#152 – 9 Skills You Should Develop To Take Your Online Business To The Next Level

What You Will Learn

  • How playing to your strengths is better than trying to fix all of your weaknesses
  • A simple spreadsheet formula that will save you months of work
  • Great tools that don’t require design or coding expertise
  • A laundry list of books and resources to develop your tech and management skills

Running web properties is more than a full time job already. It’s something that you really need to put your heart into in order to stand out. But one thing that really fascinates me about the job is the amount variety of tasks we get to deal with.

From tech to management, to content creation, I personally find it extremely fulfilling. But many people don’t know what they should learn next.

So, in today’s podcast, we are going to give you a list of 9 skills we think you can easily pick up that will improve your business and how to get started with the best resources out there.