10 Best Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs in 2024

Don’t be so quick to scoff.

You might not believe in psychics or astrology, but that’s not the point.

What should be important to you is that tens of millions of people do believe in psychics and astrology.

And what’s even more interesting is that fans of the metaphysical are now treating psychics as wellness coaches.

This is why this industry (including astrology) is worth around US$2.2 billion annually

You see, when you marry interest and demand, you can start earning passive income like this:

Affiliate Earnings

The reality is this – people love spending money on online psychics. 

You just need to position yourself with the best affiliate programs in this space.

Like the ones listed below.

Psychic and Astrology Affiliate Programs

  1. Psychic Source
  2. Miracle Mastery
  3. The Psychic Tree
  4. Kasamba
  5. Call of Destiny
  6. Life Reader
  7. Keen
  8. Ask Now
  9. The Psychic School
  10. Psychic Oz
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Psychic Source

Psychic Source Homepage Screenshot

Psychic Source offers both psychic reading and astrology services, with prices starting at just $1 per minute.

Those interested in consulting with a trained spiritual advisor are usually also fans of astrology.

So while they do offer a weekly in-house horoscope for each Zodiac sign, your visitors can also get an astrology reading by phone or video chat.

For that personal touch.

In terms of their psychics, they have over 200 available to consult with clients.

You can even filter by the type of reading you’re looking for like a career or pet psychic, a medium, clairsentients, clairvoyants, astrology readings, etc.

They also claim to be one of the oldest and most authentic services of their kind online right now.

And to be fair they do offer a crediting system where you don’t have to pay for a reading if you’re not 100% happy with it.

Psychic Source Affiliate Program Stats

So, let’s take a look at what they offer affiliates.

You get paid a flat fee of US$100 for every affiliate referral you send their way. 

Miracle Mastery

Miracle Mastery Homepage Screenhot

Apparently it’s just a myth that the human mind has untapped potential.

That we only use maybe 20% of our brain.

But if that’s the case, why do people who suffer brain damage suddenly acquire incredible capabilities and talents?

Miracle Mastery promises to help you unlock some of your hidden potential in the form of psychic powers.

And we’re talking about serious stuff here like being able to heal people, creating visible light from nowhere, and even moving objects with your mind.

That all probably sounds highly implausible but it’s actually based on the idea that everything we see around us is made up of energy resonating at different frequencies.

But what would be possible if you could learn to manipulate that energy in whatever way you saw fit?

You would appear to be performing magic.

Miracle Mastery Affiliate Program Stats Clickbank

This affiliate offer is a digital product, so that can help lower the resistance to buying it because it can be delivered immediately.

Especially if you pitch it to your audience the right way.

And when you do each affiliate sale is worth around $12 in affiliate commission to you. 

The Psychic Tree

The Psychic Tree Homepage Screenshot

Psychic Tree isn’t an actual psychic or astrology reading service like the others in this roundup.

What they are though is an online store selling all the basic accessories somebody interested in developing their clairvoyant or spiritual powers might need.

That includes crystals, smudge sticks, incense, tarot cards, essential oils, runes, pendulums, and spell candles.

They even stock cauldrons, although these aren’t quite what Hollywood tells you they are.

But they do also publish guides on psychic skills and education, so they don’t just try to sell you stuff.

Basically, if you have an audience that’s interested in psychic training, or enhancing their current skills, they’ll probably love this site.

The Psychic Tree Affiliate Program Stats

This is a definite bolt-on affiliate program for any website covering the topic of psychic powers or consultations.

Because you need to monetize your site with products and services if you want to take home as much money as possible. 

The only real downside here is that they only pay a 4% affiliate commission rate.

But they do have a broad enough range of products to entice larger orders. 


Kasamba Homepage Screenshot

Kasamba has been in the business of psychic readings and astrology since 1995.

So they’re not just trying to leech off the increased interest in all things psychic – they did this stuff before it was cool.

What can they offer your audience?

Well, they can get a psychic reading or astrology reading, but Kasamba psychics also offer fortune-telling, Tarot readings, and even career forecasts.

Or how about a dream analysis session?

In fact, if your audience can think of an issue they need guidance on, Kasamba should have at least one advisor who can help them.

They offer 3 free minutes with each new psychic to see if you can “bond” with them.

And you can even take your psychic readings mobile with the Kasamba app.

Kasamba Affiliate Program

You don’t need to be psychic to understand that affiliate programs in this niche tend to have substantial payouts.

And Kasamba is no different in that regard.

In fact, they pay up to $150 in affiliate commission for every new customer you send them.

Call of Destiny

Call Of Destiny Homepage Screenshot

There are two ways to view your future.

That there’s no fate except that which we make.

Or that our destiny has been planned out for us, and that our Zodiac sign determines how our lives will unfold.

Call of Destiny is for those who believe the latter and believe that their destiny can be read by those skilled in astrology. 

They offer your visitors a personalized astrology forecast to provide them with the guidance they need right now.

Elena Roberts, the astrologist behind this service, goes as far as giving you her personal promise that your forecast will show you hidden opportunities, warn you of dangers and even give you back control of your life.

Or you get your money back.

Call Of Destiny Affiliate Program Clickbank

So is being an astrology affiliate worth your time and effort?

Well, you’ll earn almost $20 for every single sale you make for them.

But there’s also the potential to earn recurring income from this product – 75% of each sale.

Or an average of $13.55 per customer, per month.

