33 Best Pet Affiliate Programs of 2023 To Make Your Bank Balance Purr

In this blog post, we look at the pet niche and profitable pet affiliate programs for you to promote.

The best niches are the ones where you find that wonderful combination of “raving fans” and evergreen appeal.

The pet industry has both of those qualities.

Pet lovers are willing to spend almost any amount of money to keep their companion animal happy, comfortable and well-fed, which means lots of scope for promoting pet affiliate programs.

To put some numbers around this, pet owners in the US spent $103.6 billion dollars on their furry, feathered and scaly friends in 2020 alone.

$42 billion of that was on pet food, and another $22 billion was spent on accessories and medicines. 

This means you can rack a lot of commissions in this niche!

There’s also a growing demand for pet supplies like food, collars, leashes, bedding, and medicine. 

But we’re also seeing new product lines appearing like dog GPS trackers and CBD pet products.

So, as we always do, we went and found the very best pet affiliate programs for you lovely people.


Pet Affiliate Programs

  1. Petco Supplies
  2. Ollie
  3. Holista Pet
  4. FurHaven Pet Products
  5. Pet Care Supplies
  6. Paw.com
  7. Pet Pro Supply Co.
  8. Whistle
  9. Live Pee Free
  10. Embark
  11. Chewy
  12. Hepper
  13. FitBark
  14. King Kanine
  15. PetCube
  16. Zooplus UK
  17. Brain Training For Dogs
  18. Pets Warehouse
  19. Cherrybrook
  20. BarkBox
  21. Bark Potty
  22. Yumwoof
  23. Fetch (formerly Petplan)
  24. Furbo
  25. The Online Dog Trainer
  26. Bulletproof Pet Products
  27. This Dog’s Life
  28. PetPlate
  29. Nom Nom
  30. Revival Animal Health
  31. HempMy Pet
  32. Natural Wonder Pets
  33. PawHealer
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Petco Supplies

Petco Supplies Homepage

Petco has been serving customers in the US, Mexico, and Puerto Rico since the 1960s. 

They have over 1,500 physical locations in addition to a major online business. You can find pretty much all the food, bedding and accessories you need for your dog, cat, bird, fish or reptile in their online store.

But they also offer dog grooming, veterinary care, dog obedience classes, pet sitting, and even in-store adoption events.

The problem with big-brand affiliate programs is that their commission rates are typically low, and pet affiliate programs are no different.

In the case of the Petco affiliate program, you’ll earn 0% – 2% commission on all purchases, including 0% (yes, that’s no money) for promoting their “Pupbox” subscription box service.

But their EPC indicates a pretty large volume of online sales.


Ollie Homepage

When was the last time you looked at the ingredients in the dog food you buy? Some of these “foods” contain fillers like ash – yes, like the stuff left over after a fire.

Ollie dog food, on the other hand, is made from human-grade meat.

What makes them really special, though, is that each meal is tailored to your dog’s breed, age, and activity level, and delivered to your door.

Every new customer referred through your affiliate link earns you a flat $60.

And because Ollie donates some of the proceeds of each sale to dogs in need, everyone wins when you promote this affiliate program.

Holista Pet

Holista Pet Homepage

CBD products are big business right now, and the market for cannabidiol-based health products for pets is equally buoyant.

Holista Pet has tapped into this market, selling a range of CBD-infused edibles, treats, and ingestible oils for dogs, cats, and even horses.

As I mentioned in our roundup of the best CBD affiliate programs, I’ve used CBD oil to treat my dog’s arthritis and the results have been amazing.

You’ll earn 25% per sale through this pet affiliate program. Holista claims to have very high conversion rates (but no numbers are available), and an EPC of $239 means lots of affiliate marketers are making bank.

There are 62 million pet owners in America, so you have a huge market to work with.

FurHaven Pet Products

Furhaven Pet Homepage

Pet beds are something every pet owner is happy to spend money on.

And the team at FurHaven is more than happy to sell them some of the most luxurious dog beds available today.

They also make orthopedic beds for those four-legged friends with frosted snouts and sore legs.

Affiliate marketers are paid 10% of the total value of every sale they make through FurHaven’s pet affiliate program. FurHaven has a 9.26% conversion rate, so basically 1-in-11 of your visitors should convert to a sale worth around $10 to you.

That’s the lower end of the scale though – some of their pet beds cost up to $200, which would result in a $20 payout.

Pet Care Supplies

Pet Care Supplies Homepage

Pet Care Supplies are an example of how you monetize a sub-niche.

Instead of trying to sell absolutely everything you could need for a pet, they instead focus on pet health products. 

