24 Best Photography Affiliate Programs in 2023

A basic DSLR might only cost a few hundred dollars, but a comprehensive photography kit for a beginner can cost $2,000.

But photographers love their hobby and are willing to spend inordinate amounts of money to get that perfect shot.

And that means you can make money in this niche… if you’re promoting the right photography affiliate programs.

Photography is a consumer electronics niche so commission rates are low.

But in this article, we’ll show you ways to boost your revenue despite that.

Keep reading to find out how.

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Photography Affiliate Programs

  1. B&H Photo Affiliate Program
  2. Focus Camera Affiliate Program
  3. DJI Affiliate Program
  4. Canon Affiliate Program
  5. Samy’s Camera Affiliate Program
  6. BuyDig.com Affiliate Program
  7. KEH Camera Affiliate Program
  8. Master Class Affiliate Program
  9. Creative Live Affiliate Program
  10. Canvas Pop Affiliate Program
  11. Amazon Associates
  12. BorrowLenses Affiliate Program
  13. Adorama Affiliate Program
  14. Think Tank Affiliate Program
  15. Adobe Affiliate Program
  16. Capture One Affiliate Program
  17. Skylum (Luminar) Affiliate Program
  18. Peak Design Affiliate Program
  19. GoPro Affiliate Program
  20. Moment Affiliate Program
  21. SmugMug Affiliate Program
  22. Expert Photography Affiliate Program
  23. Digital Photography School Affiliate Program
  24. Pixpa Affiliate Program

1 B&H Photo

B&h Photo Homepage

Fans of B&H Photo Video have described their 70,000-square foot New York retail store as “Nerd Nirvana” and “A/V Eden. And they’ve done that because not only does B&H stock a huge range of products, but each of their salespeople is a specialist in their field.

So, you won’t get a hard pitch from somebody who knows nothing about a particular camera or accessory. Instead, you’ll get helpful advice from a fellow photographer. B&H Photo Video has been providing this level of service since they opened their first store in Tribeca, NY, way back in 1973.

Okay, so that all sounds awesome, but what does that mean for you as an affiliate? Simply this — B&H operates probably the biggest photography affiliate program on Earth, and that’s not hyperbole.

They’re so big we’d be doing you a disservice if we didn’t include them in this roundup. If you’re serious about building an authority site in the photography niche, then you need to include this program in your portfolio.

2 Focus Camera

Focus Camera Homepage

Focus Camera has been in business since 1966 when Abe Berkowitz opened their store on 13th Avenue in New York. Thanks to staff expertise and a range of products from leading manufacturers, the business quickly developed a name for itself.

Since then, Focus Camera has moved into the world of e-commerce, but they still have a retail store operating out of Brooklyn today. Their website is easy to navigate and features pretty much everything you could need to satiate your photography desires. But they do also sell a full range of other optical products such as telescopes, binoculars, and microscopes.

All of this gives you plenty of opportunities to make direct and incidental sales from the Focus Camera affiliate program. The 3% commission rate might seem low, but this niche is pretty typical. The network traffic for this program more than makes up for the lower commission rate, but the short cookie duration means you’re better off only sending qualified traffic to their site.


Dji Homepage

DJI specializes in making drones for photography and videography. It’s by far the biggest player in the consumer drone niche, with a whopping 77% share of the US market.

So if your customers absolutely insist on capturing pictures and video from hundreds of meters above ground level, this is definitely one of the best photography affiliate programs for you. As well as drones, DJI makes a variety of highly portable high-end cameras, and even its own GoPro-rivalling action camera.

Sign up for the DJI photography affiliate program, and you can earn money on sales to over 46 countries, with an average commission of $30 per sale. The only potential stumbling block is that, at time of writing, DJI’s affiliate program was “temporarily suspended” for system maintenance and updates, meaning you can’t currently register.

