10 Best Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs of 2024

Nobody likes doing their taxes.

Tax preparation is one of those chores people avoid, like the plague itself.

That means there’s money to be made as an affiliate tax blogger because you’re solving the “pain point” of taxes by promoting tax affiliate programs.

And solving people’s problems is how you can earn a monthly income like this:

Affiliate Earnings

The tax preparation industry is worth around US$10 billion per year.

But that’s without factoring in annual growth of almost 4%.

Long story short, this might seem like a “boring” niche, but there’s actually a lot of potential here.

You can promote tax services, tax software, and online tax filing services, for example.

All you need are the right tax preparation affiliate programs to promote.

Which is precisely what we have lined up for you.

Tax Preparation Affiliate Programs

  1. TurboTax
  2. KeeperTax
  3. Free Tax USA
  4. H&R Block
  5. Tax Act
  6. TaxHub
  7. E-File
  8. EZ Tax Return
  9. Liberty Tax
  10. Tax Extension
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Turbotax Homepage Screenshot

Getting your taxes ready to file can be a real PITA, so it’s always good to seek advice from people with experience in that area, like a CPA.

But what if you take the online tax submission route…but need to know you’re doing things the right way?

In that case, you can turn to TurboTax from Intuit.

This online tax preparation software has helped people calculate and submit their taxes properly for 25 years.

All you need to do is answer some simple questions, enter your W2 details and the software calculates everything else.

You can even speak to a real live CPA or EA if you need preparation advice.

Why should you promote this affiliate program?

Well, they’re the top-performing tax preparation service on CJ, by ‘Network Earnings’. 

So, promoting this to the right audience should make you good money.

Their commission structure is a little confusing though.

Our understanding of it is that you’ll earn a 15% commission once the referral has actually paid their state or federal taxes.


Keeper Tax Homepage Screenshot

Did you know that freelancers contribute almost US$1 trillion to the US economy each year?

Which means they’re also paying a lot of taxes.

The problem most freelancers experience is keeping tabs on everything.

That goes double for anyone pursuing the digital nomad lifestyle.

This is why KeeperTax might be just what they’re looking for. They provide tax services specifically for freelancers.

It scans all your past purchases to find hidden write-offs.

You’re assigned to a human bookkeeper who’ll text you with any questions they have about current purchases.

At the end of the fiscal year, you then simply file your return through them.

So that all sounds great, but what do they actually pay their affiliates?

You’ll receive a flat $20 per sale.

This might not seem ideal, but at least you know exactly how much each referral is worth to you.

They do, however, charge their customers a monthly fee, so it’s a shame they don’t provide recurring commission payments. 

Free Tax USA

Freetaxusa Homepage Screenshot

The thought of filing taxes can lead to sleepless nights for people.

Or the risk of arguments with a significant other because of the stress of putting everything in order.

Free Tax USA can do all the heavy lifting for you in filing your return free of charge.

Something they’ve done for 43 million individuals and companies since 2001.

Yes, their tax services are free.

And yes, all the filing work is undertaken by US-based employees, so your personal information remains confidential. 

You can even import your information from popular online tax software packages like TurboTax, H&R Block, or TaxAct. 

So how do they make money?

If you pay for additional tax services, like their ‘Deluxe’ package if you want to get to the front of the cue.

Or if you want to file taxes for a previous year.

Their affiliate program pays a very generous 50% commission on all online sales.

But you have to frame that around that some of their additional services cost just $14.99.

So you’d make $7.50.

That said, this is definitely a service that the average American will be interested in.

So you can make up for the small payouts with a volume of sales.

H&R Block

H&r Block Homepage Screenshot

I must admit that I’d never heard of H&R Block before researching this article.

But their tax preparation business has been around since 1946, rebranding itself in 1955.

So they’re not just a software developer who spotted a gap in the market – this is what this company has specialized in for almost 70 years.

Your visitors can choose to file online directly through the H&R Block website.

They even provide a tax preparation checklist that can be printed or just followed online.

Or they can work directly with a tax filing expert.

All that’s required is pictures of their documents, and the person at the other end takes care of the rest.

And the nice thing is they provide fully transparent pricing – your visitors will know in advance exactly how much they’ll be expected to pay.

They also operate 12,000 offices in North America, so meeting a tax preparation advisor face-to-face is no problem.

Now, this is what we love to see – a business rewarding its affiliates in as many ways as possible.

So, for starters, you get paid $0.80 for every free trial credited to your affiliate link.

Then, you’ll receive $4 every time somebody registers for an online account with them.

And finally, there’s a 12.8% commission paid for anyone who actually purchases their tax preparation software. 

Tax Act

Taxact Homepage Screenshot

TaxAct allows you to prepare your tax returns in whatever way works best for you.

So, if you want to file a return with their help, they can help you with that.

Or maybe you’d prefer to go it alone because you’re familiar with the process.

Maybe you’re just looking for tax software you can download and use at home?

They cover each of the above.

Being in the business of tax returns for over three decades means they understand that every customer is different.

Plus, even if you need help later on, you can always “upgrade” your account to access filing expertise from a CPA or EA.

For actual returns, you can file a “simple” return free of charge if you’re retired or in college, for example.