Your pet is going to need regular (and usually expensive) treatment for fleas, ticks, and other problems. Many of these can be administered at home, so Pet Care Supplies will deliver what you need to your front door for a lot less than you might pay locally. 

Pet health products aren’t cheap, which is why this company has an average order value of $120, and you get up to 13% of that.

This affiliate program would probably work well with long-tail phrases like: “What’s the best tick collar for a greyhound.”

Think: Question – Solution – Sale.


Paw.com Homepage

Dog beds are pretty much a dime a dozen when you go shopping for one.

But Paw.com dog beds are very different.

They’re designed to not only be comfortable but stylish too — they blend right in with your décor. And dogs love them too, probably because they look natural and feel great (they’re made from memory foam).

So how much can you make promoting this pet affiliate program?

A typical faux fur Paw.com bed costs about $120, so you’d make $24 per sale based on that.

This is the type of product pet parents love because it’s unique, provides for their best friend, and their friends probably don’t own one.

Pet Pro Supply Co.

Pet Pro Supply Co Homepage

Pet Pro Supply Co is a little different because their target audience is professionals like dog trainers, vets, and groomers.

But they also have products aimed directly at regular pet owners who simply want the best cage, door or whelping box for their furry family member. 

This is probably the most niche affiliate program in this roundup because most of these products will only appeal to a specific audience.

A commission rate of 4% might seem low, but a typical dog grooming table sells for about $899, so you’d net a $35 commission from just one of those.

The 15-day cookie isn’t ideal, but again this is a very niche audience that knows what it wants  – you just have to point them in the right direction with your affiliate links. 


Whistle Homepage

Whistle manufacturers GPS trackers for dogs that also have built-in health monitoring features.

Insider Tip: There’s almost no competition in the dog GPS tracking niche last time I checked.  Literally none, but they’re selling like hotcakes. You’re welcome.

Most pet owners invest in GPS trackers in case their dog gets stolen, but they can also help you find the escape artists who always find a way out of your yard.

The Whistle GO tracker does all of the above, but also allows you to monitor your pet’s health, like reporting on excessive licking or scratching. 

The only real downside is that you also need to pay a monthly subscription of $9.95 to connect the GPS tracker to the AT&T cellular network.

Each referred sale is worth an average of $100 to you, and Whistle provides you with a range of optimized creatives (ads and links) to use on your site or social platform.

Live Pee Free

Live Pee Free Homepage

Live Pee Free is a product that every pet owner wants – something to get rid of the smell of urine.

Live Pee Free gets rid of these odors by unleashing the power of billions of positively charged ions on carpets, fabric and even wooden surfaces. Apparently, it’s 8x – 10x more effective than any other pet odor remover on the market.

This is a perfect bolt-on affiliate program for pet sites, home décor sites, property rental sites, etc, etc.

Basically, any piece of content that talks about unwanted doggy odors can have a Live Pee Free affiliate link inserted into it.

You get paid 30% commission for referred sales, which comes to $20.91 based on their average order value.


Embark Homepage

Embark is one of those affiliate programs we love finding. Their domain name is clever, their pet product is clever, and it taps into the current trend of home DNA testing.

You can order either a breed identification kit or a breed and health kit from Embark so you can pre-empt any health problems your doggy buddy might face in the future.

You’ll get to know everything about your puppy, from their ancestry and relatives, to why they exhibit certain behaviors and epigenetic “habits”. 

Embark DNA home testing kits cost between $129 and $199, so you’ll make either $12.90 or $19.90 per sale.

This program is a no-brainer for any pet-related affiliate website. You’d be silly not to promote it.


Chewy Homepage

Chewy is an online pet supply retailer stocking literally millions of pet products from more than 2,000 brands. 

Whether they have a cat, dog, lizard, fish, or pretty much any other furry or scaly friend, pet parents will probably find what they’re looking for at Chewy. It even runs a pharmacy for pet prescriptions.

Chewy also does a fantastic job of driving repeat orders through its Autoship program, which offers discounts of up to 10% on regular purchases.

Speaking of purchases, the Chewy affiliate program — run through CJ Affiliate and Partnerize — pays a 4% commission.

Want to learn more? Check our Chewy affiliate program review.


hepper homepage

Hepper sells premium cat furniture. Unlike your standard cat bed or litter tray, Hepper’s products are designed to be easy on the eye, like “conversation pieces or mini sculptures.” They’re designed in collaboration with vets, meaning they’re as safe as they are pretty.

All purchases from Hepper come with free shipping, a two-year warranty extension, and free and easy returns.

