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Strikingly is a good option if you need a one-page site really fast. Especially if you want to run a test with a simple site. But for anything else, Strikingly falls a bit short.

Affiliate sites can get really big really fast. 

With just a few years in the business, you can rack up thousands of pages under your domain.

That’s pretty important if you want to optimize your site for SEO, sell multiple products, or just offer a great experience to your audience.

Sites can be simpler though. A one page site isn’t our go-to model, but it can be really useful if you just want to test a product, or focus on one call to action.

And Strikingly is probably the best way to build one page sites fast. Find out why in our Strikingly review.

Strikingly Review In a Snapshot

To be fair to the tool, you can use it to create sites with multiple pages, if you get a VIP plan.

But that’s not what people use it for.

The Strikingly website builder shines when used for single page sites.

Strikingly Website Builder

And there’s more complexity here than you’d expect. With Strikingly, you can: 

  • Edit on-page elements
  • Move sections around
  • Change global styling
  • Create a blog, or a store
Strikingly Text Editing

The purpose of Strikingly is simple: speed over customization.

You should use Strikingly if you want a single page site really quickly.

You shouldn’t use Strikingly if you need anything else.


  • Very easy to use
  • Quick to build single page sites
  • A lot of options for how simple the layout is
  • Can create a simple store on the free site
  • Great support


  • Not ideal for multi page sites
  • Branding isn’t removed on all paid plans
  • High fees unless you get the VIP plan
  • Limited customization options

Let’s delve into the Strikingly review to find out more.

Getting Started With Strikingly

It’s easy to get started with Strikingly. 

To be fair other website builders like Wix or Squarespace are also easy to start with.

But Strikingly is much easier to master.

You can get from this:

Strikingly Homepage

To a finished site in a matter of hours, if not minutes. 

The developers really did some work to help users understand how to use a website builder that easily.

When you get started, you’ll need to choose a template:

Strikingly Getting Started

There’s more of these than we expected for a simple website builder like Strikingly.

But still less than what you get from its competitors.

After you settle on a template, you’ll be offered a tour of the website builder:

Strikingly Tool Tour

Take it. 

It’s really helpful, and it will let you hit the ground running building one page websites.

Strikingly Page Sections

And after that, you’re ready to build.

Strikingly’s workflow

The Strikingly website builder sacrifices a lot of options in favor of speed in development. So don’t expect too much control over how you build one page websites.

To edit the site, you can set some global settings, add new sections, and new elements in these sections.

However, you are limited by something that might hurt website development speed too. You can only add elements to a supported section.

So for example, if a section doesn’t support images, you won’t be able to add them.

Strikingly Adding Images

This means that you can’t go into Strikingly with a layout in mind. You’ll need to be flexible in what you expect from a Strikingly site, and adapt to the limitations of the template. 

Single page websites are, in general, limited in what they can accomplish.

Add to that the limited editor of Strikingly, and you get a lot of constraints to build your site, whether you want an online store, a simple blog, or a plain landing page. 

At least, with a free account. 

Strikingly Free Plan

Strikingly offers many more features when you purchase a paid plan, like the ability to access your site’s code, integrate with third party tools like Google Analytics, or just create responsive websites with more tools at your disposal.

So let’s get into the features and see what you get, both with a free plan, and with a paid subscription.

Strikingly Features Overview

Website builders tend to rack up dozens of bells and whistles as they’re being used by a community.

Strikingly is the same.

But they managed to keep the tool pretty light for what it offers.

And that’s a good thing! It’s in line with their “build fast” philosophy. But still, it’s not a barren website builder. There are a lot of capabilities to look at.

Let’s start with the styling.

Styles in Strikingly

The styles tab lets you edit fonts, buttons, the color palette of your site, and plenty more.

Strikingly Styles Tab

You can also edit all of these elements for parts of your site.

For example, you can modify styling for the header only:

Strikingly Header & Navigation

At least that’s what you get in the free version of Strikingly.

With a paid plan (Pro or above) you can also embed code into your pages. This way, you can stylize everything more if you know CSS.

Dashboard: Stats and Insights

If you want to understand the audience visiting your site, Strikingly offers a comprehensive dashboard to study your site visitors.

Strikingly Analytics

Besides looking at your audience, you can also analyze forms, or bookings:

Strikingly Audience

In the free plan at least.

WIth a paid subscription, you’ll also be able to integrate with Google Analytics and get more information that way.

Site builders rarely offer this type of advanced analytics in a free plan, so it’s great to see.

Editing A Page In Strikingly

Strikingly websites are responsive. That’s why you won’t have to bother creating a mobile site on top of your regular site.

Here’s how they pull it off.

You can move sections around in the left side tab:

Strikingly Sections Drag And Drop

This lets you drag and drop your way to a desired single page layout.

For all the text elements of a page, you get a comprehensive text editor:

Strikingly Text Editor

Which to be fair, is regular for a site builder.

On top, you can edit each individual button:

Strikingly Adding Buttons

Of course, if you don’t want to rely on the global settings from earlier.

And lastly, you can also add a new section to your free site at any time:

Strikingly Adding A New Section

Here too you get to choose from a lot of templates.

Most website builders that compete with Strikingly also offer that though.