4 Canon

Canon Homepage

Canon is one of the oldest manufacturers of cameras on the planet, with their history dating back to the release of their first 35mm (remember film!?) camera in 1934. Although they were better known for their inkjet and laser printers in the ’80s and ’90s, they’ve now become a force to be reckoned with in the digital camera market.

In fact, they’re the “go-to” source for many newbie photographers who want to own a DSLR that will make them look like a pro.

Your first affiliate advantage in promoting the Canon affiliate program is that, well… they’re Canon. It’s not like trying to promote a relatively unknown brand, but you will have to deal with the competition because their products are so popular.

Again, you can see that the commission rate is low, but there’s a very respectable EPC, and you also get a dedicated affiliate management team to help make the most of Canon’s offerings.

5 Samy’s Camera

Samy's Camera Homepage

Samy’s Camera first opened for business in 1976, with the goal of being a leader in the sale of photography and imaging products to both budding amateurs and serious professional photographers alike. In terms of the sheer range of services, Samy’s has their bases covered, with a full range of photography equipment and accessories, but they also service cameras too.

But what really stood out for us as their USP is “Samy’s Photo School” – they run an entire range of photography courses. This is a smart move on their part because it shows they’re more than just a camera shop. And none of their competitors have caught up to them on this unique angle.

Samy’s actually offers a slightly above-average commission rate of 4%, and it also has a strong EPC of $45.59. We’d expect customers to spend an average order value of between $300 and $500 because digital photography isn’t cheap. Which means worthwhile affiliate payments for you.

6 BuyDig.com

Buydig Homepage

Buydig is the online store for the Beach Trading Company, who has been an active retailer to digital photography enthusiasts since the 1990s. Buydig.com has been online since 1996 and has built a reputation for excellent customer service and high-quality, low-cost digital cameras and other electronic devices.

So although you might not recognize the brand name, Buydig is pretty well established in its niche. But more important is that their store sells pretty much everything a photographer would need, from cameras and lenses to memory cards and printers.

You’ll make 2% on every referred sale as an affiliate, which is usually enough to put most affiliates off promoting programs like this. Yes, having 20% commission rates or $100 leads is awesome, but despite the low commission rate, the Buydig affiliate program is performing very well on Commission Junction. It’s performing far, far better than other “popular” programs that offer better commission rates.

7 KEH Camera

KEH Camera Homepage

KEH Camera offers something different for affiliates to promote – pre-owned cameras and photography equipment. Photography can be an expensive hobby to get into, so being able to buy “used” equipment can save you a lot of money.

And KEH has helped over 1.5 million enthusiasts and professionals save up to 40% off regular retail prices. As of right now, it’s also the world’s largest online store of its type. This makes it an ideal program to feature on any type of photography, craft or imagery-related site.

The margins are much higher on pre-owned equipment vs. new equipment, so that means you get a 4% commission on sales instead of the 2% you get with other programs. KEH Camera is also a top performer on ShareASale, and the average order size of over $300 means you can expect to make about $12 for every customer you refer to them.

8 Master Class

Master Class Homepage

If you’ve been on Facebook at any time over the last few years, you’ll be familiar with Master Class – their ads were everywhere for months at a time. For those of you who aren’t, they offer a range of online-only courses taught by experts in a given profession.

So you can learn the art of storytelling from Neil Gaiman, or even how to be an adventure photography pro from Jimmy Chin. Basically, it’s like Udemy, but everyone you learn from is a celebrity and usually at the top of their given field. Master Class is a perfect example of how you can cater to the photography niche but make more money than choosing to only chase physical product sales.

Master Class affiliates get paid 25% on every sale, which averages out to $38 for every customer that then signs up for a class. But they also have a bonus structure where you can earn anywhere from an extra $100 to $300 per month if you can send enough new customers their way. Photographers love learning new techniques, so Master Class should be a relatively easy upsell to your audience.

