10 Best Metaphysical Affiliate Programs of 2021


So, let’s get you into the right mindset before we do anything else.

Suspend your disbelief.

Remember, you’re a marketer first and a cynic second – that’s for those of you who don’t embrace spirituality.

Also, this is where the market is heading – 25% of Americans now describe themselves as being spiritual, but not religious.

The metaphysical niche isn’t necessarily about whether or not you “believe”.

Or even if you want to believe.

It’s a simple supply-and-demand situation.

And when you truly understand that basic concept you can generate income results like these:

Ah Affiliate Commissions Example

Or this:

Ah Affiliate Commissions Example

The market for all things spiritual is a multi-billion dollar one, and it’s also trending upwards. 

Now all you need is a selection of the best metaphysical affiliate programs and products to promote.

Which we’ve very kindly put together for you.

Let’s see where our research into the world of the spiritual took us.

Metaphysical Affiliate Programs

  1. Sivana Affiliate Program
  2. Trinity Road Affiliate Program
  3. 15-Minute Manifestation Affiliate Program
  4. BetterListen! Affiliate Program
  5. 7-day Prayer Miracle Affiliate Program
  6. Tiny Devotions Affiliate Program
  7. Soji Energy Affiliate Program
  8. Shambhala Publications Affiliate Program
  9. Cosmos With Love Affiliate Program
  10. Yoga Download Affiliate Program


Sivana Homepage Screenshot

Sivana looks and feels like Boohoo – they want to look mainstream. 

But instead of clothing for angst-ridden teenagers,they instead sell energy crystal jewelry, incense, sage and smudging supplies, candles, and more.

They do also sell clothing though, such as Himalayan Yak wool wraps, as well as a whole range of ‘Fair Trade’ clothing and even cruelty-free vegan leather. 

Basically, they stock everything the fashionable metaphysicist needs for their home or an evening out with friends. 

A percentage of everything they sell is donated to charities in India who are working to prevent Vitamin A Deficiency Disease (VADD).

So you’re promoting a company with heart.

Sivana Affiliate Program Stats

If you can get warm traffic to this site I’m confident it will convert – this is a “raving fan” market.

This is backed up by their claimed 10% conversion rate.

Sivana has just the right balance of products to appeal to a very wide audience – an audience that just loves buying this kind of stuff.

URL: Sivana affiliate program

Commission: 10% per sale

EPC:  $45.37

Cookie duration: 45 days

Trinity Road

Trinity Road Homepage Screenshot

Trinity Road is the umbrella company for several brands, including  The Catholic Company, Rosary.com, and PrayStrong.com

They sell a wide range of products covering pretty much every aspect of the Christian faith such as Bibles, crucifixes, candles, etc.

For anyone questioning whether or not a Christian site should be categorized under “metaphysical”, I have a one-word answer: Transubstantiation. 

And that’s not taking a poke at religious people – it’s a core tenet of the faith, which most definitely touches on the realm of the spiritual. 

Trinity Road Affiliate Program Stats

This affiliate offer pays 8% on all products sold through your affiliate links.

And with an average online order value of $67, you can expect to earn roughly $5 per transaction.

But you do have a pretty huge market to promote their offers to, so volume sales are where the money’s at.

URL: Trinity Road affiliate program

Commission:  8% per sale

EPC:  $27.73

Cookie duration: 45 days

15-Minute Manifestation

15 Minute Manifestation Homepage Screenshot

The concept of manifestation has many names. 

The Law of Attraction and Cosmic ordering are just two of them.

What trips most beginners up when trying to visualize their desired outcome is they can’t get into the right mental state.

Which is where the 15 Minute Manifestation audio product might just come in handy.

These 15-minute tracks help you tap into your subconscious while also removing any limiting beliefs.

Maybe you think products like this are a bunch of hokum?

Well…here’s a question…do you believe in the theory of a holographic universe?

15 Minute Manifestation Affiliate Program Stats Clickbank

As you might have guessed by now, this product is available via ClickBank.

Which means it has a pretty high payout, as do most active affiliate programs on that network.

