#146 – Nerdy Link Building Debates With Charles Floate (Grey vs White Hat)

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What You Will Learn

  • Surprising tidbits about the customers Charles works for
  • The “dirtiest” link Charles has ever acquired
  • Charles favorite SEO practice that a lot of people regularly ignore
  • Thoughts on the past, present, and future of linkbuilding

I sit down with Charles Floate, who is a well known grey hat guy and now mostly a link seller

And look, having Charles here doesn’t mean we recommend you buy links, we have always managed to build a large amount of links to our sites without paying for them, but it’s nonetheless a reality of the market.

Some of Your competitors will buy links and regardless of what you think is right, it’s something you will benefit from understanding better when it comes to competing with them.

And that’s exactly where this interview comes in.

Because Charles runs many link building campaigns in many niches for his clients, he is gaining a wealth of information you get to benefit from as he shares it here.

So if you enjoyed my nerdy interview with Kyle Roof, I highly recommend you stick here for this one because it gets equally geeky and we will talk about a lot of advanced link building concepts.


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