9 Creative Live

Creative Live Homepage

Creative Live offers a range of online courses covering everything from communication and time management skills to photography and video classes. But they’re not your typical photography classes because you can learn how to make the most of Adobe Photoshop, or how to set up your lighting, street photography, or even “iPhonegraphy.

Yes, there’s even a course dedicated to people taking photographs solely with their iPhones. We’ve already featured photography lessons in the Master Class affiliate program, but Creative Live covers all the bases from beginners to experts. What’s also different about their program is that Creative Live gives affiliates multiple ways to make money promoting them.

You get 25% on new customer sales, $10 on returning customer transactions, and $1 for every new registration on their site. They’ll even pay you $10 for referring other affiliates to their program.

10 Canvas Pop

Canvas Pop Homepage

Canvas Pop allows photographers to immortalize their images by committing them to canvas. That’s a fancy way of saying they take your digital images, blow them up and print them on real canvas for you. Even better, they can work with digital images in almost any resolution for your canvas, frame, or triptych print.

We like this program because it appeals to photographers at every level, from the newbies to the professionals. The pros will use this as an add-on service for their customers, and the novices might just use it for a portrait of their pet dog.

Regardless of your feelings on our suggestion, Canvas Pop is making a lot of money, and so are their affiliates. Photographers love showing off their latest shots to friends and family, so this program means they can now supersize their presentation in the classiest way possible.

11 Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates

Amazon is… well, you know what Amazon is. It basically sells everything in the world, and camera gear and accessories are no exception. You’ll find everything from bags, straps, and tripods to cameras themselves from big brands like Canon, Kodak, and Nikon.

That means there are plenty of opportunities to earn money here. Plus, because Amazon is one of the world’s most-trusted brands, you shouldn’t have any trouble convincing people to buy.

But it’s not all good news. Amazon’s affiliate terms are the stingiest of all the photography affiliate programs on this list, with just a 4% commission on camera and photo products, and a measly 24-hour cookie window.

On the flip side, you’ll earn a commission on anything your referrals purchase from Amazon within that time period, giving you a chance of picking up some unexpected passive income.

P.S. Check out our Amazon Affiliate Program Review.

12 BorrowLenses

Borrow Lenses Homepage

Camera gear is pretty expensive. But not everyone is prepared to drop thousands of dollars on all the equipment they need, especially if they only require it for a short period.

For those people, BorrowLenses — a camera rental company — is a dream come true, allowing them to hire all the tools they need for a professional-quality photo or video shoot.

And the BorrowLenses photography affiliate program is pretty dreamy, too, offering commissions of up to 10% per sale. With an average order value of more than $150, there are plenty of scopes to earn money here. Sign up for this affiliate program, and you’ll also get access to a host of deals and coupons, plus BorrowLenses’ extensive gallery of stock images.

13 Adorama

Adorama Homepage

Adorama has been a leading global provider of consumer electronics for more than 40 years, so it’s got a solid reputation. It has a vast catalog of over 250,000 products, encompassing everything from photography accessories and equipment to pro and consumer video gear.

Now, let’s get the bad news out of the way. Adorama’s 2% commission rate is the joint-lowest of all the photography affiliate programs we’ve looked at, and while the 30-day cookie life is better than Amazon’s, it’s nothing to write home about.

But there are lots of positives here too. Adorama offers a bunch of affiliate-only specials, including free shipping on most products and worldwide shipping to 250 countries. Seeing as the UN only recognizes 195 countries, that’s pretty impressive. You’ll also get access to a large selection of banner ads, buttons, and text links.

14 Think Tank

Think Tank Homepage

Think Tank Photo describes itself as “a group of product designers and professional photographers focused on studying how photographers work, and developing inventive new carrying solutions to meet their needs”. Or, in layman’s terms, it makes camera bags (as well as other “carrying solutions” like belts, backpacks, and duffels).

Backpack prices climb as high as $430, so if you’re targeting a premium audience, there’s lots of passive income potential here.

