#151 – 11 Things We Learned After a Million Podcast Downloads

What You will Learn

  • Why consistency is extremely important
  • Tips to start podcasting on a budget
  • The cons and challenges of podcasts
  • When we think starting a podcast is a good idea

We now have over 150 episodes published on the Authority Hacker podcast, and over 1 million downloads. That’s over 312 years of Mark and I speaking to each other non-stop.

So today we are going to talk some more.

We are going to talk about everything we learned about podcasting with the Authority Hacker podcast and ask the question: Is it worth it for YOU as an authority site builder to start a podcast?


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  1. Bradley Perniciaro

    I love the podcast, but it’s really difficult to find show notes for old episodes if you start on the root podcast page. Sometimes I do a search from the main page, and I can bring up the desired podcast and listen to it, but there is no link to go directly to the show notes. Maybe you could put a link in the show description?

    It’s also really difficult to find old episodes on Google for some reason.

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