Life Reader

Life Reader Homepage Screenshot

Life Reader occupies the space in psychic and astrology affiliate programs recently vacated by Hollywood Psychics.

Well, ever since they went and decided to stop working with affiliates. 

But Life Reader also has a more diverse range of services – they go beyond only providing psychic readings.

So your visitors can also rely on them for their astrology reading needs, as well as Tarot card readings.

Their psychic advisors are available to talk about your reading over the phone or in an online chat window.

And on that subject, they don’t offer hundreds of different psychics – at last count, there were just 82 of them online.

With that said, new customers get 50% off their first reading, but they also get a free 4-minute reading with their advisor of choice.

So they’re obviously doing their bit to get established in the market.

Life Reader Affiliate Program

And as you’ve probably come to expect by now, this affiliate offering rewards you better than most for your referrals.

To the tune of US$100 for every new customer that signs up with them and actually spends money.

Just to give you some perspective here – $100 is more than most credit card affiliate offers pay. 

So that puts these types of products and services at the top of the affiliate marketing heap.


Keen Homepage Screenshot

Keen’s spiritual advisors have been helping their clients all over the world find peace and answers for 20 years now.

To date, they claim to have delivered over 35 million psychic and astrology readings for customers.  

Or roughly 4,000 readings every single day!

And those readings cover everything from life, love, and relationship questions to finding a lost pet.

So no matter what life challenges your visitors might face right now, they’ll find a Keen advisor ready and willing to help them find answers.

They even have a feature that will match you with the best psychic advisor or astrology expert for you, based on answering a short quiz. 

And they also offer a call-back feature if your preferred/favorite spiritual counselor is not currently available.

Keen Affiliate Program


So let’s get to the important part – how much you get paid.

Again, you’ll receive an affiliate commission of US$100 for each new customer you refer to them, be that for a spiritual or astrology reading. 

If you’re asking yourself how these companies can afford to pay an affiliate this much money, it’s because they know these new customers will stay with them if the service is good enough.

And they’ve invested quite a bit of effort in creating an affiliate marketing funnel that facilitates that. 

Ask Now

Ask Now Homepage Screenshot

AskNow has been around since 2005 and claims to be the, “…nation’s premier psychic network”. 

They also offer their services 24/7, so no matter where you are in the world you’ll be able to speak to one of their advisors.

And with dozens of spiritual advisors available, your visitors are sure to find the best psychic for their needs. 

Your spiritual or astrology reading can take place by phone or via their online chat service, but they don’t seem to offer video calls, which is a shame.

One nice touch is that you can buy bundles of “minutes” at a reduced rate to what you’d normally pay.

And they even throw an extra 5-minutes into each bundle, free of charge.

Ask Now Affiliate Program

So how well do they reward their affiliates?

Well, you probably guessed by now that there’s a lot of money to be made in finding new customers for them – to the tune of $100 each in affiliate commission. 

40 referrals per month would net you almost US$50,000 per year in relatively passive affiliate income.

The Psychic School

The Psychic School Homepage Screenshot

But what if you want to become a psychic instead of just getting a psychic reading?

We got you covered. 

Or at least, The Psychic School does.

Did you picture this as some kind of Hogwarts for psychics and clairvoyants?

I totally did.

Their goal, however, is to help you awaken any latent psychic talents or abilities you already have.

And to allow you to do that remotely, without the need for any physical buildings.

Your path to new potential powers follows foundational courses, starting with ‘Clairvoyant Meditation’ and then expanding on your learning until you graduate.

The school does have an actual faculty, made up of 8 different clairvoyant readers including the school’s founder.

The Psychic School Affiliate Program

And as with any school, they can only stay in business if they can acquire new students/customers.

Which is where you step into the picture.

You’ll receive 15% in affiliate commission for every new student who signs up with them.

Psychic Oz

Psychic Oz Homepage Screenshot

Psychic Oz is the most tenured of all the online psychic services featured in this roundup.

They’ve actually been around since 1989 before “online” was even a thing.

In terms of what they offer, they have dozens of trained psychics and astrology experts ready to help your visitors with their questions.

They also allow you to filter your searches so you can find the best psychic for your particular needs. 

You can choose everything from a pet psychic, to a medium to allow you to speak with the deceased, or even find a missing person.

But you can also choose psychics who can remote view for you, or just read a spread of Tarot cards or set of runes for you.

Long story short, their psychics offer a very complete set of services.

Psychic Oz Affiliate Program Stats

So how does their affiliate program compare to the other astrology and online psychic programs featured in our roundup?

Well, you get the usual US$100 per affiliate referral, which is nice. 

But they also offer affiliate payments on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

Although we’re pretty sure they only pay daily for affiliates who knock it out of the park every single day.

Over to You

So you now have 10 solid psychic and astrology affiliate programs to work with.

Now what?

Well, firstly be aware that you’re entering a relatively competitive market – a niche where US$100 affiliate commissions for referring a new customer are the norm. 

But you’re also dealing with an affiliate niche where there’s ongoing demand, and where potential new customers are born every single day. 

Psychics have been in business for a long, long time.

You just need to figure out the best way to monetize that interest with an affiliate site.

There’s a lot of potential — our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average affiliate marketer is earning more than $8,000 per month.

If you don’t know where to start, drop by our free training on this very subject.

We show you how to get a basic affiliate site up and running, and without charging you a single cent.

The only thing we need from you is the best email address to send your invite to.

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