Think Tank’s photography affiliate program pays a commission of 10%, which is pretty solid. Of more interest is the extremely generous 365-day cookie, which is the joint-longest of all the photography affiliate programs we’ve reviewed.

Commissions are paid three times a year – in January, May, and September – by PayPal or check.

15 Adobe

Adobe Homepage

Adobe is arguably the best-known photo editing software brand, with millions of users worldwide. Subscribers to Adobe Creative Cloud get access to a whole suite of creative apps, including InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop, as well as millions of Adobe Stock assets and premium images.

Unusually for such a huge brand, Adobe’s photography affiliate program pays pretty generous commissions, with different models depending on the Adobe products you promote.

Refer customers to Adobe Creative Cloud, and you’ll earn:

  • 85% of the first month on monthly subscriptions
  • 85% of the first month on paid-monthly annual subscriptions
  • 8.33% of the first year on annual subscriptions with a one-time payment

Alternatively, Adobe Stock subscriptions pay out at the following rates:

  • $72 on monthly subscriptions
  • $72 on yearly subscriptions with monthly payments
  • 8.33% on single purchases with a one-time payment
  • 85% of the first month for three standard assets a month with a monthly payment

Sign up for the Adobe affiliate program, and you’ll also get access to regular exclusive discounts with attractive publisher incentives.

  • URL: Adobe affiliate program
  • Commission rate: 8.33% of the first year, or 85% of the first month
  • Cookie duration: 30 days

16 Capture One

Capture One Homepage

Capture One is another photo editing software brand. While it’s not as well-known as Adobe’s PhotoShop, it’s still very much a “big deal”, with a packed feature set that allows photographers to connect their cameras and shoot photos directly to Capture One, and organize them on the go.

There’s a lot to like about Capture One’s photography affiliate program. Firstly, for every referral who buys its photography software within 40 days, you earn up to 30% commission.

What’s more, unlike any other photography affiliate programs we’ve seen, you can earn money without driving sales. That’s right – every time one of your referrals signs up to a free 30-day trial, you make $1! With such attractive terms, it’s no surprise Capture One’s top affiliate program partners earn an average of $85,000 a year.

17 Skylum

Skylum Homepage

Skylum is the brainchild behind the Aurora HDR and Luminar photo editing software products. With a 4.6-star rating on Trustpilot from more than 2,500 reviews, it’s got a fantastic reputation, which makes it a comparatively easy sell.

Skylum has paid over $10.5 million in commissions to date, with the most active members of its affiliate program earning more than $100,000 a year, so it’s definitely in your interest to sell its photography software!

The base commission rate of 20% is pretty generous, and the 90-day cookie life is excellent, giving you every chance to earn passive income from the referrals you generate.

18 Peak Design

Peak Design Homepage

Peak Design sells a range of camera gear, including bags and photography accessories. The company makes a big deal about how its products are made by fairly paid workers and are 100% carbon neutral, so if your audience appreciates ethical brands, Peak Design could be a great fit.

With a commission rate of 10% and a cookie life of 30 days, Peak Design compares favorably with a lot of the other photography affiliate programs on this list.

There are a couple of important terms and conditions to remember before signing up. Firstly, you’ll need to earn a minimum commission of $100 before you receive a payout. Secondly, those payouts happen on a monthly basis, on or around the 1st of the month – so you’ll (hopefully) never have long to wait to pick up the passive income you’ve earned.

19 GoPro

Gopro Homepage

GoPro is the world’s most recognizable action camera brand, with the company shipping about 2.8 million units in 2020 alone. As well as cameras, GoPro sells a wide range of photography accessories, including mounts, batteries, lighting, and backpacks.

The brand is synonymous with extreme sports. If you’ve ever seen a video of someone surfing, scuba diving, or jumping off a mountain, there’s a good chance the footage was captured on a GoPro. So if that market aligns with your audience, this is a great photography affiliate program to be part of.