If you want to take a look at your work, you can preview your Strikingly site in a desktop, or mobile simulated device:

Strikingly Mobile Preview

If you get a site membership, your editing horizons widen a bit. You can use it to create a lot more than a simple landing page, or a simple store, thanks to:

  • Action buttons for mobile sites
  • Pop-ups
  • Customized checkouts
  • Custom forms

And a ton more. Even the fact that you can build multi page sites makes Strikingly’s focus and tools a lot more varied.

No matter what you choose though, you’ll be able to create your own online stores.

Ecommerce in Strikingly

To get started with ecommerce on your single page sites, you need to add a store section in your website builder:

Strikingly Store Section

Then, you can add some products:

Strikingly Products

And you even get quite a few options to edit.

That’s good enough for one page websites.

But even then, there are more complex alternatives out there for free. So if you want more control over your store, pick something else.

And if you get a paid version of Strikingly, you can also update shipping taxes, add product reviews, and even implement product varieties on your online store.

That’s not possible in the free version.

So can you use Strikingly for ecommerce?

Only if you want to sell a single product, or a very limited catalog. In that case, you don’t need all the features you’d get with professional online store builders like Woocommerce.


For example, if you want to try selling in a new niche, you can whip up a simple online store, and see how your audience reacts to it.

Just remember that Strikingly branding will still be on your site if you don’t purchase the Pro version.

This might be more relevant for an online store than it is for anything else website builders do.

Can You Blog In Strikingly?

Yes, you can. But it’s not a complex system.

To get started, you need to add a blog section to your website. Then, you can create new posts in Strikingly’s own text editor:

Strikingly Blogging

From here, you can also preview posts, and edit the metadata of these pages.

For a very simple website builder, this is a great set-up. But it wouldn’t be a fair Strikingly review if we didn’t mention the limits of this system.

You can’t use Strikingly for Search Engine Optimization. Search engines want to see more than a free version, mobile site with one or two blog posts. 

But for how simple of a website builder Strikingly is, the blogging options available in the free plan are pretty good. It’s always a good option to share your thoughts with your audience.

Pricing: Is Strikingly Affordable?

Strikingly free and Strikingly paid seem like they’re completely different website builders.

There are lots of differences between the two, so let’s get an overview. Here’s what you’ll pay for Strikingly:

Strikingly Pricing

The cheapest plan is a big upgrade from the free account. You get unlimited free sites, a free custom domain, and the option to connect your own domain.

That’s great, but we don’t really recommend it. You still need to pay a 5% transaction fee to Strikingly, and you still have to use Strikingly ads on your site.

With the pro plan, you get a lot more value: everything you would in the limited plan, like unlimited free sites, and a ton on top.

Here are some of features Strikingly offers with pro:

  • Multi page websites
  • They remove Strikingly branding
  • Site search
  • Tons of features for better website building
  • Custom code

If you like Strikingly, but you need multiple pages, this is the right plan for you.

Lastly, the most expensive paid plan offers priority customer service, no transaction fees, and other VIP perks.

And you can also get customized paid plans besides these ones:

Strikingly Plans

Overall, Strikingly’s paid plans are slightly expensive, especially considering that only the most expensive option removes transaction fees from your own website.

But they’re on par with what other website builders ask.

Support: Can you rely on Strikingly for help?

Support is probably one of Strikingly’s biggest perks. 

For this Strikingly review, we contacted their support team to see how they fare.

We were connected with an agent in seconds:

Strikingly Support Chat

And they were really helpful. 

So if you want to know a support team will be there to help, Strikingly is a great choice.

For a complete Strikingly website builder review, we also analyzed their support structure overall. You get support from a convenient chat heads:

Strikingly Support

And they even have a knowledge base, and video guides to help you get started.

Conclusion: Is Strikingly The Right Website Builder For You?

If you want to create a simple store, a personal portfolio, or just experiment with a one page site, Strikingly can be really useful.

It’s fairly easy, and pretty fast to drag and drop your way to a site in Strikingly.Is Strikingly a legit site?

However, you can only create limited sites with it. Even the paid options, that offer tons of helpful customization options, pale in comparison to what the best website builders in the market do.

So if you want a regular site, with Strikingly’s ease of use, try Wix, Weebly, or Squarespace.

If you need a very simple site builder though, you can give Strikingly a shot.


Strikingly is a good option if you need a one page site really fast. Find out why in our Strikingly review 2022.

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Is Strikingly a legit site?

Yes, Strikingly is a fast and easy to use website builder. If you need to throw together a single page site in a few hours, there’s no better option on the market. However, it’s not a solid tool for most other purposes.

Is Strikingly good for SEO?

No, Strikingly is not good for SEO. We’ll be fair, it has some SEO-friendly features, like the ability to create a blog or edit a post’s metadata. But it doesn’t offer the flexibility and customization options needed to improve a site’s standing with Google.

Is Strikingly really free?

Strikingly has a free plan. But it comes with limitations. You’ll need to use a subdomain, you get Strikingly branding all over your site, and you don’t get access to the entire Strikingly suite. It’s really only suitable for things like online portfolios.

What is Strikingly used for?

Strikingly is used to create single page sites really fast. These can be used as simple presentation sites, portfolios, or landing pages. However, this website builder is not good if you need a complex site, with multiple pages. Unless you’re willing to pay for the VIP plan of Strikingly.