In this case, helping others along their spiritual journey can earn you $45 per sale.

URL: 15 Minute Manifestation affiliate program

Commission:  $45 per sale

Gravity: 85.66

Cookie duration: 60 days


Betterlisten Homepage Screenshot

Better Listen sells a range of spoken word products from some of the leading spiritual leaders and great thinkers of our time.

This covers topics from Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism to guided meditation, mindfulness, and yoga.

Each audiobook comes in the form of a downloadable MP3 that you can play on any compatible device, and independent of a specific app or platform.

There’s been a significant resurgence in the popularity of “New Age” products like these, so you should find a ready audience willing to spend money on them.

Bettelisten Affiliate Program Stats

As an affiliate you’ll receive 15% commission on all products sold.

But, as you might have noticed, the average commission payment is around $2.60 per transaction.

So you’ll need to either work with a volume sales approach here or promote this along with other affiliate programs on your “spiritual” site.

URL: BetterListen! affiliate program

Commission:  15%

EPC:  $12.33

Cookie duration: 45 days

7-day Prayer Miracle

7 Day Prayer Miracle Homepage Screenshot

The practice of manifestation and prayer go hand-in-hand.

In fact, prayer is the original form of manifestation, except in days gone by the needy prayed for a miracle instead of a way out of their current financial rut.

Miracles though, as with most things in life, are relative to your specific circumstances. 

The 7-Day Prayer Miracle does what it says on the tin – introduces you to a 4-sentence prayer you repeat each day for a week until your requested miracle manifests itself.

Something that really stands out about this affiliate program is the website because it’s bright, modern, and features lots of social proof.

Or, in other words, unlike 95% of the stuff you’ll find on ClickBank.

7 Day Prayer Miracle Affiliate Program Stats

Now let’s take a look at how much you can earn as an affiliate promoting their products. 

Each sale is worth at least $35 to you, but that increases to $58 per sale if your visitor purchases any of their up-sells. 

But you also make 25% of the recurring $37 per month fee this spiritual program charges.

URL: 7-day Prayer Miracle affiliate program

Commission:  $58 per sale

Gravity: 48.44

Cookie duration: 60 days

Tiny Devotions

Tiny Devotions Homepage Screenshot

The Tiny Devotions online store sells a range of jewelry and lifestyle accessories aimed at the person who wants to pursue a truly intentional lifestyle.

These products include journals, scarves, charms, earrings, bracelets, and rings.

But they’re best known for their Mala beads.

These are beads traditionally used in meditation practice and can be made from a variety of materials including gemstones.

They’re basically rosary beads for hippies.

Just kidding – relax hippies. 

The neat thing about their Mala bead necklaces and bracelets is they’ll appeal to anyone who likes organic jewelry.

They’re not just for those of a spiritual inclination.

Tiny Devotion Affiliate Program Stats

Is selling beads and necklaces actually worth your while as an affiliate, spiritual or otherwise?


This program pays 15% commission on all products purchased through your affiliate links.

So that means you’ll make an average of $15 per transaction.

URL: Tiny Devotions affiliate program

Commission:  15% per sale

EPC:  $31.20

Cookie duration: 90 days

Soji Energy

Soji Energy Homepage Screenshot

What’s better than drinking pure, filtered water?

Drinking water from a Soji Energy bottle that is infused with the energy of a specific type of crystal.

I can safely say I’ve never seen a product like this before now, so that makes Soji the first of its kind to reach the open market.

But they do also sell other products like crystal rollers, trays, and dispensers, and even raw crystals – both shaped and uncut.

 Basically, this is a shopping paradise for any audience even remotely interested in crystals and all things spiritual.

Or just having the boasting rights of owning a Soji Energy bottle way before anyone else.

Soji Energy Affiliate Program Stats

Now, this is where this affiliate offer gets really good.

An average water bottle retails for about $5, so there’s no margin there for you to earn worthwhile commissions.

But each of these bottles costs an average of $94, so you can expect to make around $4.50 per online transaction.

