The Best Step by Step System To Starting Successful Affiliate & Authority Sites

Authority Sites Are VERY Exciting Right Now

People are now building extremely valuable authority sites that spark exciting publishing startups,
replace their jobs and can lead to multi million dollar exits.

Source : Recode

However Building Them Can Also Be
a HUGE Challenge For Beginners

Building a successful authority site requires you to be proficient at a large scope of varied activities such as...

Market Research

Keyword Research

Tech Site Setup

Design & Branding

Content Creation



Analytics & Tracking

Knowing how to do these and do these in the right order for your first authority site to be successful.

This is why Authority Hacker decided to put together...​

The Authority Site System
A Complete Step by Step Process For New Authority Sites

75 Video Lessons

Real Life Case Study

Copy / Paste Templates

Site Building Todo List

Get Everything Right With Our Over The Shoulder Video Lessons

5 In Depth Modules
75 Over the Shoulder Video Lessons
40,000 + Words of Support Content

Because we strive to be as actionable as we can be, we decided to get in YOUR shoes when building the Authority Site System. This is why during the entire course, you will follow us along as we build a brand new site from scratch.

From market research, to building and promoting the entire site, you will see us go from an idea to a web property you can explore yourself.

All you need to do is follow the tutorials along as we build our site to build yours and you're on the path of successful online entrepreneurship.

I set myself a target of $100 per month by Christmas and I'm already at $84 on the 21st of November!
I Reckon I'm going to smash my goal by Christmas. The phrase that springs to mind is... 'This shit works!'

Thanks for all the support, wouldn't have made it this far without Authority Hacker!

- Ged

Follow Along as We Build a Site From Scratch!

Because we strive to be as actionable as we can be, we decided to get in YOUR shoes when building the Authority Site System. This is why during the entire course, you will follow us along as we build a brand new site from scratch.

From market research, to building and promoting the entire site, you will see us go from an idea to a web property you can explore yourself.

All you need to do is follow the tutorials along as we build our site to build yours and you're on the path of successful online entrepreneurship.

I don't believe in re-inventing the wheel so The Authority Site System was the exact blueprint I needed to start right way. The system is detailed but easy to follow. I can't even imagine the amount of time and frustration this has saved me. It's efficient and effective.

- James Nichols

Get Results Faster With Our Pre Built Templates!

Market & Keyword Research

Site Layouts

Full Content Briefs

Link Building & Promo

For most tasks, you will be able to download and use our member exclusive pre made templates. These templates will ensure that you get your site built the exact same way we build ours and make execution a breeze compared to starting from a blank page.

If you are looking for a Step by Step easy to follow system to build an authority site from scratch, TASS is the way to go. Everything is laid out properly, all you need to do is just follow exactly what have been thought in the system. They even included template and checklist on things to do throughout the journey. It is a no brainer system to follow.

- Eric Ang

Just Follow The Todo List And Voila!

The #1 issue most beginners face is answering the question "what should I do next?"

The Authority site system solves this problem by giving you a linear to do list system so you can focus on doing and making progress rather than research.

Think of that system like an advent calendar where you get to open a case each day containing a video & written lesson, a set of templates you can use and a list of simple tasks to go through. When you're done, just go to the next one and keep going until your site is completely done.

I started my first content site 7 weeks ago and have already made my first affiliate sales, which means I'm right on track to becoming a total baller.The Authority Site System was launched at the perfect time for me, just 2 or 3 weeks after I started my site.

I was able to course-correct and avoid newbie mistakes that would have been a total pain in the TASS to fix down the road.The highly actionable start-to-finish process of building Authority sites documented by Gaël and Perrin is a must have if you're just getting into this game.

You will save so much money (and more importantly time) that would have been spent dicking around following the all-fluff-no-action advice given by "gurus" on their blogs.Cut out the middle man and learn directly from the pro's the first time round.

- Robert Botha

Take a Sneak Peak Inside The Course

The Following Modules Are Included in The Authority Site System

In this module, Perrin will catch you up on the basic mechanics website owners use to generate traffic and revenue with their sites. If you are a complete beginner, this module will catch you up with all the different business models, traffic sources, monetisation tactics and more. This makes The Authority Site System a perfect starting point for beginners.

In this module, we will focus on doing all the planning for your upcoming website. We will first focus on niche and market and niche research, giving you a full proof step by step process to find the best possible niche for your site. 

We will then show you how to do keyword research and plan your site from start to finish.