The company’s pet affiliate program has a 30-day cookie window. It pays a baseline commission of 12%, although top-performing affiliates can earn higher rates. Commissions are paid twice monthly in USD, with a payment threshold of $50.

Hepper’s affiliate program is managed through the AffiliateWP WordPress plugin. Unfortunately, if the plugin doesn’t work in your country, you can’t join the program. Otherwise, it’s open to affiliates based anywhere, although commissions are paid in USD. All applications are manually reviewed, typically within 48 business hours.

The website boasts a solid average order value of around $60. However, Hepper notes that this figure increases during peak shopping times.


Fitbark Homepage

FitBark claims to sell the world’s smallest and lightest dog GPS tracker. Given that I have neither the time nor the inclination to measure and weigh all the various tracking tools in the pet niche, I guess we’ll just have to take their word for it.

Pet owners certainly seem to like it, awarding FitBark a 4.3-star rating on Amazon.

If you’re a pet affiliate, you’ll like it too, because FitBark’s pet affiliate program pays a healthy 12% base commission per sale, with an average order value of $100.

It also offers a 60-day cookie window, which is longer than most pet affiliate programs we’ve looked at.

King Kanine

King Kanine Homepage

King Kanine started out selling a single product — the King Komb, designed for removing undercoat, excess fur, and dander from dogs.

Since those early days, its range expanded to include a variety of organic CBD pet products for cats and dogs, all of which are independently tested for safety and quality, and manufactured in the company’s ISO-90001 Certified FDA facility.

CBD pet products are still a new thing to many pet owners, so it’s definitely a good idea to reassure them on issues like quality.

And it’s in your interest to reassure them, because the King Kanine affiliate program pays a solid commission of 15% per sale.

Zooplus UK

Zooplus Homepage

Zooplus is one for our European affiliate marketing friends. 

They’ve been in business since 1999, so they seem to be one of the handful of big brands that dodged the Dotcom Bust.

They have 8,000 products ready to ship to their customers across Europe, including a complete range of food, accessories and even at-home medical treatments.

You can sign up for the Zooplus affiliate program through Awin — the sixth-most-popular affiliate network, according to our affiliate marketing statistics.

Commission rates are low at 7% but a good affiliate can make up for that with a volume of sales.

Brain Training For Dogs

Brian Training For Dogs

Brain Training 4 Dogs is ideal for those of you who really want a well-behaved dog.

This 7-module video training course is the creation of Adrienne Farricelli, a professional and certified dog trainer.

It works on the basis of something called neuroplasticity, which is basically the medical reason why old dogs actually can learn new tricks.

Their affiliate program is run through ClickBank and pays 75% commission. So every new customer you send their way will net you around $31.

They also have a pretty high gravity score, so they convert traffic better than most other pet affiliate programs on ClickBank.

P.S. We have a whole blog post dedicated to making money with ClickBank products and in-depth ClickBank review.


Petcube Homepage

Ever wondered what your furry friend gets up to when you’re not at home? So have a lot of other animal and pet enthusiasts!

That’s where Petcube comes in. It sells a range of interactive cameras that help pet parents keep tabs on their furry friends.

Some of its products do a whole lot more than that, too. For instance, the Petcube Bites range allows owners to remotely dispense treats, while the Petcube Play incorporates a built-in laser toy to keep your pets active while you’re out and about.

Prices range from $39.99 to $199, so with a 10% commission rate, there’s decent money to be made through this pet affiliate program.

Pets Warehouse

Pet Warehouse Homepage

Don’t be put off by its slightly, ummm, “unsophisticated-looking” website — Pets Warehouse is a big deal. 

Operating five independent stores on Long Island, New York, it stocks 45,000 products. Only a handful of the top pet retailers can claim to offer as wide a range.

Of course, it also runs an online pet store that ships across the continental US, offering free 2 – 3 day shipping on approximately one-third of its pet products.

With big-ticket items costing up to $3,000 and an average order value of $60, there’s plenty of reason to promote Pets Warehouse. And while a base commission rate of 6% is nothing to write home about, super affiliates can earn 10% per sale.

The only real downside is that Pets Warehouse only has a 10-day cookie window, which is at the lower end of the pet affiliate programs we’ve seen.


Cherrybrook Homepage

Cherrybrook has been selling pet food, supplies, treats, health and wellness products, and much more to pet owners, dog handlers, and breeders since 1969.

It offers a few features you won’t find at most pet retailers. For instance, its Shop by Breed functionality allows dog owners to track down products that are designed specifically for their pet’s breed, which is definitely useful.

So is this one of the top pet affiliate programs on the market? Well, the 8% commission rate is nothing special, but the 90-day cookie window stacks up well.

