonds.

As well as shopping its extensive collection, customers can use the website to design their own jewelry.

Angara certainly has impressive credentials. The Better Business Bureau has given it an A+ rating, while the brand has been featured in a host of big-name publications, including Newsweek, Fox, and CNN.

Angara’s jewelry affiliate program pays commissions of up to 10% per sale, with an average order value of $1,100. It also runs regular affiliate incentives and bonuses, giving you even more scope to earn money.

18 Littman Jewelers

Littman Jewelers Homepage

Fine jewelry is the order of the day at Littman, which sells everything from high-end engagement rings and bridal jewelry to watches from the likes of Pulsar and Seiko.

With a network of more than 120 stores, Littman has plenty of brand awareness, which is always a useful tool for persuading customers to buy.

Promote Littman Jewelers and you’ll earn a 7% commission on all sales referred within the 30-day cookie window. Based on its average order value, that equates to an average commission per sale of $25.

To help you out, the brand runs exclusive offers throughout the year, including free shipping on orders over $139.

Helpfully, it also advertises on social media and via the Google ad network. If someone clicks your affiliate link, sees an ad within 30 days and buys from it, you’ll earn a commission.

Conclusion: Are Jewelry Affiliate Programs Right For You?

As you can see, there are more jewelry affiliate programs than you can shake a stick at, and pretty much all of them offer superb earning potential.

But you can’t expect to become a jewelry affiliate today and start bringing in fat commissions tomorrow. These things take work: first you need to build an affiliate website and write a ton of useful content.

We can help you with that part. How? Just register for our free training and we’ll give you all the tools to create a high-performing affiliate site. See you there!