Affiliate programs like this can be worth their weight in gold, especially if you’re an early adopter. 

URL: Soji Energy affiliate program

Commission:  5% per sale

EPC:  $10.20

Cookie duration: 180 days

Shambhala Publications

Shambhala Publications Homepage Screenshot

Shambhala is a mythical kingdom, hidden in a secret valley in Tibet.

Only the truly enlightened can find it and gain entry.

Or so the legend goes.

Shambhala Publications, on the other hand, gives you easy access to a range of books and courses covering everything from Buddhism and Judaism to philosophy and martial arts.

There’s a pretty strong focus on Eastern spirituality and mysticism in their books and courses, which is understandable.

But their range of products is still diverse enough for fans of the metaphysical to find something of interest.

In an age of rapidly developing technology, a lot of folks are looking for ways to find peace amidst all the chaos and noise.

Shambhala Publications might just help them turn the volume down a notch.

Shambhala Publications Affiliate Program Stats

As an affiliate, you’ll get paid 10% commission on every referred sale, which is above average for what is effectively an online book store.

And with many of their courses costing $150 or above, there’s the opportunity to earn some better-than-decent money here.

URL: Shambhala Publications affiliate program

Commission:  10% per sale


Cookie duration: 30 days

Cosmos With Love

Cosmos With Love Homepage Screenshot

If you’ve ever wondered why some mere mortals seem to lead a charmed life, while others struggle at every turn, then “The Cosmos With Love” might just have the answer.

This product claims that your destiny is mapped out in your DNA from the moment you were conceived.

And the reason why most folks “fail” at trying to find their way in life is that they simply have no idea how to decode their DNA.

The Quadrant Power System (the product behind the brand) says that by using an ancient Maya calendar you can get answers to questions like what your perfect job might be, and who your true soulmate is.

And the best part is that you don’t have to go trekking around ancient sites to do this.

Instead, you just need their 53-minute audio guide and workbook to help you uncover the truth about your destiny.

Cosmos With Love Affiliate Program Stats Clickbank

So how does this offer compare to the other affiliate programs on this list?

You might want to sit down.

This affiliate program pays an average of $327 per sale – that’s not a typo.

Okay, their ‘Gravity’ score shows us this probably doesn’t happen every other day.

But then it’s only our job to show you what’s possible, given enough time and effort.

URL: The Cosmos With Love affiliate program

Commission:  $327 per sale

Gravity: 38.8

Cookie duration: 60 days

Yoga Download

Yoga Download Homepage Screenshot

Yoga has been practiced in India and the Far East for thousands of years.

It touches on both the spiritual and metaphysical, depending on what form of yoga you practice.

Yoga has also become extremely popular in Western countries over the last few decades – it’s literally an industry in and of itself now.

The problem most people have with practicing yoga is finding the time to attend classes.

Yoga Download solves that problem by giving you access to more than 1,700 online yoga classes that you can attend whenever it suits you.

And your audience can get the whole deal for as little as $10 per month, if they pay for a year in advance.

Yoga Download Affiliate Program Stats

This affiliate program has an average order value of $44 and an average payout of $12, which is well above their stated commission rate.

You also get lots of creatives to work with and a generous 90-day cookie.

URL: Yoga Download affiliate program

Commission:  12%

EPC: $29.91

Cookie duration: 60 days

Over to You

Well, that was interesting.

The spiritual, metaphysical, and the ethereal plane are really popular topics. 

But finding trustworthy programs around them was surprisingly difficult.

There are lots of metaphysical affiliate programs out there but not quite as many as I’d expected to find on any of the major affiliate networks.

With that said, the research did turn up some absolute gems, the crystal-powered water bottles being a prime example.

And some of these affiliate programs are paying insane commissions.

Just a handful of sales per month would be enough to replace what you make in your day job.

We quit our day jobs years ago.

If you’d like to learn exactly how we went about doing that, then why not sign up for 2-hours of free training with us?

No strings attached.

No gimmicks.

Just tons of actionable information you can use straight away.

Let us know what email address to send your invitation to.

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