11 Best RV Affiliate Programs in 2024

If you own a recreational vehicle, or just love everything related to the great outdoors, RV affiliate programs are a fantastic way to earn money online.

Believe it or not, the RV industry is hot property right now. The market was valued at $31 billion in 2020 and is expected to hit $48 billion by 2026.

That growth can be partly attributed to the fact that the “RV life” has rarely, if ever, been more popular.

According to the RV Industry Association, ownership in the US has increased by almost 62% in the last two decades, with more than 11 million American households owning a recreational vehicle.

Even more impressively, a further 9.6 million households plan to purchase one in the next five years.

In short, whether you plan to promote RV rentals, trailer parts, appliances, or anything else, RV affiliate programs give you a potentially huge target audience.

This means plenty of scope to earn commissions — provided you choose the right affiliate programs.

RV Affiliate Programs

  1. RVShare
  2. Vintage Trailer Supply
  3. Outdoorsy
  4. Camping World
  5. LightStream
  6. Tochta Custom RV Mattress
  7. Good Sam
  8. Escapees RV Club
  9. Mobile Home Parts Store
  10. RV Water Filter Store
  11. RVT.com
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RVShare is a trusted RV rental marketplace that serves more than 60,000 recreational vehicle owners across the US. From affordable popups to luxury motorhomes, you’ll find them here.

In essence, it’s like Airbnb for RVs, with a business model based on signing up RV owners and helping them lease their vehicles to vacationers. As such, you won’t be surprised to learn the RVShare affiliate program features two commission tiers:

  • 5% for each completed stay (after check-in)
  • $7+ for every new RV listing 

That might not sound too spectacular, but with an average booking value of $950, there’s a whole lot of potential to earn commissions here.

To help affiliates monetize their traffic, RVShare offers a range of resources — including a product feed, high-quality banners, and text links — and allows deep-linking to specific RVs and regional landing pages.

Vintage Trailer Supply

Vintage Trailer

Vintage Trailer Supply describes itself as the “general store of the booming classic travel trailer hobby”. 

In practice, that means it sells RV supplies, trailer parts, and merchandise to people who are repairing or restoring trailers from the 1950s – 1970s.

Whether you’re looking for authentic reproduction tail lights or a snazzy trailer-related T-shirt, Vintage Trailer Supply has got your back. 

What’s more, many of its products aren’t available anywhere else, giving them a touch of exclusivity that can help you close the deal.

Sign up for the Vintage Trailer Supply affiliate program and you’ll earn commissions of 5% per sale.

With an average order value of $107, a strong conversion rate of 7.7%, and a 7-day EPC of $41.45, making money shouldn’t be an issue here. 



Outdoorsy is another online business in the RV rental market. Just like RVShare, it helps owners list their RVs and pick up bookings from prospective renters.

That tried-and-trusted model clearly works, because the website has generated more than 1.2 million customer reactions and earned 93% five-star reviews.

Similar to RVShare (and Airbnb, and no doubt plenty of other sites too), Outdoorsy’s affiliate program pays commissions for both new bookings and new RV listings.

But unlike RVShare, in this case you’ll earn a base commission of $60 whichever action you drive, giving you plenty of incentive to promote Outdoorsy.

Commission payouts via third-party affiliate networks are made once you hit a minimum balance of $100, while manual dates take up to 45 days to process.

Camping World

Camping World

Camping World is best known as a leading supplier of camping gear, but it also sells a wide range of RV supplies and accessories.

When it was founded back in 1966, Camping World operated out of a single store in Kentucky. It’s grown somewhat since then and now operates more than 160 Camping World and Gander RV & Outdoor SuperCenters across the US.

Obviously, it also has a burgeoning online business too, selling thousands of quality products — and even new and used RVs — via its website.

With such a wide range of products to link to, there’s plenty of reason to promote Camping World.

And while its affiliate program “only” pays a 6% commission rate, bear in mind a lot of those products carry high price points (which means more money for you).



This one’s a little different. Rather than selling physical products, LightStream is a financial services provider. And as any experienced affiliate will tell you, finance-related affiliate programs are your best friend when it comes to making money online.

LightStream, which is a vision of SunTrust Bank, offers low-interest loans exclusively to people with good-to-excellent credit ratings.

Those loans range from $5,000 – $100,000, and can be used to fund a whole range of projects.

As well as RV loans, it lends to people looking to finance home improvements, buy a new or used car, pay for a wedding, and much more. You can even get same-day funding if you fulfil LightStream’s various criteria.

The LightStream affiliate program pays $60 for every funded loan you refer, provided the user converts within a comparatively generous 105-day cookie window.

And with a 30-day EPC of more than $50, there’s no shortage of reasons to promote Lightstream.

Tochta Custom RV Mattress


I’ve never actually slept in an RV, but my sources tell me that they aren’t exactly famed for offering the world’s most comfortable mattresses.

To make matters worse, it’s not easy to find replacements. After all, a recreational vehicle is kind of an awkward space — it’s not like buying a standard king-size for your double bed.

