12 Best Mental Health Affiliate Programs In 2024

Looking for a way to earn money while making a genuine difference to people’s lives? Mental health affiliate programs could be the perfect opportunity.

One in five Americans experience some kind of mental illness, while almost one in 25 live with a serious mental health illness. So it’s hardly surprising that the healthcare industry is trying to do something about it.

That’s led to a massive increase in mental health products and services. Those products and services don’t just improve mental health. They’re worth a lot of money too. Indeed, the global market for mental health apps — which represents just a tiny proportion of the entire mental health “industry” — is expected to be worth more than $10 billion by 2027.

Because mental health issues can affect anyone at any time, these programs are relevant to a wide range of affiliate niches, such as:

Like the sound of helping your audience treat depression, overcome panic attacks, and reduce anxiety? Check out our roundup of the best mental health affiliate programs:

Mental Health Affiliate Programs

  1. Online Therapy
  2. Talkspace
  3. Greater Minds
  4. Panic Away (Clickbank)
  5. Calmerry
  6. Muse
  7. BestSelf
  8. Mindvalley
  9. Simple Truths
  10. Coursera
  11. Audible
  12. Mosaic Weighted Blankets
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Online Therapy

online therapy homepage

Online Therapy is a platform that connects users with qualified therapists within one minute. Its operation is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, a psychotherapeutic approach for treating mental health problems. Subscription plans start at $40 per week.

The Online Therapy affiliate program pays a $150 commission for every new customer who signs up via your affiliate link. The customer receives a 20% discount on their first month as an added bonus. The program has a 90-day cookie window.

As standard, commissions are paid by PayPal. However, if you join through the Tune/HasOffers affiliate platform, you can receive payouts via wire transfer instead.


talkspace homepage

Talkspace is similar to Online Therapy, in that it connects users with professional licensed therapists via mobile devices or on the web. Customers can contact their therapist through text, audio messaging, or video without having to wait for their next appointment. Prices start at $69 per week.

The company’s mental health affiliate program offers a $12 commission on eligible sales, with a 30-day cookie window. Commissions are paid via PayPal, Payoneer, e-wallet, or wire transfer. It has a $100 payment threshold.

To join Talkspace’s program, you’ll first need to create an account with its affiliate network partner, affjumbo. This involves providing basic information about you and your website and explaining how to plan to promote Talkspace. If you make the grade, your application will be approved within 2 – 3 business days.

  • URL: Talkspace affiliate program
  • Commission Rate: $12 per eligible sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Options: PayPal, Payoneer, e-wallet, wire transfer

Greater Minds

greater minds homepage

Greater Minds is an umbrella organization that runs three self-care and self-improvement-themed websites. It sells a variety of content and apps designed to help customers drive positive change and live happier lives.

Affiliate marketers get paid for promoting two of its platforms:

  • TheLawOfAttraction.com: A website incorporating several Law of Attraction programs created by experts Katherine Hurst, Bob Doyle, and Joe Vitale.
  • ehypnosis.com: Boasts a library of more than 200 self-hypnosis self-downloads created by internationally recognized clinical hypnotherapists, led by Dr Steve G. Jones.

If you want to promote Greater Minds, you’ll need to sign up for each of those affiliate programs individually. You’ll earn a 50% cut of the proceeds every time you sell a product.

Greater Minds has a $100 payment threshold. Commission payments are made around the 15th of the month via PayPal.

Panic Away

panic away homepage

As the name suggests, Panic Away aims to help users deal with panic attacks and reduce anxiety. Over the past 10 years it claims to have helped more than 70,000 people in 32 countries. It has three different product tiers, with prices starting at $67.95.

You’ll find this mental health affiliate program on the Clickbank affiliate network — the second-most-popular network, according to our affiliate marketing statistics.

It pays an extremely generous 70% commission on every sale you refer, which equates to an average payout of $43.01 per conversion.

According to Clickbank, the program has already paid more than $500,000 in commissions to affiliates. Payouts can be made via check, direct deposit, wire transfer, and Payoneer.

  • URL: Panic Away affiliate program
  • Commission Rate: 70% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • Payment Options: Check, direct deposit, wire transfer, Payoneer


calmerry homepage

Calmerry offers users access to a network of therapists who cover a range of mental health-related fields, from stress and anxiety to substance abuse and eating disorders. Customers can message their therapist whenever they want and schedule live therapy sessions online.

Like Online Therapy and Talkspace, Calmerry is a subscription-based service. Prices start at $42 per week. For every sale you refer, Calmerry’s affiliate program pays a commission of $150.

Commission payouts can be requested via Payoneer or bank transfer.

  • URL: Calmerry affiliate program
  • Commission Rate: $150 per sale
  • Cookie Duration: Unlisted
  • Payment Options: Bank transfer, Payoneer


muse homepage

Muse sells a brain-sensing headband, which sounds suitably space-age. The product uses real-time biofeedback to help users focus better during the day and recharge their batteries overnight. The device is priced from $249.99.

This mental health affiliate program is on the ShareASale network. It pays a 10% on all sales and has a 30-day cookie window. The average order size stands at $328.66, and it has a seven-day EPC of $15.61. Commissions are paid via direct deposit, check, and Payoneer.

Once you sign up, you’ll get access to a ton of useful marketing materials, including banner ads and updates on promotions, contests, and sales opportunities. The program also has a dedicated affiliate manager.

  • URL: Muse affiliate program
  • Commission Rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Options: Direct deposit, check, Payoneer


bestself homepage

BestSelf is an online store selling products and tools designed to “create positive change in your life”. Practically speaking, that means journals, planners, conversation decks, activity decks, and action pads. It offers free shipping on US orders of $45+.