Plus you’ll get all the support you need from Cherrybrook’s dedicated affiliate management team.


Barkbox Homepage

As you can probably guess from the name, BarkBox is a subscription box service for dogs.

It runs new themed collections every month, each of which includes two toys, two bags of natural treats, and a dog chew.

Prices start at $23 per box, with each BarkBox containing more than $40 worth of pet products.

With more than two million dogs already enjoying the benefits of BarkBox, there’s clearly a big market here.

BarkBox pays a flat commission of $18 per sale, which stacks up pretty well against other dog affiliate programs.

That said, as a subscription service, it’d be nice to see BarkBox offering a recurring commission rather than a single bounty payment.

Bark Potty

Bark Potty Homepage

It may not be the most glamorous aspect of pet ownership, but our furry friends need to… ahem… do their business pretty regularly.

So it’s in your interest to give them a clean and pleasant space in which to do it!

Enter Bark Potty. It sells eco-friendly potty pads made from real bark and like-real grass, containing natural smells that encourage dogs to “make”.

The tray is lined to prevent leaks and is also designed to neutralize odors, which is definitely a good thing.

The Bark Potty pet affiliate program pays a 10% commission for every new subscriber, with a 30-day cookie window.

Affiliate partners get advanced warning on upcoming sales too, which gives you plenty of opportunity to promote them.


Yumwoof Homepage

Yumwoof is a natural pet food company. Whereas most dog foods look pretty unappetizing to us humans, Yumwoof uses natural, human-grade ingredients and steers clear of fillers, gluten, soy, wheat, and potatoes. 

All of its foods meet or exceed the nutrient profiles set out by the Association of American Feed Control Officials.

So far, so good. And there’s plenty of opportunity for strong affiliate earnings here too, with a 15% commission rate and a 45-day cookie window.

According to Yumwoof’s own figures, that adds up to an extremely healthy EPC of $200, making it one of the highest paying pet affiliate programs on this list.

Fetch (formerly Petplan)

Petplan Homepage

Fetch sells pet insurance, with prices averaging $25 per month for cats and $35 per month for dogs.

Customers can visit any licensed vet in the US or Canada, with Fetch covering up to 90% of unexpected vet bills. So it’s no surprise that more than 280,000 pets are insured by Fetch.

As any experienced affiliate marketer will tell you, insurance products are extremely competitive, but they offer the chance to earn a ton of money online. 

Fetch is no different, with its pet affiliate program paying out a generous $25 per lead. To help monetize their traffic, affiliate partners can access real-time performance tracking and ready-to-use marketing materials.


Furbo Homepage

Similar to Petcube, Furbo makes interactive smart cameras that allow dog owners to see, talk, and toss treats to their furry friends when they’re out of the house.

It boasts super clear 1080p Full HD picture quality, with 4x zoom, a 160-degree wide angle view, and even night vision.

But that’s just the beginning. The Furbo dog camera has a bunch of other smart features, such as sending alerts when your dog barks, meaning you can instantly check in to make sure everything’s okay.

While the Furbo dog camera affiliate program doesn’t offer the most generous terms of all the brands on this list, a 5% cut on sales of a $130+ product is respectable enough.

The Online Dog Trainer

The Online Dog Trainer Homepage

You can probably guess what The Online Dog Trainer does.

Run by Doggy Dan (not his real name), it’s the most popular dog training product on ClickBank, with more than 57,000 dog owners purchasing his various programs.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff: The Online Dog Trainer has all the ingredients of a great affiliate program. 

For starters, just look at that commission rate — 70% per sale is well above almost all the other pet affiliate programs on this list. And with a refund rate of just 3%, you can feel confident that the sales you refer will stick.

Combine that with a 60-day cookie window and signing up for this pet affiliate program becomes a real no-brainer.

Bulletproof Pet Products

Bulletproof Pet Products Homepage

For a lot of dogs, their bark is worse than their bite. But for others, the exact opposite is true — they’ve got a bite like the shark in Jaws (which was apparently called Bruce, if you’re interested).

Bulletproof Pet Products are aimed at that second category of canines — heavy biters. It sells hand-made rubber toys that are designed to be indestructible, having been tested with pitbulls, bulldogs, Great Danes, and plenty more breeds.

They don’t splinter, are non-toxic, and come with a 90-day one-time replacement guarantee.

It’s also expanded its catalog recently to incorporate dog treats and skin care products too. That means lots of ways to monetize your traffic.