But you’ll need to pay $54.95 if you’re a homeowner and/or have deductions, credits, or adjustments to make.

Basically, the more complex your returns are, the more you’ll have to pay. 

You do get more for your money, though, like being able to talk to a tax specialist by phone if you need to.

They pay two different commission rates.

The $1 rate is paid for any of your referrals who use their ‘Free’ tax return option.

But you can earn $5 in commission every time a referral completes an online return or downloads their tax software.

Heavy-hitting affiliates can also negotiate for higher payouts.


Taxhub Homepage Screenshot

It’s easy to forget how far technology has taken our civilization.

Unless you’re as old as I am.

I find myself still marveling at the fact I’m writing this listening to music streamed from a remote server on my wireless headphones.

None of this existed just 30 years ago.

Anyways, the point I was trying to make is that technology is wonderful.

Like being able to access virtual CPA and professional tax advice via video call, thanks to Tax Hub.

You simply sign up with them – they then assign a CPA to you based on your specific requirements.

You scan, email, or upload your tax documents and then schedule a phone or video call with your personal CPA.

Something worth mentioning is that they specialize in contractors, solopreneurs, landlords, and/or people renting their bedrooms out on Airbnb, for example.

Under normal circumstances, I might have given this one a pass.

But they’re brand new to the Refersion Marketplace.

So I think they can convert traffic pretty well based on their EPC.

Oh, and they also pay a flat $100 for every new customer you send their way.


E File Homepage Screenshot

How would your audience feel if you told them you showed them a way to file their return in as little as 15 minutes?

But without having to pay for expensive tax preparation and return software?

A service that is 50% less expensive than many of the popular options, including TurboTax.

If that’s something you think they’d find very interesting then you can send them over to E-File.

This type of service is beneficial for people who are concerned they’ll make mistakes on their return form.

Which happens roughly 20% of the time versus the 1% of errors that occur with electronic tax filings.

All your visitors have to do is create a free account, and then choose whatever package they need –‘Free’, ‘Deluxe’ or ‘Premium Plus’.

And if you get stuck during any part of the process, you can always contact them for support, even if you’re using their ‘Free’ plan.

They claim to “love their affiliates,” but how true is that?

They seem to mean it – a 40% commission rate is pretty strong proof.

And they give you a 120-day cookie to work with or 4 whole months for your traffic to convert to commission cash.

EZ Tax Return

Ez Tax Return Homepage Screenshot

Have you ever wondered how some tax preparation and filing companies can afford to spend millions on TV and Internet advertising?

That’s usually because their “Free” service is just a way to get you into their sales funnel.

And once there, you’ll be upsold, cross-sold, and bamboozled with a range of expensive “optional extras.”

EZ Tax Return is aimed at people who simply want an affordable income tax preparation and filing service.

And they’ve been doing that for the average American since 1999.

They don’t try to be a one-size-fits-all service either – unlike so many of their competitors.

Instead, you simply pay a fixed price for your Federal or State tax, and that’s it.

You’ll need to sign up with LinkConnector to promote this service, so that’s step #1.

In terms of the affiliate program itself, you can earn 25% for referring a new customer or 10% for a returning customer.

That makes it the only program in this roundup to offer commission payments on “repeat” sales.

And that, combined with a claimed 30% conversion rate, this program is seriously worth considering.

Liberty Tax

Libertytax Homepage Screenshot

LibertyTax has grown from operating just 5 offices back in 1997 to over 3,000 across the United States and Canada today.

And their entire business has been built on providing a full range of tax preparation services for their customers.

So your visitors can drop their tax documents into any Liberty Tax office and then simply pick them up when they’re done.

Or they can work with a virtual CPA and complete their tax prep online.

In their own words, they allow you to “…do life. We do taxes”. 

This will be great news for anyone in your audience who struggles with their taxes each year.

Which is a huge percentage of the population.

We usually pass on programs with lower ‘Network Earnings’ scores.

But the reality is that tax prep and tax filing is a very seasonal “niche,” which is no doubt reflected in their network performance.

Affiliates promoting this program will receive 5% commission for any online sales, or a purchase of the eSmart Tax software.

Tax Extension

Tax Extension Homepage Screenshot

Pretty much everyone in the United States knows that you need to have your taxes ready for April of each year.

But what if your visitors – for whatever reason – are not ready in time?

They’d need to ask for a filing extension – which is exactly what the team at Tax Extension can offer.

With their help, you can extend your filing date until October 15th.

This is a company with over two decades of experience in doing this for both individuals and business owners.

TaxExtension.com is so confident in its abilities that they’ll refund you if the IRS doesn’t approve your extension request.

And, of course, extending the date of your return means you won’t have to pay any late-filing penalties.

So how does this offer compare to the other tax preparation affiliate programs in our roundup?

You’ll earn 30% on all referred sales. 

And there’s a lot of demand for this type of service, which should be reflected in your conversion rates.

Over to You

And that wraps up our roundup of the best tax preparation affiliate programs we could find for you.

Now, there are dozens of other affiliate programs like this out there.

But when you actually dig around, you’ll find their metrics are shit.

You’d make more money tap dancing in a mall than promoting most of the tax affiliate programs you’ll find on other sites.

You see, our goal is to help you make the most of your time with online marketing.

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