#128 – SEO Predictions for 2019

What You Will Learn

  • A recap of our predictions for 2018 (what came true and what didn’t)
  • SEO lessons we learned through the “Medic” update
  • Thoughts on the future of voice and visual search
  • Guest predictions from Matt Diggity and Kyle Roof

Last year we made 9 predictions on changes to the online marketing and SEO industry. In today’s podcast we will look back and see how right or wrong we were back then.

We will also make 7 new predictions for 2019 based on nothing else but our biased field experience. We also, for the first time ever, have some guest predictions from Matt Diggity and Kyle Roof from SIA and Page Optimizer Pro.

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  1. On several occasions, I’ve heard Gael mention “funnels” in the podcasts. I think in this podcast he said, there is so much more money in funnels than in Amazon sites.

    Can you clarify what he is referring to? Are we talking about funnels with respect to collecting emails, selling products, all of the above, etc?

  2. I have a counter opinion on the use of AMP. The whole point of AMP is to make content load faster on mobiles but with the mobile networks getting faster and 5G becoming more commonplace, the benefit of AMP could become less and less valuable over time.

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