This Dog’s Life

This Dog's Life Homepage

This Dog’s Life describes itself as the Williams Sonoma of the dog world. In practical terms, that means it’s a curated pet supplies marketplace featuring in-house wellness supplements alongside products from smaller, boutique brands.

Its top seller, Bye Bye Dog Breath, is a vet-formulated dental range made with natural ingredients to clean your dog’s teeth, freshen their breath, and fight off plaque.

But you’ll find much more than toothpaste here, with its various brands selling everything from beds and collars to toys and treats.

Whatever pet products your referrals are interested in, you’ll earn a flat 10% commission on every sale, with a cookie window of 30 days.


Pet Plate Homepage

PetPlate is a custom subscription meal plan service that offers 100% human-quality dog food. 

All of its meals are made with USDA-grade meat, fruits, and vegetables, and also contain a proprietary supplement blend. Evidently, it’s popular with humans and dogs alike, with more than 10 million meals delivered to date.

While most pet affiliate programs offer affiliates a percentage of every sale, PetPlate pays a flat $25 commission on all purchases made within the 30-day cookie window.

Special deals and bonuses are available throughout the year to help you drive more traffic (and sales).


Nomnom Homepage

Founded in 2015 and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, NomNomNow is another subscription box service that offers home delivery on pet meals made with fresh, restaurant-quality ingredients.

Free shipping and automatic reordering are available on all purchases.

All meals are cooked weekly in the company’s local kitchen and are individually portioned based on the specific nutritional needs of each pet.

As well as natural pet food, NomNomNow sells probiotics and microbiome testing kits for pet owners who care about their furry friends’ gut health.

The NomNomNow affiliate program pays 20% commissions.

Revival Animal Health

Revival Animal Health Homepage

Revival Animal Health has been offering quality pet health products — including medications, supplements, and vaccinations — to pet owners in the US and further afield since 1989.

Its website boasts a catalog of 1,500 pet products and attracts average orders of $110, which means there’s plenty of commission to be made here.

Speaking of commission, Revival Animal Health pays a flat rate of 6% per sale, with a cookie window of 30 days.

To help you “close the deal” and drive more traffic, the website offers regular customer promotions and free shipping on qualified orders. You’ll also get access to a dedicated affiliate manager.

HempMy Pet

Hempmy Pet Homepage

HempMy Pet sells organic CBD pet products that are independently tested in clinical studies and happily recommended by vets.

Its products are made from cultivar-specific hemp extracted from the company’s own farms in Colorado. All qualify for free shipping across the 50 US states.

Now, let’s get to the good stuff. HempMy Pet beats a lot of pet affiliate programs out of the water, with a sky-high 30% commission rate and a 90-day cookie duration.

With average orders standing at over $100, you stand to make more than $30 for each and every sale you drive.

HempMy Pet also offers an affiliate link customizer and branded promo codes to support your affiliate marketing strategy.

Natural Wonder Pets

Natural Wonder Pets Homepage

Natural Wonder Pets specializes in premium, all-natural products designed to protect your dog’s health, such as flea and tick spray, herbal parasite formula, and cough medicine.

All of its pet solutions are extracted from USDA-certified organic ingredients that are ethically wild-harvested from their natural environment.

Produced in small batches only, its remedies have grown from years of dedicated research and testing.

It’s hard to rank Natural Wonder Pets against other pet affiliate programs. On one hand, its commissions are excellent, with a 15% base rate that climbs to:

  • 18% for monthly sales of $1,000
  • 21% for monthly sales of $5,000

Unfortunately, on the downside, it only offers a7-day cookie window — shorter than the other pet affiliate programs on this list.


Pawhealer Homepage

PawHealer sells herbs for dogs and cats. Not to season their food, but to improve their health, in line with traditional Chinese medicinal formulas and techniques.

Pleasingly, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders, which is always useful for affiliate marketers looking to close the deal.

At this point, things get a little complicated, because PawHealer offers not one, but twoo pet affiliate programs on different networks: one on FlexOffers, and the other on ShareASale.

Program terms vary across each network. For instance, on ShareASale, you get 7.5% for existing and 15% for new customers, and the cookie length is 60 days.

If you’re already signed up to one of those networks, it’s probably best to stick with the corresponding affiliate program. If not, simply choose the terms that look most attractive to you.


The global pet industry is worth $125 billion.

Yes, it’s competitive, but you’re only limited by how hard (and smart) you’re willing to work.

Hugely profitable niche sites have been created just on the topic of dog food, for example.

The pet affiliate programs listed above are ones that can put real money in your bank account.

After all, you’re here because you want to figure out how to make money from a website, right?

Well, we’d love to help you get started with affiliate marketing.

In fact, you can get our free training

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