#159 – Nerdy SEO Debates With Matt Diggity

What You Will Learn

  • Matt and Gael’s critique of E-A-T
  • Matt’s anchor text strategies
  • Evidence that link echo is really a thing
  • Tips to take your affiliate game to the next level

Welcome to the Nerdy Debate Series. In this format, we invite people who are down in the trenches and talk about various topics that are on the cutting edge of the industry.

Today is going to be an advanced podcast, and we are going to talk with someone that I probably don’t need to introduce anymore. He’s basically the pope of affiliate SEO at this point: Matt Diggity.


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  1. I was the one that asked the Links Vs. Content question in the FB group, so thanks for bringing that up! It was great to hear a more in-depth discussion about it.

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