The company’s affiliate program can be found on the ShareASale network. It pays a commission of 10% per sale and has a 30-day cookie window. Commissions are paid through direct deposit, check, and Payoneer.

ShareASale’s figures show the program delivers an average order value of $39.83, a 7-day EPC of $17.84, and a healthy 4.48% conversion rate.

Affiliates can take advantage of various marketing materials, including newsletters and banner ads.

  • URL: BestSelf affiliate program
  • Commission Rate: 10% per sale
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Options: Direct deposit, check, Payoneer


mindvalley homepage

Mindvalley is an education company that offers courses designed to “ignite massive change” in its students. If that all sounds a bit vague, bear in mind that the company uses NPS to gauge the popularity of its courses. If any product scores less than 8/10, it gets dropped.

To access its content, you’ll need to sign up for a membership, priced at $99 per month or $499 per year.

Unlike most other programs, Mindvalley operates its own in-house affiliate program, and also has programs on the Awin and Rakuten Linkshare networks. Those programs are all basically the same, except that the in-house version has a higher commission rate (30% vs. 20%). The company boasts an average order value of $300 and offers a 30-day cookie window.

Want to work with Mindvalley? You might not make the cut. It only partners with affiliates who have audiences of at least 200,000 fans or followers. Rather than simply taking your word for it, the company carries out independent analyses of your current and past traffic levels. If your application is a good fit, expect to receive a response in around seven days.

Commission payouts are made via PayPal, with a threshold of $100.

Simple Truths

simple truth homepage

Simple Truths was launched with the goal of publishing high-quality inspirational and motivational books that could be consumed in 45 minutes or less. The company has since published more than 150 books and has also moved into video content.

The Simple Truths affiliate program is available via ShareASale and eBay Enterprise. Which platform you choose, you’ll get a 10% commission rate and a 45-day cookie window in which to close the deal.

Allow up to two business days for your affiliate application to be reviewed by the Simple Truths team. Assuming you get the thumbs-up, you’ll receive exclusive offers and promotions created with your audience in mind, plus a monthly newsletter containing product updates, competitions, and affiliate opportunities. You also get the chance to earn higher commission rates for good performance. 


coursera homepage

Coursera is an online learning platform with more than 5,000 courses, professional certificates, and degrees, created in collaboration with 275+ leading universities and companies. More than 87 million people use Coursera to acquire new skills and earn qualifications.

The company’s affiliate program is powered by Impact Radius. It pays commissions on valid purchases of courses, professional certificates, specializations, and Coursera Plus subscriptions. Commissions range from:

  • 15% – 45% on subscriptions
  • 20% – 45% on one-time sales

Unlike a lot of affiliate programs, Coursera doesn’t just pay commissions on new customer sales. That’s right: if an existing customer buys via your affiliate link, you still earn money. Plus, it’s possible to earn multiple commissions from the same customer.

However, you’ll only receive a commission on the first month’s transaction. Payouts are made via direct transfer, BACS, or PayPal. The program has a 30-day cookie window.

Coursera affiliates can access professionally designed banners and a range of text links to make your life easier. The company also publishes weekly affiliate newsletters.

  • URL: Coursera affiliate program
  • Commission Rate: 15% – 45%
  • Cookie Duration: 30 days
  • Payment Options: Direct transfer, BACS, PayPal


audible homepage

As you probably know, Audible is an audiobook company owned by Amazon. It claims to offer the world’s largest selection of titles, including thousands of self-help audiobooks.

At this point, things get a little confusing. Audible currently has two active affiliate programs: one for UK-based affiliates, and the other for global affiliates.

The UK program pays a £4 commission for 30-day trial memberships and £7 for discount membership plans, with a 14-day cookie window.

If you’re not based in the UK (or don’t have a British audience), you can promote Audible products through Amazon’s regular affiliate program, Amazon Associates. At time of writing, it pays a range of commissions on Audible products, including:

  • $0.50 per audiobook sale
  • $5 for free trials of Audible Premium and Audible Plus
  • $10 on Audible Premium Plus and Audible Plus memberships
  • $25 on Audible Premium Plus Annual Membership
  • $5 – $10 on 1 – 12 month gift memberships

Amazon Associates only has a one-day cookie window. But if customers add an item to their shopping cart after clicking our affiliate link, that window gets extended to 90 days.

Mosaic Weighted Blankets

mosaic homepage

This mental health affiliate program is on the ShareASale network. It pays 10% on all sales and has a 30-day cookie window. The average order size stands at $328.66, and it has a seven-day EPC of $15.61. Commissions are paid via direct deposit, check, and Payoneer.

That’s good news, because Mosaic’s affiliate program only pays a commission on purchases of more than $100. For all qualifying customer sales, you’ll earn an 8% commission. The program has a 30-day cookie window. According to Mosaic’s affiliate landing page, it has an average order value of $150.

To help you drive traffic and sales, Mosaic offers access to monthly newsletters containing promotions, incentives, and all its latest offers.

Conclusion: Are Mental Health Affiliate Programs Right For You?

Let’s get one thing straight. If you’re just looking to make a quick buck, mental health affiliate programs aren’t for you. Stick to promoting VPNs or web hosting plans.

Anything health-related is categorized by Google as “Your Money or Your Life” content. To rank for mental health keywords, you need to demonstrate subject matter expertise. If your audience (and search engines) don’t find you trustworthy, you’re not going to get anywhere. That means creating high-quality, valuable, authoritative content.

Clearly, that takes a bunch of time. So you need to be passionate about mental health as a topic. And you also need to understand how to build a high-performing affiliate website.

We can’t help you on your mental health journey, but we can definitely help with the website part. Sign up for our free training and we’ll reveal the seven secrets that make new sites 83% more successful.