Which is where Tochta comes in. It specializes in high-quality mattresses made from materials like latex and Gel Visco memory foams, and it offers a custom mattress builder.

RV owners can find the perfect fit for their vehicle by requesting a free instant quote.

Orders are made within three days, are shipped for free, and typically arrive within 10 days. Plus they come with a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty thanks to Tochta’s highly resilient foams. It sounds good to me, and I don’t even own an RV.

Tochta’s affiliate program pays a 3% commission. That doesn’t sound particularly generous, but it looks a whole lot better when you consider the average order value of $735. You’ll also get quality banners and exclusive discounts to help drive referrals.

Good Sam

Good Sam

Good Sam is a massive name in the world of recreational vehicles, offering a vast range of RV-related services.

Under its umbrella, you’ll find everything from RV loans to roadside assistance (including a lost key service) and even the Good Sam Club — an international membership organization of more than two million RV owners that offers various club-endorsed products and benefits.

All of which means there’s no such thing as the “Good Sam affiliate program”, because it actually offers three separate RV affiliate programs:

  • The Good Sam Club affiliate program pays a base commission of $5 for new memberships
  • The Good Sam Roadside Assistance affiliate program offers a base commission of $13 per sale
  • Similarly, Good Sam Travel Assist has a $13 base commission, climbing to $15 on sales of $49 or more

The only downside here is that all those RV affiliate programs offer a pretty stingy 10-day cookie window.

Escapees RV Club

Escape Rv Club

Escapees RV Club was founded in 1978 by Joe and Kay Peterson, two avid RV enthusiasts who were on the road with their kids full-time.

They wanted a way to keep in touch with other people like them, but landlines and postal mail aren’t very RV-friendly. So they started their own newsletter and sent the first edition to 164 members.

Four decades later, what started as a hobby has grown into one of the world’s largest RV communities, with more than 60,000 members and about 100 employees.

Membership of the Escapees RV Club One costs $49.95 for one year and includes discounts on RV parks and services, a subscription to Escapees Magazine, entrance to online communities on Facebook, RVillage, Instagram, Pinterest, and the RVNetwork.com forum, and much more besides.

As for its affiliate program, you’ll earn $10 for every new member who signs up via your text links. Sure, it probably won’t make you a millionaire, but it can be a nice little earner nonetheless.

Mobile Home Parts Store

Mobile Home Parts

Mobile Home Parts Store (MHPS) is pretty self-explanatory: it’s a website that sells RV supplies and mobile home parts.

Whether you’re fitting out a brand new mobile home, remodelling an existing one, or buying RV appliances and parts, chances are you’ll find what you’re looking for here.

Pleasingly, MHPS pays a lot of attention to its RV affiliate program, which has helped it drive almost $1 million in sales through ShareASale alone.

It pays a 5% commission rate and has an average order value of almost $350, while its 7-day EPC stands at nearly $40. So it’s not hard to see why top-performing MHPS affiliates consistently earn five-figure annual commissions.

RV Water Filter Store

Rv Water Filter

RV Water Filter Store caters to an extremely niche audience: RV owners looking for water filtration systems and products.

It’s been doing the same thing since 1992. And it does it pretty well, judging by its Trustpilot rating of 4.8, based on almost 1,300 reviews.

The company’s RV affiliate program pays a 10% commission (excluding tax and shipping) to new affiliates, climbing to 15% once you reach $2,000 in referral sales.

As with any ultra-niche product, you’re probably not going to be able to build an affiliate website off this affiliate program alone. But it could be an effective way to supplement your earnings alongside a few other RV affiliate programs.



Most of the other programs on this list are targeting people who already own a recreational vehicle. But what about wannabe RV-ers who’ve yet to take the plunge into ownership? 

That’s where RVT comes in. It’s one of North America’s largest online RV and auto classified advertisement platforms, with almost 120,000 new and pre-owned RVs currently up for sale on the website.

With its easy-to-use functionality, potential buyers can search for their dream vehicle by browsing specific RV types, makes, brands, and minimum and maximum prices within a set radius of cities across the US and Canada.

The website reaches millions of RV buyers and has notched up an impressive 4.8-star Trustpilot rating from over 5,500 reviews, so it’s clearly “legit”.

Conclusion: Are RV Affiliate Programs Right For You?

If you have a genuine passion for recreational vehicles and want to start creating content about them, RV affiliate programs are a complete no-brainer. 

There are solid commissions up for grabs — enough for a job-replacement income if you get it right. In fact, our affiliate marketing statistics show that the average affiliate marketer earns more than $8,000 per month.

You’ll also be getting paid to write about what you love. Who wouldn’t want that?

But you can’t expect to start earning money straight away. Before you begin applying for RV affiliate programs and counting your future commissions, you need to build a high-performing affiliate website.

That takes a lot of work. Trust us — we’ve done it ourselves (a lot).

However, we can make your life a whole lot easier by pointing you in the right direction. Just sign up for our free training to learn the five steps to creating a successful affiliate site in 2024.