How To Use The Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags To Control Your Site’s Sharing Experience (No Code Needed)

Have you ever tried to share your content (or someone elses’s) on Facebook and realised the link looked like SHIT there ?

I have. And that prevented me from sharing a bunch of cool stuff and I’m sure a bunch of cool stuff I produced didn’t get shared for that reason.

Plus, when your snippets look boring and/or broken, you’ll get almost no traffic from these shares because they will get DESTROYED by the Buzzfeed and co swarming our Facebook feeds in terms of CTR.

This has to end. Therefore this week, following miss Jennita’s Whiteboard friday of last week, I decided to investigate social media snippets optimisation for WordPress.

I wanted to control everything. From the Image to the headline and description.

Without further teasing. Here’s the tutorial:

Resources mentioned in the video

Why you should optimise your Facebook sharing experience

  • It increases the chances of people sharing (and re sharing) your content
  • It improves the clickthrough rate on shared items
  • Improved clickthrough rate improves shared items visibility
  • Increased referral traffic from Facebook

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, the posts I’ve optimised using this technique so far are receiving roughly double the amount of traffic from Facebook share than they used to before.

If you have any question, feel free to drop it in the comment section, otherwise consider joining our mailing list to receive weekly tutorials like this one.

Have a great sunday!

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