Once the planning is done, we will be setting your site up in the most optimal way possible. In this module we will show you how to build the fundamental structure necessary for the SEO success of your site. From plugins, to themes to branding to advanced silo structure deployment.

After your site has been setup, it is time to start building a content process and focus on achieving a return on investment. This module will talk about planning, creating and outsourcing monetised content, both from an editorial and conversion optimisation standpoint.

Following the creation of your commercial content, it is now time to add a marketing layer to your site to boost it's reach and allow the commercial content created in the previous module to gain momentum and generate revenue. In this module we will talk about pillar content, link building outreach and many more tactics that will give your site visibility.

All the Authority Hacker Premium Content is Guaranteed to be

Regularly Updated

Field Tested

Over the Shoulder

Fluff Free

Get Instant Access To The Authority Site System

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Who is This Course For?

Online Marketing Newbies

If you have never ever built or attempted to build a profitable website, this course will take you through all the theoretical bases AND actionable steps you need to follow to do well on your first try.

People Who Tried & Failed

If you have tried other methods and did not succeed because of a lack of structure, the Authority Site System will give you a step by step easy to follow formula that has already worked for hundreds of people.

Builders Wanting To Scale

If you have been building sites successfully but want to build bigger earning sites, the Authority Site System will give you the tools to brand up and grow your sites.

About The Authors

Gael Breton

Gael is one of the founders of Authority Hacker, he found his passion for online marketing as a student and after 6 months of disappointing job after he graduated he started his entrepreneurial journey over 6 years ago.

Since then he has been making money online building sites and consulting for large brands on digital marketing.

Perrin Carrell

Perrin is the main editor at Authority Hacker and an authority site builder for several years now. 

Perrin started as a jobless Poetry graduate and is now growing his online influence in several consumer niches while documenting the process on the Authority Hacker blog & premium trainings.

1,000+ Customers Already Saw Results Using The Authority Hacker Methods

Sebastian SchafferEx - Freelancer

From 0 to "paying the bills" in 12 months - all because I focused on the key tactics and strategies from Authority Hacker PRO.

The biggest strength of AHP besides its AMAZING community is its focus on systems that just work.

The "no fluff" approach to building a real business that makes all the difference compared to other courses.

Using the tactics from AHP I am on my way to a real business making 5 figures/month but most importantly I can enjoy the incredible freedom that comes with running a successful site.

Toki ToverStay at home mom

Inspiration was the major factor in my experience with AHPro. Once that feeling of, "this is possible!" was programmed into my psyche, my site took off.

The program is straight to the point. It is a ,"do this and do that" approach. What's being taught isn't something that the crew has not implemented or is currently implementing. (courses that launch means the strategy has died off) Not here! This crew practices what they preach.

I implemented 90% of the blueprints (basically all that applied to my level in my business) and I began to outsource (with 2 babies under 2 years old, LOVE doing this).

When my business became "real", so did the traffic and income.


Mark JennerJust quit his job to work on his sites full time

I joined last august and am still an active member a full year later. In that time I've increased site traffic by 50% and close to doubled my sites profit - No easy task as my sites were already mature and doing well. And I handed in my notice and leave the 9-5 end of Sept because of it. So yes, I've got no complaints on paying for my membership ;-)

The no BS, follow along blueprints are highly actionable and the webinars info rich too. They're gold, I learnt a lot, so you will you, they are almost 'plug and play' - Just bring a good work ethic!

For me though, what I love most is the sense of and access to a community.

There is a very active facebook group full of people with years of experience and success behind them, all willing to answer any questions you have on any aspect of SEO, marketing, tools of the trade, sales funnels...Answers from people who are doing it and killing it. I've picked up so many little tips and tricks this way over the year, adding to the bottom line a little 2% here, 3% there, a new link building technique here, a CTR optimisation there. And believe me, that sh*t soon adds up!

It's also been an absolute pleasure to find a network of people to connect with who do exactly what I do, who understand the battle and the struggles, and who are happy to help eachother succeed.

So if you've got the work ethic, AH Pro has got the tools and the knowledge that will take you to success. I'll dust off my best jokes for re-use and see you in the facebook community ;-)


How is this program different from AH PRO?

I am a complete newbie, is this for me?

Will I need to spend money / buy paid tools?

Will this course be updated? Do I need to pay for them?

Can I use the course on my existing site?

How much time should I dedicate to be successful?

I am not a good writer/native speaker, can I still do this?

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