How To Do Free Unlimited A/B Testing With Google Analytics

There’s only 2 ways to increase revenue from authority sites. More traffic or higher conversion rate. The issue is that you’re not always able to increase traffic. Increasing conversions on the other hand is pure Hustle.

​But creating A/B tests easily is usually done with expensive monthly subscription softwares that also limit you in visits, number of tests etc. Not ideal when you’re starting off and you have better things to do with your money.

Using a combination of plugins and Google analytics, I managed to create an extremely flexible system that scales a/b testing as much as you want with no monthly subscription fees and retaining the ease of use (drag& drop) of the top premium software such as Optimizely and others.

Without further ado, here is the tutorial: ​

Plugins mentioned in the video

As usual, if you have a question on that setup, feel free to drop me a message in the comment section and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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  1. Massive values. Easily $80/month of value for you Gael! Maybe you should consider doing A/B testing for big corporations? :)


  2. Hello Gael!

    I’ve been listening to your podcasts and reading your blog for the past 3 weeks. I’m loving your content that much!

    Now, the question.

    Does this way of doing A/B testing still work even if the traffic source is SEO?

    I mean… Google ranks the original page/URL (not the variant). But then, the searchers will be served different pages (the original page vs. the variant page) each time they click to visit your website from the SERPs. That also means they’ll be visiting a different URL each time.

    Doesn’t this affect your organic rankings negatively?


  3. Hey Guys
    Check out our A/B testing solution on top of Google Analytics Content Experiment –
    It has full integration with GA, so you shouldn’t create new goals and can make really deep post-test analysis.
    But the main differentiation from Content Experiment is easy-to-use visual editor. It allows to create A/B tests within 5 minuties without any coding skills and support from development department. Also we added some additional features that are available in Optimizely, vwo and some other commercial A/B testing tool.
    So, check it out if you are interested in very easy and strong tool for A/B testing with Google Analytics integration.

    1. Hey Andrei,

      Thanks for letting us know but why would one use your solution over the now free version of Optimizely?

  4. starter is now FREE for 50k MUVs!

    Your email got to be revisit this and their site.
    While the tech changes fast the need for A/B is always there and the optimizely free plan seems awesome.

    Even a high volume site could use with that limit–because they can get results in a few days/week.

    1. Hey Andrew,

      Yep, I guess they read this post :). Anyhow, 50k actually goes fast, for Health Ambition I still use this tactic for high traffic pages but both can live in parallel.

  5. Just re-watching this. Great stuff as always.

    Would this work if, say, you wanted to track total clicks to Amazon?

  6. Hey there. Thanks for the tip. I actually just picked-up Thrive Themes via your link and I have a site to refresh using their themes. If I really dig it, I will look into swapping over a couple other sites of mine as well.

    I can’t wait to put this to work!

    1. Yep, actually Thrive has added a place for custom code on every post and page so you don’t need any plugin for this anymore :).

  7. Gael,

    This is unreasonably helpful information here. I have been following your podcasts for a couple of months now and am really liking everything I find here.

    For some time now I have been wanting to run A/B tests, but just never got around to it because I was not keen on investing in software.

    Thanks for the free tip. I am putting this one to use =)


    1. Hey Liam,

      Glad you liked it :) FYI If you use thrive themes they’ve added an option to add the custom code on page level so you won’t need the extra plugin which is always nice (but not necessary). And I agree, lots of a/b testing stuff is very overpriced, this is the way to go especially if you want to test a lot of traffic.


  8. Hey Gael,

    I am using experiments the same way but I am curious…somehow the JS code ads a hash to all page urls which are part of the experiment. Not sure why but I guess it is part of the tracking somehow.

    My problem now is, that the hash leads to each pageview of the site in the experiment getting tracked as an individual site. An Example:

    I have 2 pages in the experiment: original and variant1. Usually it would get tracked as:

    Original: 2453 sessions
    Variant: 2423 sessions

    Instead it now works like this:

    Original+hash1: 1 session
    Original+hash2: 1 session
    Original+hash3: 1 session

    same is true for the other page variant…so my question is…is that an intended behavior or am I doing something wrong here?

    Thx in advance for the help :)


  9. Hi
    I checked the plugins and found that most of them are very old and are only suitable for older versions of WordPress,
    I was searching for parallel extensions but have not found anything new. Do you have ideas for more recent plugins?

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