#112 – Onpage SEO with Charles Floate

What you will learn

Quick note: for some reason the wrong microphone was recording on my end during this interview, sorry for the poor sound quality :/.

As some of you know, Mark and I haven’t always been about purely white hat techniques when it. Back in the olden agency days, we were pretty gray.

And I have to admit, while white hat stuff is probably the safest way to grow your site, the gray hat community has an undeniably practical approach to SEO that I really like.

So why not invite one of the most controversial SEOs out there and get some input for the onpage optimization tips he uses.

Enter Charles Floate, “the God of SEO.”

Coming from an entrepreneurial family, Charles started really early in online marketing and currently owns an agency, but also dabbles in affiliate sites.

We got to talk a lot about the technical aspects of onpage optimization, the importance of internal links and anchor text, streamlining site structures and redirects and other small things that, when done properly, can have a lot of impact on your rankings and traffic.

You can check out Charles at https://charlesfloate.co.uk/,Twitter (@charles_seo) or Facebook (TheCharlesFloate).


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