#104 – How the Big Guns Fight Online Piracy w/ Al Evans

What you will learn

  • How your infoproduct is vulnerable to piracy
  • Do anti-piracy systems actually work?
  • What the DMCA is and how to use it
  • Why issuing takedowns in Google can be a waste of time

Online piracy has been around as long as the internet. Over half of all internet users admit to it.

I’m sure you’ve heard about the music industry trying to crack down on torrent sites and streaming platforms. But did you know that infoproducts are also prime targets for pirating?

We had to find this out the hard way when people started popping up, telling us they bought one of our courses for a ridiculously low amount from another website. Not only was it being pirated, it was being resold!

So what did we do about it?

We used to think that this sort of thing was just a cost of doing business and that it wasn’t worth fighting the battle.

Then we met Al. Al has been fighting online piracy since forever. And he’s worked with all the top IM guys to help protect their products for being copied and/or resold.

In this week’s podcast, Mark interviews Al Evans, CEO of Takedown Czar. If you currently sell an infoproduct, or are considering selling one in future, you won’t want to miss this week’s podcast.