While a commission rate of 5% doesn’t exactly set the pulse racing, GoPro’s products are relatively expensive, with cameras starting at about $280 – so there’s plenty of scopes to earn money here. One word of caution, though. GoPro runs 10 separate photography affiliate programs, each targeting a different country, so if your audience spans multiple locations, you’ll need to sign up for each one.

20 Moment

Moment Homepage

Moment sells a wide range of photo and video equipment, including home and studio gear like lights and cables, as well as selling several photography courses and even the occasional photography trip. Its products span the full breadth of the photography market – a super simple camera can be bought for around the $30 mark, but it also sells super high-end stuff costing thousands of dollars.

Given its wide choice of products and services, Moment’s photography affiliate program pays a range of commissions. Affiliates can earn:

  • 6% – 15% on camera gear
  • 10% on photography courses
  • $100 on trips

As if that wasn’t enough, when you sign up for this affiliate program, you’ll also receive a $10 discount on your next order.

21 SmugMug

Smugmug Homepage

SmugMug offers a pretty unique proposition to photography enthusiasts. They can use the site to store their images, build a portfolio or website of their own to display their work, and even earn passive income by selling their photos.

Every SmugMug site comes with built-in social media, shopping carts, and a choice of more than 1,200 printable products for clients and fans to purchase.

To get access to all that stuff, they need to sign up for a SmugMug plan, with prices starting at $55 for a year. As a member of SmugMug’s photography affiliate program, you’ll earn a 15% cut of every annual plan you sell.

To help you out, you’ll get a dedicated affiliate management team, and bi-monthly newsletter featuring promos, contests, and sales opportunities. Unfortunately, for legal reasons, this affiliate program isn’t available in the state of Missouri.

URL: SmugMug affiliate program

Commission rate: 15%

Cookie duration: 60 days

22 Expert Photography

Expert Photography Homepage

As you can probably guess from the name, Expert Photography sells online courses and other training material for aspiring snappers. It sells a range of photography course products, from simple $10 ebooks to $99 video courses.

Here’s where things get exciting. You get to earn a 50% commission on every successful sale to a referred user, which is higher than any of the other photography affiliate programs on this list.

What’s more, because Expert Photography’s products are so reasonably priced and highly regarded, it has a refund rate of less than 4% – so once you refer a sale, it’s more than likely to stick. Even better, the Expert Photography affiliate program offers a whopping 365-day cookie life. And because it runs retargeting ads, once you send a referral toward a product page, that product will follow them around the internet, making it more likely they’ll convert.

23 Digital Photography School

Digital Photography School Homepage

Digital Photography School is, umm, a digital photography school. Much like Expert Photography, it sells a range of photography course products, ebooks, and Lightroom presets. 

That means there are plenty of opportunities here to generate a bunch of passive income – especially when you factor in the comparatively generous 40% commission rate.

Digital Photography School has a growing range of ebooks, courses and presets for those wanting to improve their photography

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, Digital Photography School wasn’t accepting new signups for its photography affiliate program, so the only way you can currently become a member is by receiving a specific invitation from its affiliate team.

24 Pixpa

Pixpa Homepage

Pixpa helps creatives build beautiful photography websites to showcase their work.  More than just a magazine-style portfolio builder, it allows users to add a blog, client galleries, and even a commercial platform to their website. Not only that, but Pixa offers a bunch of built-in tools to grow traffic via SEO and social media channels, then convert those visitors into paying customers.

And it does all that stuff through a series of templates, meaning photographers can build a website from scratch without requiring any coding skills.

Photography websites built on Pixpa are hosted by the company’s fully-managed cloud web hosting solution. Prices start at $3 per month when billed annually, while Pixpa also offers a 15-day free trial with no credit card required.

Pixpa’s photography affiliate program pays a 50% share of the first-year revenue from each referred user, which equates to a maximum payout of $144 per referral. Not bad! To help drive those highly valuable referrals, Pixpa gives affiliates access to high-quality marketing materials, such as banner ads to improve your conversion and click-through rates.


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