The ‘Not A Podcast’ Podcast #fail

What you will learn

  • Why you should always check your sales page using a browser testing tool.
  • If a few people say there is a problem, chances are 100 x more people are actually experiencing it but not complaining about it.

Hey Guys,

This is not a podcast.

This is the story of how a series of unfortunate events lead us to losing a good $40k in revenue during our current launch. If you want to learn from our mistakes, have a listen.

We are extending the early bird pricing for Authority Hacker Pro by 24 hours. This is not a fake extension, as so many other marketers do. It’s to solve a real problem, which we explain in this short audio discussion.

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  1. Wow, that really sucks!

    I just tested my own websites with browserstack. Many sales pages are messed up on the older browsers, especially with Safari. I got the same issue like you. The buttons are simply not there (or just a small line on the side, too small to identify them as buttons). I have one bug after the other with Thrive themes. They should really get their shit together instead of releasing beta versions to the public.

    1. According to other support tickets, this has just been an issue since last weekend. And the fix is already in place, just waiting for deployment.

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